Utility Warehouse


Utility Warehouse Helpline Numbers:

Utility Warehouse Phone Number
Helpline 0843 208 2289
Billing 0844 453 0217
Customer Services 0844 453 0217

Utility Warehouse Helpline Active Hours

Department Opening Hours
Head Office 9am-5.30pm, weekdays

Utility Warehouse Registered Office Address

Department Address
Head Office 508 Edgware Road
The Hyde

Why should I call the Utility Warehouse Helpline?

You may wish to call the Utility Warehouse helpline for any number of reasons – ordinary utility companies are completely integral to the lives of their customers, providing the energy they need to carry out the day-to-day, and Utility Warehouse is no ordinary utility company. It provides telecomms, internet, landlines and more to its customers, so it is completely involved in their connections to the world, as well as just their lights and heat.

Therefore, the reasons you may have to call the Utility Warehouse Helpline include, but are not limited to:

  • Finding out what services are provided
  • Enquiring about employment with Utility Warehouse
  • Disputing a bill or pointing out an error
  • Registering an official complaint against Utility Warehouse.


Utility Warehouse FAQs

Do Utility Warehouse generate their own energy?
Do Utility Warehouse provide their own mobile network infrastructure?
I’ve got a Utility Warehouse Cashback Card – how does it work?
What’s a Utility Warehouse Bill Protector? 
I want to become a Utility Warehouse distributor – how can I do that?

Utility Warehouse

Utility Warehouse is essentially a sort of discount club for utilities customers, providing many utilities beyond mere electricity. They provide a range that holistically incorporates broadband services and internet, landline telephony and mobile telecommunications, and all of them can be consolidated into one easy sandwich by the wizardry of Utility Warehouse.

Since they are consolidated like that, Utility Warehouse ensures that the more services you take on, the more money you will be able to save.

These services include:


Guaranteed to be cheaper than the least expensive variable energy tariff from the 6 biggest energy utilities.

Mobile Telecomms

With contracts starting at only £8 every month, you can customise your contract to include budgetary limits preventing surprise bills, and can transfer to a different tariff at any time.

Broadband Internet and Landline Telephony

With unlimited downloads, cheap calls even over long distances, and a complementary wireless router, you can enjoy as much internet time or old-school landline conversations as you like!

Utility Warehouse LED Bulbs


Utility Warehouse isn’t like other utility companies – when you switch to Utility Warehouse, you get light bulbs.

With a free light bulb replacement service, upon switching over you can have every bulb replaced in your home with much more energy efficient LED bulbs. These bulbs don’t get as hot, waste less energy (and therefore cost less to run) and don’t burn out anywhere near as quickly as filament bulbs do, make them a far more financially sensible choice for lighting your home. Using approximately 15 times less power than their opponents, LED light bulbs from Utility Warehouse can help a household use about 11% less energy every year, leading to equivalent savings!

If you want this utter excellence in your home, Utility Warehouse will send out a professional team of crack light bulb installation experts to replace EVERY SINGLE BULB IN YOUR HOUSE with an LED version. As long as you remain with Utility Warehouse, you won’t need to buy another bulb. Just let them know if one of them breaks, and they’ll send you out a new one free of charge!

The Utility Warehouse Clubhouse

As the name may imply, the Utility Warehouse Clubhouse is a clubhouse of sorts for Utility Warehouse customers; an exclusive hideaway where they can enjoy being the elite of the utility customer society and enjoy many benefits exclusive to them.

With boosts to the power of the Utility Warehouse cashback card, and notifications set up to let you know as soon as a great deal comes along, you’ll be able to take advantage of everything, anywhere.


Utility Warehouse Online Accounts

If you use the internet, you can use it to manage your Utility Warehouse account. If you set up an online account with Utility Warehouse, you’ll be able to see your bills whenever you need to, manage your mobile contract and Cashback card, and submit any necessary readings of your meter to Utility Warehouse. If you want a Utility Warehouse Clubhouse account, you can have that too – it’s free and easy to get. You just need to know your Utility Warehouse customer number when signing up.

Utility Warehouse Customer Reviews

Out of a selection of 22 energy companies in the UK, Utility Warehouse was ranked by Which? as fifth place, in a survey of almost 10,000 individual customers.

Similarly, Utility Warehouse is highly rated on Trustpilot, a website exclusively dedicated to helping customers make informed choices. With a score of 81%, Utility Warehouse is defined by quotes like “extremely useful helpline”, “clear, easy-to-read bills,” “never overcharges” and “really you guys, the helpline is great.”

While it’s not all positive (81% still leaves 19% in the lurch), it’s definitely better than a lot of the competition!

Utility Warehouse FAQs Expanded

Do Utility Warehouse generate their own energy?

Utility Warehouse took on all of its customers by dealing with NPower – and as a result, all of its electricity is sourced from NPower plants.

Do Utility Warehouse provide their own mobile network infrastructure?

The telecommunications infrastructure used by Utility Warehouse is not its own – it is sourced from other companies to help keep costs down for it customers. Therefore, when a customer pays for a mobile phone deal with Utility Warehouse, they’ll receive a Utility Warehouse-locked SIM card, but the actual system used will belong to EE, and the signal and towers will be EE’s.

I’ve got a Utility Warehouse Cashback Card – how does it work?

The Utility Warehouse cashback card is a surprisingly versatile card offering incredible deals on money back when shopping. If you use the card at any one of 40 of the biggest high-street retailers, you’ll be able to claim 3%-7% back, and can be topped up just like a pay-as-you-go electricity meter or telephone contract.  It’s completely interest free, and cannot go into negative balance, so it’s impossible to get into debt using it!


What’s a Utility Warehouse Bill Protector?

In the event of a disaster, the Utility Warehouse Bill Protector will be there for you. For only £2 per month, you’ll be able to claim up to £10,000 of cover in the event of your death, and six months of cover for your utilities in the event that you’re put out of work by illness, accidents or being made redundant. The offer provided by Utility Warehouse will likely be considerably less expensive than that provided by other insurers.

I want to become a Utility Warehouse distributor – how can I do that?

If you are interested in becoming a distribution agent for Utility Warehouse, you can sign up online – and will be able to begin enjoying the benefits as soon as possible! As a Utility Warehouse executive corporate distribution solutions agent, you’ll be able to earn a steady income, receive free training both in and out of the classroom, and will be taught how to improve your confidence and build sales experience.

With the Utility Warehouse distribution agent scheme, you’ll receive cash incentives and even a company car, and all-expenses-paid holidays! Even shares are within your reach, increasing your income yet further and further binding your future to Utility Warehouse.

About Utility Warehouse

Utility Warehouse first reared its head out of the bleak unending sea in 2002, as a result of Telecomm Plus’s attempts to launch a company to encompass all the services falling under the Utilities umbrella.

In 2006, tense negotiations with Npower concluded with a set of concessions; Npower would provide electricity to Utility Warehouse customers. With this single stroke of genius, Utility Warehouse became one of the biggest indie energy companies in the UK.

If you need more information on Utility Warehouse, you can always call the Utility Warehouse helpline, located on this page.