Everything You Need To Know About The Morrisons More Card

If you are interested in the Morrisons More card you can read this guide to find out how to apply, the benefits of having a Morrisons More card and more.

Apply for Morrisons More Card

You can apply for the Morrisons more card by going to the Morrisons more website and on the home page you will find a button that says ‘Register Now’. You will need to enter your title, full name, email address, a password and your postcode. You must be 16+ to apply for the Morrisons more card and you will be asked to confirm this at the bottom of the page as well as whether you would like to receive exclusive offers. You will then need to perform a ‘recaptcha’ which just confirms you’re not a robot. Once you have completed these steps you will have registered for a Morrisons More account. You can then have a card sent to your home or pick one up at your local Morrisons store. If you have had any issues registering for the Morrisons more card you can call the Morrisons team on 0345 322 0000.

Benefits of Morrisons More Card

Some of the benefits to having a Morrisons more account and card include receiving 5 points for every £1 you spend in a Morrisons store, online or in one of their cafe’s, 5 points for every litre of fuel you buy at Morrisons, you can earn more points on selected product promotions and you get a £5 more voucher every 5,000 points you earn.

You can also take part in their different more schemes including baby&more which allows you to hear about baby events first, enjoy offers on your favourite baby products and earn more points when you’re shopping for your baby. The Christmas savers scheme offers an easy way to save money and spread the cost of Christmas from Jan to Nov as well as earn extra points at Christmas time. The more for students scheme allows students to enjoy student-only offers on some products and earn extra discounts and points when they shop and receive hints to help you save through the term.

You can also use the new Morrisons more app which allows you to manage you more account easily including loading fivers straight onto your card, scan your card through your phone at the till if you have forgotten it, track your spend history and see which shops earned you points and receive personalised offers based on your spending.

Morrisons Credit Card

Unfortunately, Morrisons does not offer a credit card like other supermarkets such as Asda. With the Morrisons more card you can collect rewards the way more supermarket credit cards allow you to but your spending will not affect your credit rating and you will not have to pay back your spending. You can use a credit card at the check out with your Morrisons more card as well your debit card or cash.

New to Amazon Prime this January

If you got a new Amazon Firestick for Christmas or have exhausted all of the series and programmes that are already on there, you may be eager to find out exactly what is new to the world of Amazon Prime now that we have entered 2017. Dry January has begun for many and as the cold weather continues, money is a struggle, staying in becomes the new going out and Amazon Prime becomes the new Netflix (sorry not sorry). Check out what’s coming to your screens to drive away the January blues this 2017. We’re sure you won’t be disappointed…

Available to download…

  • Stardust

    A family favourite, Stardust, first produced in 2007 came to Amazon prime on the 1st January to celebrate the first day of the new year, it is a gripping, excellently produced fantasy film starring Claire Danes, Sienna Miller and Jason Flemyng to name but a few. The adventure-packed storyline follows the journey of Tristan in his quest to catch the fallen star and is guaranteed to get you right in the feels.

  • We’re Going on a Bear Hunt

    Coming on the 9th, you may have recognised this child-friendly screen adaptation being shown over Christmas. Based on the popular, classic children’s book the show will have you hooked – it isn’t just for children!

  • Sneaky Pete: Season 1

    The popular 2015 crime series is coming to Amazon Prime. Conman Marius is on the run from vicious gangsters. He conceals his identity by stealing that of his former cell mate, Pete and also makes his story even more believable by taking cover with Pete’s estranged family – a group that have enough dark secrets and bad history of their own.

  • The Choice

    A Nicholas Sparks novel turned film that is guaranteed to get even the most cold-hearted of viewers. Two neighbours fall in love with each other at their first meeting, cue soppiness, romance, comedy, tears and tragedy all rolled into one. Staring Benjamin Walker and Teresa Palmer as the lead roles.

  • Z: The Beginning of Everything: Season 1

Period drama lovers rejoice! This true story follows the life of Zelda Sayre Fitzgerald as she meets famous author F. Scott Fitzgerald and embarks on a journey of their relationship. The series features Christina Ricci and Gavin Stenhouse as Zelda and Fitzgerald and is set to come to Amazon Prime at the end of January (27th).

  • Swiss Army Man

    If it’s unconventional that you’re looking for then you’ve definitely come to the right place with this one. Positively received by critics and starring none other than Daniel Radcliffe, the film sees the protagonist Hank (played by Paul Dano) stranded on a desert island and attempting suicide. He notices a corpse wash ashore, played by Radcliffe, and the two strike up an unlikely friendship. Available to watch on Amazon Prime from the 30th January and it premiered this time last year (Jan 2016) at the Sundance Film Festival.

Available to Purchase…

  • The Girl on the Train

    It came to cinemas in 2016 and was a best-selling novel before that, The Girl on the Train tells the story of Rachel as she creates a fantasy world involving people she sees in their houses from her daily train commute. One day she witnesses something worrying and reports it to authorities. However, she is unable to trust her own memory and a tight web of secrets, lies and drama unfolds. Rachel is played by British actress Emily Hunt. Buy this using your Amazon Prime membership now.

  • Ouija: Origin of Evil

    Horror fanatics fear not, you have not been forgotten. Released in October 2016, it is safe to say that Ouija is suitably terrifying even for the bravest horror lovers. A classic tale of evil being let into a family home and possessing one of the children. Oh, and it’s set in the 60’s for good measure. Expect to jump out of your skin at every given opportunity. Buy from the 10th January (if you dare).

  • The Accountant

    Christian Wolff is an extremely clever accountant that works freelance for some of the most dangerous criminal organisations in the world, but with authorities getting wind of his activities and the body count rising, who will survive? A complicated plot but well worth the watch. Purchase this thriller from the 10th January, and be sure to be mind boggled!

  • It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia: Season 12

    Amazon Prime don’t just have movies available to buy, you can also buy series. You can pay for the series by paying a price per episode or you can opt to buy the whole series, whatever suits you best. This month you can buy Season 12 of ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’. If you’re buying season 12 then you probably have a great idea of what the whole thing is about, but if you don’t, it basically follows a gang of underachievers that run Irish pub ‘Paddy’s Pub’ in Philadelphia. The gang are not the nicest of people and are always engaged in some level of controversy, probably what makes them so entertaining. It was first launched in August 2005 and you’ll be pleased to know that if you are a fan, the show has been comissioned for a thirteenth and fourteenth series.