Virgin Media

0843 557 3761

Virgin Media is a British telecoms company with broadband, landline, TV and mobile services. If you need assistance with a Virgin Media product or service, call 0843 557 3761.

Virgin Media Phone Numbers

Department Contact Number Opening Hours
Head Office 0843 557 3761 Monday-Sunday
Customer Services 0843 557 4982 Monday-Sunday
TV 0843 557 4575 Monday-Sunday
Landline 0843 557 3865 Monday-Sunday
Mobile 0843 557 4582 Monday-Sunday
Broadband 0844 826 0291 Monday-Sunday
Billing 0843 658 0676 Monday-Sunday
Virgin Media Free Phone Number 0800 052 0422 Monday-Sunday

Virgin Media – 0843 557 3761

Virgin Media provides broadband, TV, landline calls and mobile phone services. It is one of the largest companies in the UK providing such services. Recently, Virgin Media won six USwitch awards including Best Broadband, TV and Phone, Fastest Broadband, Best TV Provider and Best Customer Rated Broadband. Virgin Media was founded in 2006 following a merger between NTL and Telewest. The company bought Virgin Mobile the same year, thus creating a ‘quadruple play’ company. For more information about Virgin Media products and services, call the Virgin Media Head Office on 0843 557 3761.

Virgin Media Contact Number 0800

If you are concerned about phone call charges, then contact Virgin Media on their free phone number. Call 0800 052 0422 to reach Virgin Media customer support and get help from the Virgin Media team.

Customer Services – 0843 557 4982

You may need to contact Virgin Media customer services to purchase a Virgin Media service, to upgrade to a different type of service, to pay an outstanding bill or dispute a payment, to report a broadband outage or slow speed, to leave Virgin Media, to find out more about a specific offer, for help with switching to or from Virgin Media, or to make a complaint about a Virgin Media product, service or an employee. To discuss these things please call 0843 557 4982 to talk to a member of the customer service team. When you sign up to Virgin Media, you will be allocated a Virgin Media email address which you can use to log into Virgin Media’s online services. In 2014, Virgin Media decided to change how mailboxes were managed. In order to avoid multiple unused email addresses, you must now access your Virgin Media email account at least once every 90 days or you may find that it is suspended by the company. If you have experienced a problem with your Virgin Media email please call 0843 557 4982 to speak to a member of the customer service team who will be able to help you reset your password or recover an account or email. If you have recently bought any Virgin Media services you should be contacted by virgin media customer services on 0843 557 4982 if you haven’t already made an appointment for engineers to install the services. It should take a team of Virgin Media engineers no longer than two hours to fully install your Virgin Media broadband, TV and phone, but it’s worth having someone around for longer in case it takes more time.

TV – 0843 557 4575

There are several different TV bundles available depending on your needs. The Player Bundle has broadband and landline calls included with a Tivo box so you can pause/rewind live TV and watch on demand. The Mix bundle includes all of the above plus selected Sky channels. The Fun bundle has kids TV and documentaries as well as Sky On Demand. The Full House bundle has Disney channels, BT Sport and faster broadband with unlimited calls. The VIP bundle has Sky cinema and Sky sports channels included. If you opt for the Full House bundle you will be able to view box sets such as Suits and Criminal Minds. If you’re already a Netflix subscriber, you can watch Netflix through your Tivo box. You can always add extras to your TV packages such as live wrestling and boxing. There is an activation fee of £14.99 for each TV bundle but the prices vary depending on which bundle you opt for. To discuss TV packages or bundles call the Virgin Media TV sales and support team on 0843 557 4575.

Landline – 0843 557 3865

There are several types of packages available for landline devices. Talk Weekends is the entry-level package and is available when you become a broadband or TV customer. Once you have the entry package, you can upgrade to other packages. Talk More Weekends gives you unlimited weekend calls to landlines, UK mobiles and 0845/0870 numbers. You can opt to make the calls unlimited on weekday evenings or even at any time by paying a small fee extra each month. You can also add international calls. To discuss Landline options call the Virgin Media Landline sales and support team on 0843 557 3865.

Mobile – 0843 557 4582

Whether you prefer to pay for your phone on a monthly basis or prefer the flexibility of a pay as you go plan, Virgin Mobile has plenty of options for you. If you wish to pay monthly, you will be able to get the latest smartphones from the likes of Sony, Samsung and Apple. Pay monthly contracts start from just £9.50 a month and you won’t have to pay an upfront cost. If you would like a pay as you go phone, you can get data, texts and minutes when you top up by topping up over £10 each month. SIM-only deals are also available if you like your current phone but require a larger data allowance than a pay as you go tariff allows you to have. The perks of being with Virgin Mobile include: messaging on WhatsApp and Messenger without using your data allowance, roll over any unused data to the following month, upgrade early just by paying off your phone. Virgin Mobile gets 4G coverage to 98% of the population as it uses the EE network. You’ll also get free wifi at certain hotspots and be able to use your phone whilst you are abroad. For more information or to discuss mobile options and contracts call the mobile sale and help team on 0843 557 4582.

Broadband – 0844 826 0291

Virgin Media has different broadband packages available depending on your requirements. If you have a small household with 1-4 devices, the starter plan of SuperFibre 50 broadband might be ideal for you. If your household is slightly busier with 5-9 devices in use at the same time, go for Vivid 100 broadband with up to 100mbps and unlimited downloads. For the busiest of households, Vivid 200 is over two times faster than BT Infinity 2 and is ideal for busy households with over 10 devices, 4K streaming and much more. Lastly, if you enjoy online gaming, opt for Virgin 200 Gamer broadband with faster upload speeds, no traffic management and unlimited broadband. You can find your wireless routers’ network security key on the bottom of your router. For support or information about Virgin Media broadband please call 0844 826 0291.

Billing – 0843 658 0676

As a Virgin Media customer, you will pay for your services in advance. Your first bill may be more than you expect to pay as you are charged for the current month as well as the next month. To discuss or possibly change this please call the billing and accounts team on 0843 658 0676.

Virgin Media Head Office Location

Department Location
Headquarters Communications House
Bartley Wood Business Park
Bartley Way
RG27 9UP