Asos Start Selling a Makeup Line for Men

man applying makeup

It’s 2017 and whether you like it or not men are wearing makeup. Asos are helping bring makeup into the men’s section by distributing their first line of men’s makeup products from the brand MMUK Men.


MMUK Men is a Men’s cosmetic and grooming brand, made for men by men, they have the widest and best range of Men’s makeup in the UK and have a loyal client base in the tens of thousands.

MMUK Men launched in 2012 and aimed to break down the stigma behind men wearing makeup, through the years they have been thrown into the spotlight by famous male beauty bloggers raving about their products as well as praising MMUK’s help in the movement towards normalising makeup on men.

The social acceptance of men wearing makeup is on the rise and MMUK is really catering to its popularity growth of the recent years. MMUK want Men to still be able to feel masculine whilst wearing makeup as they feel as if there is a real gap in the market. They believe makeup isn’t just for women and it certainly isn’t just for ‘feminine’ men, they want everyone to feel comfortable enough to have the power to enhance their natural beauty, no matter their gender.

MMUK also run an online beauty blog for men on their website giving helpful tips, tricks and guides on how to apply makeup correctly, product reviews and skincare and grooming advice.


Asos is known for constantly challenging gender roles and pushing fashion to explore new and unique ways of self-expression. Asos understands that the youth of 2017 is all about creativity, they believe that fashion has no boundaries or barriers and gender certainly does not hold fashion back, Asos are all about those androgyny vibes.

To help normalise these beliefs, from the 10th of July 2017 Asos have started selling male makeup products. They are selling 10 products from MMUK’s collection including foundation, concealer, brow and beard filler, bronzer, mascara, eyeliner, setting powder and makeup brushes.

The products range from £14 to £37.50, the foundation and concealers coming in a range of shades from very light to very dark and 8 shades in between as well the bronzer, ‘manscara’, eyeliner and brow filler coming two shades. The brow filler is available in brown black and dark brunette, the bronzer comes in golden goddess and instant sexy and the eyeliner as well as the ‘Manscara’ is available in brown and black. The makeup brushes are made with soft, synthetic fibers and a smooth graphite base.

This is a huge step towards breaking down gender roles and this line of products has people raving, not only is it actively destroying boundaries it is also a range of amazing products specifically designed for the difficulties men face when wearing makeup targeted towards women.

The problems men are bump into when wearing makeup made for women is the texture and formula of the makeup as women’s skin is different to men’s skin and most women don’t have to deal with facial hair. women’s beauty products just don’t work as well on men’s skin.

MMUK have perfected the formula for their men’s foundation and concealer making makeup application easier for men and also making the overall makeup look more natural.

With all the praise there must be some criticism and for this movement, some people believe MMUK are actually widening the gap between male and female fashion/beauty even more by gendering makeup products more than they already are. Some believe that existing makeup brands and products aren’t gendered at all, such as MAC as their packaging does not market towards women, although this belief can be contradicted by the use of basically only women in their adverts and marketing as they are only now starting to dabble in the thought of men wearing makeup with the occasional man popping up in an ad or featured in an interview on their website.

Another brand pushing this amazing movement forward is Anastasia Beverly Hills an extremely popular makeup brand who decided to use male models for their Moonchild and Sweets glow kit promotions in 2016. A huge step forward was Covergirl’s first ever Coverboy, James Charles who is now one of the leading male beauty gurus taking the internet by storm.

Male makeup is finally starting to become normalised giving the positive message to today’s youth that they can be who they are without judgment.