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Orange Contact Numbers

Orange Phone Number
Head Office 0843 557 3367
Orange Mobile Complaints 0843 557 3367
Orange Complaints Department 0843 557 3367
Orange Broadband Complaints 0843 557 3367

Orange Helpline Opening Hours

Day Time
Mon- Fri 8am – 8pm
Saturday 8am – 6pm
Sunday 8am – 6pm

Orange Head Office Address

Department Address
Head Office Orange,
PO Box 10,
BS32 4BQ

Reasons to Call the Orange Helpline

  • I have a complaint to make to Orange about my contract
  • I want to know why Orange have changed their name
  • I am with Orange and want to upgrade my phone
  • You are having problems with your phone’s signal
  • Your phone won’t connect to any wifi networks
  • Your phone is broken and you want to get it repaired
  • You want to know where to order accessories for your phone
  • You are due an upgrade on your phone
  • You have used all of the data on your phone but you are unsure how or why
  • I can’t find any information about Orange online
  • I need to locate my nearest EE store

Orange UK

The Orange Network merged with T-Mobile in 2010 and so anyone that was on an Orange contract and upgraded would have automatically had their network changed to EE. However, if you have been on the same contract since before the merger, you may still be with Orange and therefore need the helpline to solve any issues or answer any questions you may have as an existing Orange customer. All information about the Orange network can now be accessed via the EE website, where there is a category for Orange information. Because last year EE stopped offering deals and tariffs on Orange as a network provider, the Orange category mainly gives information about how to upgrade your phone to EE if you are an Orange customer. When your phone is due for an upgrade, you can visit this part of the website where you will be shown the best deals available and learn about the simple, hassle-free process of upgrading. EE offers a step by step to upgrading, starting by checking if you are due for an upgrade by logging into your Orange account. If your contract has ended, the second step is to choose your phone or plan, which you can browse on the website or have a look in your local EE store if you would like to try before you buy. If you are ordering your phone online, you can check out quickly and easily using their payment service and your phone will be delivered to your chosen address. If you cannot access a store and are shopping for a phone online, you can call the Orange helpline and an advisor can give you advice on choosing a phone that is most suited to you.

Orange Account

If you have a contract with Orange, whether it has been changed over to EE or your network is still provided by Orange itself, you will have an account which allows you to log in and view things such as your data usage and your latest bills. You can also pay any outstanding bills you may have by logging into your account. To log in, you will need your username (usually your email address) and your password. If you are having problems accessing your account or you have forgotten your log in details, please call the helpline. If you do not have an account but are an Orange customer, signing up for one on the Orange website is simple and straightforward. If you had an account with Orange and then switched over to EE, the log in details that you used for your Orange account will still be the same with your new EE account. By logging into the EE account, you can see how long is left on your contract and what your options are if you want to leave your contract or buy a new phone. You can also use this view the latest deals and offers available from EE, personalised to you.

Orange Webmail

If you need to access your Orange emails, you will be redirected by EE to your Orange log in page. Again, you will need to enter your email address and password. Orange email can be used for both business and leisure purposes and if you notice any unusual activity on your email account, please call the helpline and it will be investigated. Please remember that Orange will never ask you to confirm your details in an email unless you have specifically asked them to and there is an arrangement prior to the email. If you receive a message out of the blue from Orange asking you to confirm or update your details, do not respond and call the helpline ASAP. Your details will be safe if you do this.


Who Owns Orange Network?

In 2000, Orange was bought by France Telecom but in 2010 the company merged with Dutch company T-Mobile to form major telecommunications provider EE. Orange no longer exists as a standalone network and instead exists as the joint venture, EE.

What Happened to Orange Network?hello we are EE

Orange stopped signing up new customers in Britain because it has become part of a joint and bigger venture with T-Mobile. Anyone that was on the Orange network remained there until they were due for an upgrade, which then saw them move over to the newly formed EE network. EE Limited (Everything, Everywhere) was officially formed in 2010 and is now the UK’s largest mobile operator. The joint venture between Orange and T-Mobile is completely 50:50 and it is headquartered in Hatfield, United Kingdom. All Orange operations are now ran through EE.

About Orange

Launched in 1993, Orange was a telecom and internet provider based in the UK. Orange as a network no longer stands alone and in 2010 it merged with telecom provider T-Mobile to form major network EE. EE continued to operate Orange as a brand at first, but in 2015 the company ceased to sell Orange products and upgrades on Orange tariffs were no longer available (the user would have to move over to EE when they upgraded their Orange phone).