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0333 202 9614

Get in touch with the Hive Helpline by ringing the number shown above, when you call this number the team can help with installations, troubleshooting, moving home and more.

Admiral Helpline Numbers

Opening Times
Hive Helpline
Monday – Sunday 8am – 9pm
Hive installation
Monday – Sunday 8am – 9pm
Hive troubleshooting
Monday – Sunday 8am – 9pm
Hive Hub
Monday – Sunday 8am – 9pm
Moving Home
Monday – Sunday 8am – 9pm
Hive app
Monday – Sunday 8am – 9pm

Hive Helpline

Call to get through to the Hive Helpline where they can answer all your questions regarding this product. Find out if you can use Hive products with other energy suppliers rather than British Gas, and get details on the benefits of these devices too.

Find out if your Hive Active Heating is compatible with the type of boiler you have in your home by phoning the number above.

Hive Installation

Phone the number for Hive installation, where they can assist you with installing your Hive devices and connecting them to the app. When you phone this number they can give you clear step-by-step instructions to ensure the devices are set up in the correct way and you place them ideally within the home.

Hive Troubleshooting

If you need any help with problems with your Hive devices you can call the number. When you ring this number the advisors will be able to help with problems that can occur often, helping you to get it fixed quickly. You might need to phone this number if your Hive Hub lights are flashing red or amber, or the Hive Thermostat has a ‘no RF’ message on the display. You can also ring the number above if the Hive Receiver has a red status light or the Thermostat has a ‘No Signal’ message on the display.

Hive Hub

Phone the number to get help with your Hive Hub set up, you can also call the number for advice on the best place to put your Hive Hub. If you need assistance with setting up your online account you can also ring the number above where they can talk you through the steps with an explanation.

Moving Home

If you’re moving home and would like to know what to do with your Hive products you can phone the number. When you call this number the advisor can explain the best things to do when you move home in terms of the certain products and devices you might have. They can let you know what you should leave, and what you should take with you. They can also help you with any installation problems you might have in your new home.

Hive App

Use the number to get through to the Hive helpline advisors who can assist you with the Hive app. When you phone this number they can let you know what devices the app can be installed on. If you’re having issues connecting your Hive devices to the app they can also assist you with this. If you would like to take part in the Hive trial app you can phone this number to request that you take part in the new app which is designed to be quicker and clearer to use. If you have already downloaded the trial app and would like to provide feedback you can also phone the number above to do this.