UK Christmas Getaways 2019

shutterstock_1302142999Are you hoping to find a home away from home for spending a special cosy Christmas in? There are plenty of choices for an idyllic Christmas getaway without jetting off to a sunny beach on an expensive holiday abroad. Check out these options for some of the possible Christmas getaways in the UK.

Christmas Cottages in the UK

Escaping from bustling cities and towns to picturesque quiet villages makes a perfect Christmas getaway without leaving the UK. A countryside cottage allows you to feel like you’re living in the postcard image on the biscuit tin and guarantees cosiness and privacy for your special holiday celebrations. Finding a Christmas holiday cottage is easy, even for all the family, as some cottages can house couples and larger properties can house groups of 20 or more. If you truly want to enjoy the British countryside and history, browse the selection of Christmas cottages you can book with the National Trust.

Christmas Cabins in the UK

Similar to cottages but with more of a summer camp in winter feel, a cosy wooden cabin is another option for a Christmas retreat. There are plenty of places to find traditional log cabins or unique wooden lodges in the UK, in a variety of sizes. If you would like to stay in a comfy cabin in the woods for Christmas without being too far away from other people, you could consider staying at a resort over the holidays. For example, Forest Holidays offers a range of cabins, including tree houses, while Parkdean Resorts have larger lodges all across the UK. The same also applies to Center Parcs and Butlins.

Coastal Christmas Breaks in the UK

As chilly as the UK can be in the heart of winter, some people do enjoy a stay on the coast over the Christmas holidays. A walk in the cold air with a view can be very bracing, and makes things even cosier when you return to your accommodation to warm up again with food and drink and blankets.  You could head to the southern coast of England, especially areas in Cornwall, for a Christmas getaway combining a cottage or cabin and the beauty of the coast. There will be plenty of quaint Christmas markets and activities in the nearby villages too, so you’ll always have something to do when you go out.

UK Christmas Getaways

Christmas in a Hotel in the UK

Some people prefer the familiar comforts of their own home at Christmas, but others enjoy getting away from the same old to make the holiday feel more special. One way to do this is to spend Christmas in a hotel. Though many businesses close for Christmas, plenty of hotels offer luxury breaks over Christmas and New Year. Why not spend your festive break in a Greene King Inn? You will have the benefit of not having to prepare and cook your own Christmas dinner and being catered to for a few days. The Bay Hotels chain also offers special Christmas breaks with festive entertainment too.

Christmas at a Castle in the UK

Ever wanted to feel like Harry Potter and experience the magic of Christmas at Hogwarts? You can get as close as possible by spending your Christmas in a castle. There are plenty of castles throughout the UK that are available to book as lodgings as well as being fascinating pieces of history. You can find the perfect scenic castle in England, Scotland, Wales, or even Ireland if you want to escape the UK without going too far. Celtic Castles can help you with finding the best Christmas castle package for your holiday. This choice can be quite pricey, but how often do you stay in a castle like a king or a queen?

Airbnb UK Christmas Getaways

Renting cabins, castles, or hotel rooms might not be within your Christmas budget. However, you may be surprised at what you can find when you look for Christmas accommodations on Airbnb. You could search for a Christmas cottage, a Victorian townhouse, a seaside retreat, a countryside lodge, or a tiny Scandinavian-style cabin – whatever takes your fancy. There is a wide range of venues to choose from to suit every budget, so it should be possible for everyone to find the perfect Christmas getaway within the UK. You could switch things up and get away from a rural area to spend Christmas in a city.