0843 320 9673

Contact Poundland, the popular UK discount retailer, on 0843 320 9673 from Monday to Saturday with any questions or complaints.

About Poundland

In December 1990, the first Poundland store opened in Burton-on-Trent. The concept of every product being sold for just £1 proved to be a big success with shoppers. By 1996, to meet operational demands a new product-sourcing support office opened in Hong Kong. Today Poundland sells 3500 products, including 1000 branded products, across 700 stores.

Poundland expanded into the Republic of Ireland in 2011 under the name Dealz, now operating over 50 Dealz stores. Recently Poundland began to sell Pep&Co clothing in stores, with prices higher than £1. From 2015 to 2017 Poundland offered online shopping with home delivery for £4, but withdrew the service due to low use. The website is still available to browse Poundland’s range of products for sale.

Poundland Contact Numbers

You can contact Poundland using the helpline numbers provided below during the listed opening hours.

Phone Number
Opening Times
Customer Services
0843 320 9673
(Mon-Sat) 9am – 5pm
(Sunday) Closed
0843 596 3320
(Mon-Sat) 9am – 5pm
(Sunday) Closed
0843 596 3321
(Mon-Sat) 9am – 5pm
(Sunday) Closed
0843 596 3323
(Mon-Sat) 9am – 5pm
(Sunday) Closed
0844 248 2656
(Mon-Sat) 9am – 5pm
(Sunday) Closed
0843 596 3324
(Mon-Sat) 9am – 5pm
(Sunday) Closed

Customer Services – 0843 320 9673

The main helpline number is customer services on 0843 320 9673, because the team can offer immediate assistance with your queries. Customer services can locate your nearest store for you, and transfer you to the staff there to check their stock or reserve a product. Additionally, you can request a safety data sheet or nutritional and allergen information for any Poundland product or food item.

Complaints – 0843 596 3320

As much as Poundland aim to provide a high-value customer experience, sometimes customers feel let down. Call 0843 596 3320 if you have either had a negative experience in-store or want to report an issue with a product. You may have to return the item to the original store with your receipt as proof of purchase for it to be investigated, which could take up to 28 days from Poundland’s receipt of the faulty product.

Returns – 0843 596 3321

For further details on Poundland’s returns policy, call 0843 596 3321. Unless your item is faulty, Poundland will not accept returns for certain items, so call to check if you can return your product. While the window for refunds and exchanges on general merchandise is 28 days, Pep&Co’s schoolwear range has a 101 Day Guarantee you might want to ask about if it has been over 28 days since purchase.

Recycling – 0843 596 3323

In keeping with the Waste Electrical or Electronic Equipment Directive, Poundland accepts the return of old electrical products to recycle them on behalf of the customer, on a like for like basis. When you buy a replacement electrical product from Poundland, you can send your old Poundland electrical product back. Call 0843 596 3323 with your receipt to hand in order to be sent pre-addressed returns packaging.

Careers – 0844 248 2656

Whether you want to work in retail, head office, or distribution, contact Poundland on 0844 248 2656 to enquire about local job vacancies. In-store Clothing Managers are especially in demand due to the development of Poundland’s clothing brand Pep&Co. Call today to find out more about Poundland’s recruitment process and company values.

Suppliers – 0843 596 3324

Are you a business looking to supply your goods to millions of customers a week? The fixed-price high street channel is growing fast, so call 0843 596 3324 to work with one of the biggest discount value retailers in Europe. Poundland sells products under its in-house brand for suppliers who might not want their own brand advertised in discount stores.

Other Ways to Contact Poundland

If you use social media websites, find Poundland on Twitter and Facebook to leave a reply or send a message. Poundland’s website also has an online form you can fill out with your feedback.

Otherwise, you can always write a letter and send it in the mail to Poundland at the following address:

Poundland Head Office
Poundland Ltd.
Wellman’s Road
Willenhall West Midlands
WV13 2QT