National Express

0844 375 3139

National Express is a British transport service specialising in bus, coach, and train journeys around the UK and parts of Europe. To speak to the National Express head office helpline please call 0844 375 3139.

Helplines from National Express:

National Express Phone Number Opening Hours
Head Office 0844 375 3139 8:30am-11:30pm,
7 days a week
Customer Services 0844 249 0907 8:30am-11:30pm,
7 days a week
Travelling 0844 249 0918 8:30am-11:30pm,
7 days a week
Account 0843 178 3450 8:30am-11:30pm,
7 days a week
Coach Card 0843 178 3451 8:30am-11:30pm,
7 days a week
Cancellations 0843 178 3452 8:30am-11:30pm,
7 days a week

National Express Contact Number 0800

National Express don’t have a free phone contact number that you can reach them on, instead, you can use one of the numbers above to connect you with the correct team to help you with your query.

Head Office – 0844 375 3139

National Express is a British transport service specialising in bus, coach, and train journeys around the UK and parts of Europe. Founded in 1972, the company curated many local bus companies – which is still true to this day. For years the company faced hardly any competition. However, when Megabus invented their lower £1 fares National Express found it hard to keep up. With the two companies battling it out for the top spot, both are dominant bus companies in England to this day. For more information on the National Express company, call the head office Helpline on  0844 375 3139.

Customer Services – 0844 249 0907

You can contact National Express customer services if you would like to reserve a seat for an upcoming journey with National Express, to inquire about disability aids and instruments on National Express coaches, if you wish to cancel a booking with the company, to make a complaint about a service you have received from either a member of staff or about a journey you have recently had, to find out more information on coach cards and how to buy one, if you would like to book an airport transfer with National Express, if you would like live information about a delayed coach, bus, or train and you would like to know where it is or to find out about hotel deals offered through National Express. To contact National Express customer services helpline call 0844 249 0907.

Travelling with National Express – 0844 249 0918

National Express offer a range of deals through their services. For example, you can grab a great deal on airport travel with the company on their website. Whether you’re looking for travel to Stansted, Manchester, Bristol or Cardiff. If you would like more information on airport travel, private or public, call 0844 249 0918 to speak to a member of the National Express team.

We advise arriving at your coach 10 minutes before your expected departure, this is to avoid delays and to allow the driver to load your baggage onto the vehicle.

Travelling with National Express begins at £5 per trip, and you can find a list of the current travel destinations with National Express on their website. To find a route or travel service through the company, simply type in your desired destination into the search bar on their website, from there you will see a range of prices for your desired destination. If you would like a member of staff to help you find your ideal booking, call 0844 249 0918 we will connect you through to a member of staff who can find the best deals for you.

If you need assistance on your journey, we suggest booking tickets over the phone on 0844 249 0918. This way, you can find out if the bus, coach, or train you will be taking has any assistance for you. You can also request special assistance on this line.

National Express Account – 0843 178 3450

If you would like to view your booking with National Express online or would like to change it for any reason, you can do so by logging into your account or using your ticket information on the National Express website. Simply type in your ticket number, which can be found in your confirmation email. Once you have done this, you can cancel, or rearrange, your booking easily on the National Express website. If you are having trouble finding your ticket number, you can speak to a member of staff on the National Express Helpline by calling 0843 178 3450.

Coach Card – 0843 178 3451

If you would like to receive discounts with National Express, they do offer a Coach Card. This allows you to save on your travel throughout the year. You can purchase a range of cards. Whether you are a pensioner, a young person, a student or a family, National Express has a card for you. For more information on this, call 0843 178 3451.

Cancellations – 0843 178 3452

National Express aim to have every one of their services running, despite the weather or other delaying circumstances. However, this does not mean that accidents don’t happen, or that the weather can’t disrupt travel. For information on your upcoming travel, take a look on the National Express website or Twitter, where they post regular updates on journeys. You can also check whether your journey has been cancelled by calling 0843 178 3452.

National Express Head Office Address

Department Address
Head Office Address for National Express National Express PLC
Mill Lane,
B5 6DD
The United Kingdom