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TalkTalk Contact Numbers

TalkTalk Phone Number
 Head Office 0843 557 3768
Customer Services 0843 557 3768
Complaints 0843 557 3768

TalkTalk Helpline Opening Hours

Department Opening Hours
Head Office Monday to Saturday 8am to 9pm, Sunday 9am to 7pm

TalkTalk Head Office Address

Department Head Office Address
TalkTalk UK Head Office TalkTalk
11 Evesham Street
W11 4AR

Reasons to Phone the TalkTalk Helpline

  • I would like to cancel my TalkTalk subscription
  • I want to upgrade my TalkTalk package
  • I would like to make a complaint about TalkTalk’s service
  • I have spotted a mistake on the TalkTalk website
  • I would like to apply for a job at TalkTalk
  • I work for TalkTalk and need to contact HR
  • I am having issues with my Broadband’s connection
  • I have received a scam email from TalkTalk and would like to report it

About TalkTalk

TalkTalk group was founded in 2003 as a subsidiary of Carphone Warehouse. It is a telecoms company that provides internet access, pay television, and general mobile network services to both businesses and consumers in the United Kingdom. The TalkTalk head office is situated in London. TalkTalk, in 2012, became the second quadruple play service, only behind telecoms giant Virgin Media. As part of the service, they offer, TV, Broadband, phone and mobile services. In 2015 TalkTalk suffered a significant data breach where personal and private information, including bank details or four million customers, was accessed by hackers.

TalkTalk UK

If you would like to switch your mobile or broadband provider over to TalkTalk, you can do so by visiting the TalkTalk website and looking at all the options that are available to you. If it is broadband that you are after then you can browse all of the super fast options that TalkTalk have including great value fixed priced broadband that is priced at just £22.95 a month for 18 months. If you are looking for something a little savvier you can choose the Fibre Broadband which is ideal for big households when there is likely to be more than one person on the internet most of the time. The Fibre Broadband is up to 4.5 x faster than regular broadband and definitely a popular choice with TalkTalk customers. As this is a fairly new venture for TalkTalk, they are offering the service for just £27 per month for which you will get speeds of up to 38 MB. A £25 set up fee does apply to new users. For more information about ttalktalk broadband he TalkTalk Fibre Broadband, please call the TalkTalk helpline. You can also create a package with TalkTalk which includes TV as well as broadband – you can do this with regular broadband or the faster Fibre Broadband. Creating your own package is simple as TalkTalk provides a step by step service which involves choosing your broadband, choosing your TV box, and adding optional extra TV channels to your service. If you have a complaint to make about the service you have signed up for then please call the helpline. You can also upgrade any of your services with the SuperSafe Boost which will protect your devices against viruses and can protect up to 8 computers for just £2 per month.

TalkTalk Mail

TalkTalk is an email service that provides an email address to many users across the UK. To set up an account with TalkTalk you can either call the helpline or visit the TalkTalk website where you can register your details. If you are having any issues accessing the TalkTalk Webmail or want to delete your account, please call the helpline and a member of the team will help you to do this. If you have forgotten your log in details you may be asked to answer a series of security questions before your account can be accessed. The TalkTalk Webmail has a simple and easy to use layout and you can send large emails (up to 25 Mb). You will be able to access all the latest news and information. You can personalise your settings, organise your contacts and use your calendar to remind you of important upcoming events. The TalkTalk Webmail is the new and improved TalkTalk email service. There have been past and recent reports of customers receiving scam emails telling customers that there is a problem with their bill. The email will contain links which will ask for the customer’s personal details. If you do receive any of these emails or have done in the past please call the TalkTalk helpline so that they can be investigated. It is important that these emails are reported.

TalkTalk Login

You can login at any time to your TalkTalk account online on the TalkTalk website. If you are not registered but would like an account you can call the helpline or register yourself with the service online. There are advisors available to chat live with should you need any assistance. Once you have created a TalkTalk account, you can log in to view any bills you may have as well as upgrade your services and add new ones (such as new channels) to your package. As well as viewing your bills, you can also make your payments in the same place using a debit or credit card. Your TalkTalk account will securely store your details for future payments. There is a discussion board available on the TalkTalk website where people can post if they are having issues with their TalkTalk service, it might be worth reading through this if you are having any issues that could be resolved online. If you want to access your TalkTalk account on the go you can download the TalkTalk smartphone app which is a quick and easy way of paying your bills as well as checking the latest upgrades and offers available to you from TalkTalk.

TalkTalk Mobile

Any TalkTalk customers can apply for a new, free sim which runs on a 30-day rolling contract as part of their package. TalkTalk mobile is exclusively for TalkTalk customers and is an excellent value service. There are a range of phones that are available from TalkTalk and a different range of tariffs to choose from. To view the latest smartphone offers, visit the TalkTalk website. If you are due an upgrade, please call the TalkTalk contact number and see what are available to you on your contract. If you would like more information about the different tariffs and payment plans you can open with TalkTalk please call the helpline (existing customers only). If you have a complaint about your current contract, again, call the helpline.