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Paypal is a financial service which is a method of sending and receiving money. If you need help using Paypal, contact the Paypal Helpline on 0843 557 3387 for assistance.

Why would I need to contact the Paypal Helpline?

  • To find out more information about the service that Paypal provides.
  • If you are an eBay seller and you need assistance.
  • If you are a merchant who accepts Paypal as a method of payment and you need help.
  • If you wish to dispute a Paypal transaction.
  • To report a technical issue such as a payment not going through.
  • To make a complaint about a Paypal service.

Other Paypal Contact Numbers

Department Contact Number
Customer Services 0843 557 3387
Head Office 0843 557 4395
Support for sellers 0843 557 3387

Paypal Helpline Opening Hours

Days Opening Hours
Monday- Friday 6am-10pm
Saturday 8am-10pm
Sunday Closed

Paypal Head Office Address


Department Address
Headquarters (UK) Whittaker House
2 Whittaker Avenue

Paypal UK

In the UK, there is a range of benefits to using Paypal. Your financial information isn’t shared with sellers so it is a much safer way to shop online and your purchases will be covered by Paypal Buyer Protection if your items don’t turn up or they arrive not as described. You can pay people using just an email address and password or your mobile number and an accompanying PIN. You can use Paypal in 25 different currencies and pay people in over 200 different countries. If you sell things online, you can set up a business account with Paypal to be paid in a secure manner.

Paypal Account

When you set up a Paypal personal account, you will be able to shop around the world online just by using an email address and dedicated password. You can shop using any device and manage your account as you go courtesy of the Paypal app. The account is free to open and mostly free to shop unless your transaction requires a currency conversion.

Paypal Business Account

Paypal Account
Paypal Account

You could use Paypal as the sole method of payment for your business or just add it to your existing payment methods, the choice is yours. On your website, you can simply add a checkout button or allow the Paypal team to build a customisable solution for your needs. You can also set up invoices for customers to pay using Paypal. Lastly, for shops, the Paypal Here card reader and app offer your customers another method of payment. The cost of using Paypal depends entirely on how much you sell but it is set at a fixed rate. You can choose to integrate Paypal’s business services yourself, through a partner or by using a developer.

Paypal Fees

There are no fees for sending money to friends/family or buying things in your own currency using Paypal. The only time that you will be charged a fee is if you send/receive money in foreign currencies. You will also be charged a fee if you send money in the UK using a credit card.

Paypal Credit

Paypal Credit allows you to pay later for your online purchases. Each time you spend over £150, you will get 0% interest for the next four months, making Paypal Credit an ideal option for larger purchases. To apply for Paypal credit, fill in a short online application form and you will receive an instant decision. If your application was successful, you will have a credit limit applied to your Paypal account, ready for you to start shopping online with. The 0% interest offer renews each time you spend over £150.

Paypal Fee Calculator

Whilst there isn’t an official fee calculator available on the Paypal website, there are plenty of fee calculators on the internet that has been created by third parties. Here is a fee calculator by

Paypal Card Reader

A Paypal card reader lets you accept both card and contactless payments at your business. The Paypal Here card reader costs £75 and accepts all kinds of payments including Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Apple Pay and Android Pay. The payments taken from the machine will reach your Paypal account in a matter of seconds. You will pay a fee of between 1.5-2.75% per transaction but there are no monthly fees and no fixed amount of time that you must use the card for. The readers are protected by chip and PIN technology. Businesses can access a UK-based support team or use the Paypal Here app for support.

Paypal Donate Button

If you are a charity, using Paypal can help you boost your donations. The majority of charities opt to use Paypal through a Donate button- you can create it on the Paypal website and then copy and paste the code to your own website. There are no fees to set it up and you will pay a discount fee each time you accept a donation (1.4% and 20p)

A lot of well-known charities such as Oxfam, Children in Need and Comic Relief use Paypal to accept online donations.

You can download monthly statements and search for transactions using your Paypal charity account. Each donation will also be subject to automatic fraud screening.

Paypal’s donation button also gives donors the option to sign up for monthly donations.

About Paypal

Paypal was first established in 1998 as Confinity, a security software. In 1999, Paypal was launched as a money transfer service and in 2000, the company decided that it would focus solely on the money transfer service following a merger between Confinity and an online banking company

As Paypal was launched as a public company in 2000, it attracted the attention of the online selling website eBay and it was acquired by the company in 2002. It stayed with eBay until 2014 when Paypal was relaunched as an independent company. The move was completed by the summer of 2015. When the company’s second IPO was launched in 2015, the company was valued at $46.6 billion.

Last year, Paypal had revenue of over $9 billion. The company has over 188 million users between personal and business customers. There are almost 16,000 Paypal employees.

For more information about Paypal products and services, call the Paypal Helpline number on this page.