0843 557 3614

Contact Sainsbury’s on 0843 557 3614 to make queries or complaints about in-store or online shopping, throughout the week or over the weekend.

About Sainsbury’s

In 1869, James Sainsbury and his wife Mary Ann opened a partnership store in London, and by 1928 they became the UK’s largest grocery group with 128 stores. Initially selling only fresh foods, Sainsbury’s later expanded to offer packaged groceries. As well as meat and dairy counters, the stores sold tea and sugar. All stores offered home delivery since fewer people owned cars at the time. Always ahead of the curve, the first self-service Sainsbury’s opened in 1950, then in 1995, the chain became the first major UK grocery retailer to offer a modern home delivery service.

Across the almost 150 years since Sainsbury’s was established, over 1400 stores have opened, employing over 160,000 staff. With an emphasis on higher quality goods for lower prices, Sainsbury’s is known for the development of its own-brand goods and subsidiary services such as Sainsbury’s Bank and Sainsbury’s Energy. Today Sainsbury’s is the UK’s second largest chain of supermarkets, with an aim to be the most trusted retailer for shoppers and workers alike.

Sainsbury’s Contact Numbers

Contact Sainsbury’s during the following opening hours using the relevant phone helpline number below.

Phone Number
Opening Times
Customer Care
0843 557 3614
(Mon-Fri) 8am – 10pm
(Saturday) 8am – 7pm
(Sunday) 10am – 4pm
Online Shopping
0843 218 9678
(Mon-Fri) 8am – 11pm
(Saturday) 8am – 11pm
(Sunday) 8am – 11pm
Delivery Pass
0843 218 9679
(Mon-Fri) 8am – 11pm
(Saturday) 8am – 11pm
(Sunday) 8am – 11pm
0843 218 9680
(Mon-Fri) 8am – 8pm
(Saturday) 8am – 7pm
(Sunday) 10am – 4pm
Gift Cards
0843 218 9681
(Mon-Fri) 5.30am – 10pm
(Saturday) 9am – 5pm
(Sunday) 9am – 5pm
0843 218 9682
(Mon-Fri) 8am – 7pm
(Saturday) 9am – 5pm
(Sunday) Closed

Customer Care – 0843 557 3614

All of your general questions should be directed to Sainsbury’s Customer Care on 0843 557 3614. Call for help locating your nearest Sainsbury’s store and information on its facilities and stock. From Sainsbury’s Café to the Pharmacy, or the Food to Order service, the team will provide the answers you’re looking for. You can also call this number to register any complaints or customer dissatisfaction.

Online Shopping – 0843 218 9678

Call 0843 218 9678 for assistance with your online shopping orders, whether it’s for home delivery or store collection. If there is an issue with a delivery such as missing, incorrect or damaged items let Sainsbury’s know.  While Sainsbury’s doesn’t offer wholesale bulk orders, call seven days in advance to place a bulk order as a consumer for supplies for a party or event.

Delivery Pass – 0843 218 9679

For frequent online shoppers, Sainsbury’s offers a Delivery Pass so loyal customers can save money on their home delivery. The three types of Delivery Pass including Pay As You Go, Anytime, or Midweek, are available ranging from 3 months to a year. If you order your groceries online with Sainsbury’s often you should call 0843 218 9679 and invest in a Delivery Pass.

Nectar – 0843 218 9680

As a founding member of the Nectar scheme in 2002, this loyalty card can be used in Sainsbury’s – as well as across hundreds of brands and retailers. By earning points for every pound spent, customers can save up points and redeem them for various rewards. Call 0843 218 9680 to sign up for a Nectar card today, or if you are an existing Nectar member and have a query about your account.

Gift Cards – 0843 218 9681

Maybe you would rather let somebody choose their own present than buy something they might not want. In that case, why not call 0843 218 9681 and look into Sainsbury’s gift cards? The recipient can choose from thousands of products including books, gadgets, clothes, food, and wine. Sainsbury’s even offers a Meal Ticket card for students and gift cards for specific high street brands!

Business – 0843 218 9682

With Sainsbury’s, discounts are available on bulk orders of gift cards, so call 0843 218 9682 to speak to Sainsbury’s Business Direct team. Corporate gifting for rewards, incentives, or member benefits is easy due to Sainsbury’s range of gift cards. Call to place your order, or to find out which gift cards are the most suitable for your particular business needs.

Other Ways to Contact Sainsbury’s

Follow Sainsbury’s on Twitter and Facebook so that you can message them anytime as well as receive news updates from the brand. If you just want to pass on feedback about your experience shopping with Sainsbury’s, then you can fill out this online survey.

Finally, you can simply write a letter regarding your issue and send it to Sainsbury’s Head Office address.

Sainsbury’s Head Office
Sainsbury’s Supermarkets Ltd
33 Holborn