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Panasonic was founded in 1918 and is part of the group of Japanese multinational electronic companies that also include Sony, Hitachi and Toshiba. By 2012 market square, Panasonic has emerged as the world’s fourth-largest television manufacturer. It is also listed on the Tokyo stock exchange. The company became known as Panasonic in January 2008, as it was previously known as Matsushita Electric Industrial Company. The latest in Panasonic technology, the Transparent TV was debuted in February of this year (2016). Panasonic are thought to employ around 330, 000 staff and have around 580 companies acting as subsidisers. Panasonic are also well known for their previous ownership of Universal Studios in the early nineties.

Additional Panasonic Contact Numbers

Panasonic Phone Number
Panasonic Office 0843 557 3840
Panasonic Complaints
0843 557 3840
Customer services
0843 557 3840

Panasonic Helpline Opening Hours

Department Opening Hours
Head Office Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm

Panasonic Head Office Address

Department Head Office
Head Office Panasonic House, Willoughby Road, Bracknell RG12 8FP

Reasons to call the Panasonic Helpline:

  • I want to purchase a Panasonic product
  • I want to make a complaint to Panasonic
  • I want to locate my nearest Panasonic retailer
  • I have ordered a Panasonic product and it hasn’t arrived on time
  • I have received a broken, faulty or damaged product
  • I want to know more details about the warranty on my product
  • I want to sign up to the Panasonic newsletter
  • I have forgotten the login details to my Panasonic account
  • I have noticed unusual activity on my account
  • I would like to return a Panasonic product

Panasonic UK

You can view all of the Panasonic products o9n their website, and they are probably best known for their range of TV’s. Panasonic are always keeping up with the expanding technology of today and creating interesting and innovative new products for their market. Whether you are looking for useful appliances (washing machines, microwaves etc), home entertainment (TV’s and Laptops), a great camera or self-care (electronic razors) you can be guaranteed a great range to choose from at Panasonic. If you are a fan of technology you can also view the ‘smart home’ category which includes great home monitoring kits to ensure your home is protected and safe at all times – a great way to put your mind at rest. One of the newest inventions in the Panasonic Smart Home collection is the pet monitoring kit, which allows you to know that your pets are safe whilst you are not in the house with them. The kit includes an indoor camera that is linked to your smartphone and alerts you can get to your phone if the kit senses something out of the ordinary. You can add more cameras to the package if you want to monitor different areas of your home. Visit the website for more information about Panasonic products, or if you know that you are looking for a certain one, in particular, you can search for it in the search box which is in the top right-hand corner of the homepage. If you have decided on a product that you would like to buy, you can add it to your basket and pay via credit, debit card or Paypal at the checkout. To make it easier for next time, you can create an account that will save your details and preferences. The account is known as My Panasonic and also means you get exclusive offers and discounts on Panasonic products as well as a newsletter that will keep you updated with all the latest products and inventions from the technology company.

Panasonic TV

Depending on the type of TV that yoPanasonic TVu want from Panasonic, you can buy a top of the range model using the website, today. Panasonic has a great range of 4K televisions which boasts stunning picture quality, and some that can even offer an ultimate cinematic experience. The Panasonic 4K televisions can be bought from retailers such as Curry’s and PC world. There is also a range of speakers and other hi-fi systems that will go perfectly with your television. You can compare prices of all of the televisions in the Panasonic range using the compare feature on the Panasonic homepage. Don’t forget to look out for any offers that might be available when investing in a Panasonic TV. Panasonic have invented a new invisible, transparent TV. The futuristic model disappears when not in use and is practically undetectable. For more information about this TV please call the Panasonic Helpline.

Panasonic Bread Maker

Panasonic also have some great home appliances available to buy, one of them being the bread maker which has become extremely popular. The bread maker includes a number of different modes including ‘artisan scones’ and ‘rustic sourdough’ and dispensers for yeast and things like fruit and nuts meaning you can try out a number of different recipes. You can read a number of different customer reviews about the product from the Panasonic website. If you are having any problems with this product, you can call the helpline during the opening hours listed above.

Panasonic Cameras

For a breakthrough in photography technology, check out the range of cameras and recording equipment that Panasonic have to offer. Whether you’re a professional or just want a camera to snap some memories, there is guaranteed to be a model for you. Aswell as cameras and camcorders you can also purchase a number of camera accessories and lenses, to enable you to get that perfect picture. Cameras are available at your nearest Panasonic retailer or from the Panasonic website. Call the helpline to locate your nearest store.


Are Panasonic handsets interchangeable?

The Panasonic cordless phones are interchangeable and there is plenty of information on the website that explains exactly how they work in this way, Panasonic handsets are functionally identical and therefore should be interchangeable. However, if you are having any issues with your handsets, you can call the helpline for some advice.

How do I program my Panasonic remote?

All Panasonic remotes feature a ‘TV’ button that needs to be pressed in order to connect the remote to the TV. Once the TV button has been pressed, you will be asked for the TV manufacturer code and for the device. The two can then be synced together. If you cannot find your manufacturer code, call the helpline.

What Panasonic TV should I buy?

What Panasonic television you buy depends on the type that you are looking for and how often you are planning on using it. Panasonic fo a range of HD televisions as well as a range of 4K ultra HD televisions, each with a range of different prices.