0843 557 3602

Contact Littlewoods any day of the week on 0843 557 3602. Call for further assistance or information regarding the website, your order, or your account.

About Littlewoods

In 1923, the brand began as a sports betting company in Liverpool by the name of Littlewoods Pools. By 1932 the founder, John Moores, expanded Littlewoods into a mail-order retail business. At one point in time, Littlewoods was the biggest family-owned company in the UK and private company in Europe.

Unfortunately, with the emerging popularity of the internet after the mid-1990s, mail-orders placed over the phone became frequently less common. Since then, Littlewoods cut down its retail operations drastically to focus on online sales. A merger with Kays Catalogues in 2004 created the Shop Direct Group, which still owns the company today.

Littlewoods Contact Numbers

Below you’ll find a table of phone numbers you can call to contact Littlewoods and their opening times.

Phone Number
Opening Times
Customer Services
0843 557 3602
(Mon – Fri) 7am – 11pm
(Sat – Sun) 7am – 11pm
Telephone Orders
0843 557 5195
(Mon – Fri) 7am – 11pm
(Sat – Sun) 7am – 11pm
Shopping Account
0843 596 3090
(Mon – Fri) 7am – 11pm
(Sat – Sun) 7am – 11pm
0843 208 5628
(Mon – Fri) 7am – 11pm
(Sat – Sun) 7am – 11pm
0843 208 5629
(Mon – Fri) 7am – 11pm
(Sat – Sun) 7am – 11pm
Credit Card
0843 208 5630
(Mon – Fri) 7am – 11pm
(Sat – Sun) 7am – 11pm
0843 208 5631
(Mon – Fri) 7am – 11pm
(Sat – Sun) 7am – 11pm

Customer Services – 0843 557 3602

At some point, you’re probably going to need a straightforward answer to a question that you can’t seem to find, or you’ll experience an issue with an order that needs to be addressed. In the event that this happens, just call 0843 557 3602 to speak to the Littlewoods customer service team. Especially if you have a complaint or just need more information provided for you, then call this number.

Telephone Orders – 0843 557 5195

While the Littlewoods catalogue was cancelled in 2015 after over 80 years of circulation, you can still place an order with Littlewoods over the phone. Call 0843 557 5195 to order your chosen items, but bear in mind you will probably need to provide debit or credit card details in order to pay. You can order items you’ve seen in a brochure or online the same way you would if you had an online Littlewoods account.

Shopping Account – 0843 596 3090

Littlewoods offers an online credit account for customers known as a Shopping Account. With the buy now, pay later plan, you don’t need to worry about breaking your budget. When you buy furniture from Littlewoods, with a Shopping Account you’ll have access to interest-free payment options too. Call 0843 596 3090 to either apply for an account or learn more about the benefits.

Delivery – 0843 208 5628

Call 0843 208 5628 for any updates or issues with a delivery from Littlewoods. If your item has already been dispatched, then Littlewoods will be able to get the latest tracking information from their couriers or help you to amend a delivery time or address. Report missing or damaged parcels on this number, or find out the best delivery option for you including charges and timescales.

Returns – 0843 208 5629

All of the Littlewoods returns options are free, so call 0843 208 5629 to find the most convenient method, whether it’s a small parcel or a large household item. Also, for existing returns, call this number to track the status of your return and refund. If you want to return a faulty electrical item, Littlewoods can put you in touch with the supplier to try to fix it before organizing a return if they can’t.

Credit Card – 0843 208 5630

In addition to the Shopping Account, Littlewoods partnered with Capital One to create the Littlewoods Credit Card. Call 0843 208 5630 to find out if you are eligible and get a yes or no answer within 60 seconds! Before you apply, you can call to check up on the terms and conditions of the credit agreement, or ask about perks like £10 off your next credit purchase or the “recommend a friend” scheme.

Insurance – 0843 208 5631

Another service Littlewoods offers to customers is insurance policies. Due to the “Protect Your Purchases” options, you can extend warranties on household appliances, replace guarantees, and even cover furniture or your mobile phone in case of damage. And if you sign up for Littlewoods Home Insurance, they’ll send you a free Amazon Echo Dot (worth up to £49.99)! Call 0843 208 5631 for more details.

Other Ways to Contact Littlewoods

Rather write a message than speak on the phone? Follow Littlewoods on Facebook and Twitter, but direct your tweets to @LittlewoodsHelp to reach the customer services team.

Lastly, you can write down your issues on paper, put them in an envelope and send them in the post. Choose the appropriate department to mail your letter to from the following listed addresses:

Littlewoods Customer Services
Customer Excellence
Sandringham House
Sandringham Avenue
CM92 1LH
Littlewoods Head Office
1st Floor
Skyways House
Speke Road
L70 1AB
Littlewoods Credit Cards
Shop Direct Finance Company Ltd
Aintree Innovation Centre
Park Lane
L30 1SL