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0300 222 0000

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The passport office deals with identity and passport services in the UK. Please call the number above if you need to contact the passport office head office helpline.

Passport Office Opening Hours

Departments Opening Hours
Head Office 9am-5.30pm,
Passport Advice Line 9am-5.30pm,
Passport Office UK 9am-5.30pm,
Passport Application 9am-5.30pm,
Eligibility/Prices 9am-5.30pm,
Passport Photos 9am-5.30pm,
Passport Renewal 9am-5.30pm,
Passport Tracking 9am-5.30pm,

Passport Office Head Office

The UK Passport Office belongs to the home office in the United Kingdom. The Passport Office was the services’ original name but since 2006 it is technically known as the Identity and Passport Service. It provides passports to British nationals worldwide. It also produces life event certificates such as death, birth, marriages and civil ceremonies. The head passport office is in London but there are also other offices dotted about the UK in Newport, Belfast, Peterborough, Glasgow, Liverpool and Durham. The passport Office became a division within the home office in 2014. If you need to contact the passport office head office helpline please call the number above.

Passport Adviceline

You can call the Passport Office Advice helpline if you have lost your passport, you want to renew your passport, you need to locate your nearest passport office, you need to take pictures for my passport and are unsure of the requirements, you are unsure of when your passport expires, you want to make a complaint about a service you received from the passport office, you have spotted a mistake online about the passport office, you want to apply for a job at the passport office or you need an appointment at your local service centre. To contact the passport office customer services helpline please call the number above.

Passport Office UK

The Passport Office has the responsibility of issuing passports to UK nationals, all over the world. Whether they need to renew a passport, are on holiday and have lost their passport or need to get a new passport for a child. Every citizen will need a passport if they wish to travel out of the country and it is important that at least six weeks is given for the passport to be created and posted to you before you travel. As you can imagine, the Passport Office is constantly busy but they do have a number of priorities when running their services. These are; to process 90% of the certificate within a target, process 99.5% of passport applications within 10 working days (providing they are straightforward) and process 93% of applications within 29 working days in the case of additional information being needed from the customer. They also aim to achieve a customer satisfaction rating of 90% and to do this they also aim to increase the numbers of passport frauds being detected each year. It is thought that each year the passport office issues around five million passports and although only seven actual passport offices, they have fifty interview centres in the UK. It is important to note that it is not advised to book any travel until you have ordered your passport. The passport office does aim to be efficient with processing your passport but sometimes they can be subject to delays. If you would like to contact the passport office UK about process times or their targets please call the number above.

Passport Application

You can apply for your passport online via the Government website. They also accept payment for the passport which can be in the form of debit or credit card. There are different types of applications depending on whether you want to renew your passport or apply for a new one entirely. If you are applying for a new one, you can expect to wait six weeks from when your application is submitted. If you are just renewing your passport, you can expect three weeks. If you do not wish to apply online you can pick up a passport application form from your local Post Office and fill this out and return it in the post. Make sure you use the Passport Check and Send service if you are doing this so that you can be sure your application has been received. If you are applying for your passport online, simply visit the Government website and follow the process. You will be asked to fill out your personal details and to pay when you have finished filling out the form. If you need help applying for your passport or you have some questions about the application process please call the number above.


Fees do apply when you are both renewing and getting a new passport. For an adult age 16 or over wanting a standard 32-page passport, you will be charged £72.50 for a normal online service or £82.25 to send by Post Office Send and Check. For a bigger passport (48 page) an adult will be charged £85.50 when applying online or £95.25 when using the Check and Send service. A child’s passport (under 16) costs £46 and a passport for people born on or before the 2nd September 1929 will be able to apply for a passport free of charge. Please note that if it is discovered that you are not eligible for a passport or you suddenly wish to cancel your application, you will not be eligible for a refund. All fees to renew your passport are the same as applying for your first one. In some exceptional circumstances, the requirement for a passport may be a matter of urgency. If this is the case, you can order a passport using the one-day premium service or the fast track service if you are in the UK and need a passport quickly. To use these services, an appointment at a Passport Service centre will be required. The premium service will see your passport delivered to you in one day – you will have your appointment and providing you provide all of the correct details and two sufficient photos, you can pick it up four hours later. Please call the number above to make this appointment and only use this service if your application is urgent. A standard 1-day premium service will cost £128. For additional services and prices, visit the Government website or call the number above for more information.

Passport Photos

There are certain rules and guidelines that you must follow when you are having photos done for your application. You will need two of the same photo for your passport application and a new photo will be needed when you apply for a new passport – even if your appearance is the same. Your photos must measure 45 millimetres high by 35 mm wide – usually, photo booths available in the UK will automatically give you a picture of this size. The photos must be professionally taken (ie. In a photo booth) and they must have been taken within the last month. The photo must also be a full close up of just your head and shoulders and things that may distract attention from your appearance, such as glasses are forbidden. Visit the Government website for a full list of requirements for the photos or call the number above if you have any further questions.

Renewing your Passport

If you are an adult (over 16) your passport will expire after ten years and if you have children, theirs will last five. Once your passport has expired, it is up to you to renew it as and when you wish. When renewing your passport, you will be charged the same price as if you were applying for a new one. Prices for a new passport are mentioned above. The same procedure should be followed if you have misplaced your passport. Where you wait 6 weeks to have your new passport delivered to you – if it is just a renewal or replacement you are after, you can expect to wait three weeks. If your passport has not arrived within this time, then please call the number above.

Tracking your Passport

If you applied for your passport online and uploaded a photo digitally, then you can use the Passport Tracking Service. If your application reference begins with PEX, you can also use the passport tracker. Log into the passport application service, as you did when you first applied for your passport and track the progress of your application. Please call the number above if you have forgotten your login details. If you applied by paper form, you can still track your application but you will need to wait three weeks until this is available for you to do so. You will be emailed on the status of your application.

Passport Office Head Office Address

Department Address
Head Office 2 Marsham Street, London, SW1P 4DFAbout the Passport Office