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Monarch airlines entered administration on 2nd October 2017 and ceased trading with immediate effect.

Monarch is a London-based budget or low-cost airline, based in London Luton airport, in England. An airline with a considerable reach and a large number of customers, it counts many stunning Mediterranean locations among its destinations and carries millions of customers per year, from the UK and elsewhere across the world. You can contact Monarch head office by calling the helpline.

Monarch Phone Numbers

Department Opening Hours
Head Office Monday-Friday
Customer Services Monday-Friday
Bookings Monday-Friday
Hand Luggage Monday-Friday
Safety Policies Monday-Friday
Baggage Policies Monday-Friday
Changing Tickets Monday-Friday

About Monarch

Monarch was founded in 1967 as a project of the Mantegazza Family, wealthy Swiss entrepreneurs who already operated the successful “Cosmo Tours”. Upon its founding, Monarch had only two aircraft, was not a public airline, but rather a chartered service operating as a private hire company. Acting proactively, Monarch laid the groundwork for future expansions ahead of time, and as they expanded their fleets, the infrastructure already existed to support them and allow rapid growth into new areas and new sectors. If you need to contact the Monarch head office you can call the ATOL helpline.

Customer Services

Monarch Airlines was a British airline, based out of London Luton Airport and launches millions of flights every year – so with millions of flights and hundreds of millions of customers, the reasons for a customer to call the Monarch helpline can seem infinite. Any customer wanting to get in touch with Monarch can do so on the Monarch Customer Service Helpline Number. This number will connect the caller directly to the Monarch head office customer service department, which is staffed with experienced customer service agents able to answer any question you may have or resolve any existing problems you’re experiencing. The Monarch helpline is manned from Monday to Friday, from 9 am in the morning to 5.30 pm in the evening. You can contact the customer service helpline if you would like to get more information on connecting flights, to make a booking, if you need to report an issue you discovered with a Monarch service, if you would like to cancel your booking, if you would like to upgrade your booking, if you would like to register an official complaint about a Monarch flight or service, if you need to report your luggage as “lost” or you would like to ask about Monarch sales.


Monarch flights can be booked easily with a visit to their official website and select the airport you want to fly from, the airport you want to arrive at, and the date of the flight. If you have any trouble with this booking system, or you’d rather place the purchase of your tickets over the phone, you can call the Monarch bookings helpline, which is manned from Monday to Friday, from 9 am in the morning to 5.30 pm in the evening.

Hand Luggage

Monarch makes every effort to keep hand luggage allowances in their aircraft to a maximum, but must, unfortunately, impose some restrictions due to their commitment to passenger comfort, safety and the actual requirements placed on the planes themselves by the laws of physics. The restrictions put in place by Monarch are as follows: One small piece of hand baggage not exceeding 56 x 40 x 25cm and with a weigh less than 10kg, plus one small shopping bag OR Two small pieces of hand luggage which, when added together, are not larger than the requirements stated above. If you need some more information about hand luggage policies please call.

Safety Policies

Monarch was an international airliner in the modern day, and could not have become one if it wasn’t safe. The requirements for engineering quality and safety management are extremely high for airlines, as the penalty for failure is so high, and the standards are enforced by Government agencies and the needs of the free market – no-one would fly in an unsafe airline and it would go out of business, so its own survival depends on its safety. If you have some questions about the safety policies of Monarch please call the number.

Baggage Policies

The monarch luggage allowance for the hold on scheduled flights is one bag of 20 kg, 23kg or 26kg. If you would prefer you can have 40kg spread across two bags. The fee for these weight allowances ranges from £15-£36 per flight. Prices can often depend on the flight and route, if you would like to check prices or allowances please call the number.

Changing Tickets

If you made your flight booking directly through Monarch, for example using their official website then you can alter several facets of the booking without hassle before the flight. Monarch flights are marked with a ZB flight code, and so can be distinguished, and if you have booked one of these, changing the flight details can be easily achieved by logging in to your Monarch account with your flight details and the email address used to place the original booking. Unfortunately, the price of the convenience in changing flight information is a small fee, and the customer agrees to cover any increase in fare, measured by what the price currently is vs the new flight price. Switching to a cheaper flight will not result in an increase in the fare being charged, but you will not be refunded the difference, and will still need to cover the cost of the nominal transfer fee. To get help changing your tickets or if you have some questions about changing tickets please call.

Monarch Head Office Address

Department Address
Head Office Prospect House
Prospect Way
London Luton Airport