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You can get in touch with the DayZ helpline by calling this number. DayZ is a multiplayer apocalyptic survival game available for Microsoft, Xbox and PlayStation devices.

DayZ Microsoft Helpline

The DayZ Microsoft helpline is for players who play via a Microsoft device or are thinking about purchases the game for their Microsoft device. You can call the helpline to report bugs in the game, to get some help with the game, to inquire about system requirements, to report any issues you’re having with the game, if you would like to know more about the game, you would like to suggest an update to the game, you would like to know if there will be any new content added to the game or you have some other enquiries regarding the Microsoft DayZ game.

DayZ Xbox Helpline

The DayZ Xbox helpline can be called regarding the game for the Xbox One console. You can also call regarding the games development and purchasing the game online, through steam or via Xbox. If you’re having some issues with the game for example if you have noticed some bugs you can call to report them or receive some help with a certain aspect of the game. You can call the DayZ Xbox helpline by dialling their number.

DayZ PlayStation Helpline

If you own the DayZ game for your PlayStation you can call the DayZ PlayStation helpline. The helpline is for people who are thinking about buying the game and would like to know more such as what consoles the game is available for, how to purchase the game etc. as well as for players who already own the game for their PlayStation and would like to report bugs or receive some help or advice regarding the game if something is not working correctly.