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0300 006 0411

The Land Registry is a department of the government in the UK and has one of the largest databases for housing in Europe. Its responsibility is the registration of Land Ownership throughout the country. If you need to contact the Land Registry head office helpline please call this number.

More Land Registry Helplines

Helpline Opening Times
Head Office Monday-Friday
Customer Services Monday-Friday
Housing Prices Monday-Friday
Fee Calculator Monday-Friday
Office Locator Monday-Friday
Enquiries Monday-Friday
Registering Monday-Friday

Land Registry

The Registry was founded in 1862 in order to easily register and keep order over the land. To this day they have grown in terms of their service and other aspects. You can find guides on fees and other issues regarding the Land Registry over on the government website. For properties priced under £80 000, the price to pay the Land Registry is £40 – if your house is above £100 000, the fees then becomes £80. If you would like to know more about the Land Registry in general, or if you have a specific question, call the Land Registry head office helpline.

Customer Services

You may need to contact the Land Registry customer services helpline for inquiries into house prices, for information on boundaries to properties and other buildings, to apply for title deeds on a property or building, for information on joint property ownership or to register a complaint with the Land Registry about a member of staff or service you have received. You can call the customer services helpline you will be directed to a member of the team who will be able to help you with any problems you’re having.

Housing Prices

For properties priced under £80 000, the price to pay the Land Registry is £40 – if your house is above £100 000, the fees then becomes £80. For more information on fees, visit the Land Registry website. To view the price paid dataset, visit the official dataset site where you will find all of the information you need. You can also call the helpline for help with the prices of your property or another property.

Fee Calculator

You can find the Land Registry Fee Calculator over on their website. You can use the calculator to find out which fees you must pay to the government department depending on whether you’re selling a house, buying one, or simply changing a property description. You can also use this service to check the fees you must pay if a joint proprietor dies. If you’re experiencing a problem with the fee calculator or you would prefer to calculator your fees over the phone you can call and a member of the team will be able to help you.

Office Locator

The Land Registry has 14 office locations throughout the UK. To find your local one, or to find out more information about certain offices, visit the government website. There you will be able to find documents relating to your theory. To locate your closest office you can also talk to a member of the team.


If you do not own a property, you can still inquire about it via the Land Registry. You can find information such as owner information, boundary layouts, and if a property is a flood risk. If you need to prove that a property is yours, you will need to provide the Land Registry with information such as ID and Date of Birth. For more enquiries, you can call and a team member from the Land Registry central office will be able to help you further or connect you to the right department, where you will then speak to a member of staff who can resolve your query for you.


You can register with the Registry by calling you will need to provide a form of ID, your date of birth and your credit or debit card details for payments. You can also register on the government website. If you would like to use an online service with the Land Registry, you will need to register an account online, which can easily be done. You will also need information about your credit or debit card. There are other ways to pay for services, by calling the number, a member of staff will be able to advise you more on paying via cheque or in instalments.

Head Office Address for the Land Registry UK

Gov. Department Head Office Address
Land Registry UK Land Registry Croydon
Trafalgar House
1 Bedford Park