Royal Mail

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Royal Mail Contacts

Royal Mail Numbers
Head Office 0843 557 3406
Royal Mail Redirection Complaints 0844 826 8010
Complaints About Postman 0844 826 8010
Missing Mail 0843 557 3406

Royal Mail Helpline Opening Hours

Department Opening Hours
Complaints Monday to Friday, 8am-6pm, Saturday 8am-1pm and Sunday 9am-2pm

Royal Mail Head Office Address

Department Address
Head Office Royal Mail Group
100 Victoria Embankment

Reasons to call the Royal Mail Helpline:

  • I have posted an item and it has been misplaced
  • I can’t seem to be able to track my item
  • I would like to complain about a service I received from Royal Mail
  • I would like to locate my nearest Post Office
  • An item was delivered to my house but I was out
  • To complain about a particular postman or woman
  • I have noticed a mistake on the Royal Mail Website
  • I would like to apply for a job at the Royal Mail
  • I work for the Royal Mail and need to contact HR
  • I want to locate my nearest Royal Mail collection office

Royal Mail Tracking

When you have posted an item, the worry can sometimes be that the letter or parcel has not been delivered on time or that is has been lost completely. When posting an item it is important that you ask for a receipt which is your proof that you have posted it in the first place. On the receipt, you will find your reference number which can be between 9 and 27 characters and can also sometimes be known as a barcode. You can enter this barcode into the Royal Mail website and the tracker will tell you the whereabouts of your parcel. If you need help using the Track and Trace service you can call the RoyalBritish Post Box Mail helpline or read the brief guide that they feature on their website. In the unlikely event that you find that your parcel is missing or it is not showing up when tracked, you can begin the claims process with Royal Mail. If something has gone wrong during the delivery of an item that you posted you may be entitled to claim compensation, making a claim depends on what method of payment you used when posting your item and all of the information can be found in the claims category of the Royal Mail website.

Royal Mail Postcode Finder

The Royal Mail Postcode Finder does exactly what it says in the name, it helps customers to find addresses. Again, another website service, the Postcode Finder simply requires the very first part of an address, or even the end part, and it will bring up suggestions and postcodes matching the information that you have given. Address searches are limited to 50 per day for security reasons. If you cannot find the address you are looking for, please call the Royal Mail Helpline.

Royal Mail Re-Delivery

Sometimes you will have a parcel delivered and there will be no-one to receive it. Often, you can arrange with the Royal Mail for your items to be left in a safe place should this occur, but in certain circumstances, your parcel will need to be signed for. As a result of this the Royal Mail courier will have to arrange a re-delivery. If you have missed a parcel, you will find a Royal Mail note in your letterbox apologising for missing you and telling you where your parcel is being held for the time being. It may have been left with a neighbour and if it has, the details of this will be stated on the note. If your ‘Something For You Card’ states that your item is at your local depot ready for collection, you can visit the depot with identification to claim your parcel. Alternatively, you can arrange for this item to be re-delivered to the same address or a different address free of charge. An item is held by the Royal Mail for 18 calendar days before it is returned to the sender and at least 48 hours notice will be required for a re-delivery. If you have requested a re-delivery and your item has not arrived, you can call the helpline.

Royal Mail Special Delivery

To ensure security when posting a valuable item it is worth paying for the Royal Mail’s Special Delivery service, which guarantees that items are delivered securely on time, or you will receive your money back. The Royal Mail recommends that you use their special delivery service when you are sending things for Saturday Delivery and you want to make sure something such as a birthday card arrives on time. Special Delivery can also be used as compensation cover when sending jewellery, cash or other royal mail post manvaluables and also cover when sending important documents such as tax returns which can incur fees if late.

Royal Mail Prices

Sending a parcel with the Royal Mail depends on the size and weight of the parcel. You will be asked to place the parcel on some scales where it will be weighed and a price generated. Generally, the price to send 1st class mail begins at £3.35 and 2nd class mail at £2.85 – this is for reliable but non-recorded delivery. If you would like to send an item at 2nd class recorded delivery, prices will begin at £3.95. If you do not pay your full postage fee, the recipient of your mail will receive a payment request along with their mail. If you have received one of these, simply select ‘Pay a Fee’ on the Royal Mail website and you can pay the remaining postage fee. You can expect the charge to be at least £1.50 which will include handling charges. Your item will not be delivered until your fee has been paid, and you will be able to choose a delivery date that suits you.

Royal Mail Postage Calculator

You can find parcel prices on the Royal Mail website before you take your items to the post office. By heading to the Royal Mail website, you can pick whether you just require a UK service to send your mail (your recipient lives at a UK address), whether you want to s end your mail to another country or whether you are sending parcels overseas to someone in the HM forces. If you are struggling to find or use the postage calculator, please call the helpline.

About Royal Mail

Royal Mail is the UK’s main postal service company which was established in 1516. The brand is a subsidiary of the Royal Mail Group along with other postage companies Parcelforce Worldwide and General Logistics Systems. The Royal Mail still operate a fairly straightforward system where small or large letters are deposited in a post box or a hole in the wall. They are then collected and taken into the Post Office where a postman will deliver them, at least once a day excluding Sundays and Bank Holidays. For bigger deliveries, such as parcels a customer will have to go into their local Post Office and either use the over the counter service or the self-service options that are now available in selected establishments. The delivery process happens all over the UK. In 2015, the UK Government sold its shares of the Royal Mail, which ended 499 years of ownership. It previously had a 30% stake in the Royal Mail.