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Xbox Phone Number
Head Office 0843 557 4327
Xbox Complaints 0843 557 4327
Customer Services 0843 557 4327

Xbox Helpline Opening Hours

Department Opening Hours
Head Office Monday – Friday: 09:00-21:00

Saturday: 10:00-18:00

Sunday: 10:00-18:00

Xbox Head Office Address

Department Address
Xbox UK Head Office Microsoft Campus, Thames Valley Park, Reading, RG6 1WG

About Xbox

Xbox is a video gaming brand that was created by Microsoft, it has a range of video gaming consoles that have greatly increased in popularity over the years. There is a vast number of games available to play on all of the Xbox consoles as well as a new addition in the form of an online service, known as Xbox live. The brand made its debut on 1st November 2001 in the United States. The most well-known console, Xbox 360 was introduced in 2005. Xbox is currently headed by Phil Spencer. The Xbox has reached America, Japan, Australia and the entirety of Europe. Halo 2, released in 2004 is to date Xbox’s best-selling video game.

Why should I call the Xbox Helpline?

  • To complain that your Xbox has stopped working
  • To complain about the service you have received from Xbox
  • I have ordered an Xbox and it has not arrived
  • I have received a damaged/broken or faulty Xbox
  • I work for Xbox and need to contact HR
  • I am having problems using Xbox Live
  • I cannot remember the login details to my Xbox Account
  • I have lost my Xbox manual and need some guidance in using my console
  • I have ordered an Xbox and would like to return it
  • I have ordered an Xbox and would like to cancel my order
  • Xbox have taken two payments out of my account

Xbox Live

Xbox Live works alongside the Xbox 360 console and is a free online service that allows you to interact with others as you play. You will need to have a good internet connection is order to play Xbox Live. Not only can you play games alongside friends you can also stream films and TV shows, sporting events and current music in high-definition. All Xbox Live information is available to access in their online category, you can find out how you can become a member of the online community. If you fancy something new, or simply want to try before you buy, there are endless of free new gaming demos for you to play as well as music from Xbox Music and iHeartRadio so you can listen to your favourite tunes whilst you game. If you are playing Xbox Live and have a smartphone, you have the ability to use your phone as a second screen to enhance both your viewing and your gaming experience. Xbox Live also has the well known Kinect feature which uses voice recognition to allow you to select your favourite music, games and TV shows. To use Xbox Live, you will need to connect your Xbox 360 console to the Xbox Live service. Full instructions on how to do this can be found on the Xbox website  and if you are having any issues, you can call the Xbox Helpline. To connect the two using a wired connection, you will need a router, gateway or modem, a network cable and a high-speed internet connection. You can connect Xbox to Xbox via a wireless connection which means you don’t have to faff around with all of the cables, you will need a Wireless Networking Adaptor in order to do this. Further information and details will be found in your user manual or on the Xbox website.

Xbox 360

The Xbox 360 console is the second console in the Xbox Series, after succeeding the original Xbox. The Xbox 360 is no longer available to buy from the Xbox website as it was announced in April 2016 that they would stop producing the model in support of the newer version, the Xbox One. Don’t worry if you continue to use the Xbox 360 as many users will be relieved to know that Microsoft are continuing to support the platform. If you are new to Xbox, you can purchase the Xbox One from the Xbox website. Once you have chosen to purchase the console, you can add it to your basket and order it to an address of your choice. You will need to log into an account to do this, using a username which is usually your email address and a password created by you. If you have ordered an Xbox One and have not received it by the date stated on your order then please call the helpline and someone will assist you in resolving your issue. You can also call the helpline if you would like to complain about the delivery service in general. You can ring the helpline if you have an Xbox 360 that has broken as it may still be under warranty. An assistant at the helpline might also be able to assist you in repairing it.

Xbox game playerXbox Games

There is a wide variety of Xbox games of all different types, compatible to different consoles (Xbox 360 and Xbox One). You can browse all of them on the Xbox website by selecting to browse all games, where a list will appear. There are different games of different genres so it is easy to find one that suits you. One of the most popular games for Xbox is Fifa, with Fifa 17 the most recent edition to the collection. The football game is available to play on Xbox Live against your friends as other team members. There are editions of Fifa that are compatible for Xbox One and Xbox 360.  Xbox is also available to play on your computer on Windows 10 and there are specially adapted games for those that use Xbox in this way.

Xbox Support

Getting an Xbox is exciting, but can also be confusing when you are trying to set it up, or even if it stops working when you are using it. There is a section of the Xbox website that provides support when your Xbox isn’t working as it should be and is easily accessed 24/7. In the support centre, you can do things such as manage your Xbox subscription. To manage your subscription, you must log into your account, where you can do things like turn off auto-renewal and check your current subscription status. Other support resources available from Xbox Support include Error and Status Code Search, Repair and Service Centre, manuals and warranty info and a chance to chat in the Xbox community for help and advice. There is also a live chat service available if you would like one to one support. You can also check your Xbox purchase history and advice for parents on changing the privacy settings for a child who is using Xbox.



My Xbox is Broken – What can I do?

If you have experienced a fault with your Xbox, you can either call the helpline or visit the Xbox support centre. If your Xbox is faulty and still under guarantee, you may be able to send it back and receive a refund or replacement.

Can I use my Xbox Live Account for Free?

Yes, Xbox Live is free to use if you select the ‘free’ level of membership. Features are limited at this level, and if you want to access popular features such as Netflix, you will need to purchase an Xbox Live Gold membership. Visit the Xbox website for a list of prices or call the helpline for more information.