Just Eat

0843 557 3831

Just Eat is an online tool for ordering takeaways, used by thousands of restaurants across the UK. You can order takeaway to be delivered or collected. If you are having an issue with an order that you have placed on Just Eat, call the Just Eat customer service number on 0843 557 3831.

Just Eat Contact Numbers

Department Contact Number Opening Hours
Customer Service 0843 557 3831 10am- midnight, 7 days a week
Late Orders 0843 557 5213 10am- midnight, 7 days a week
Incorrect Orders 0843 208 2337 10am- midnight, 7 days a week
Complaints 0844 248 2431 10am- midnight, 7 days a week
Restaurant Sign Up 0844 248 2433 10am- midnight, 7 days a week
Price Promise 0844 248 2434 10am- midnight, 7 days a week

Customer Service

If you are having an issue with an order that you have placed on Just Eat, you can speak to Just Eat’s customer care team and get this resolved.This could be that your order arrived late, you didn’t get what you ordered or just that you had an overall bad experience. If you need to speak to Just Eat, you can call customer services on 0843 557 3831.When you call this number, you’ll hear an automated message saying hello and welcoming you to Just Eat. From there, you’ll be given two menu options – press 1 if you are a restaurant, or 2 if you are a customer.

Late Orders

If your order is late, the best thing to do is to call the restaurant that you ordered from and quote the order number from your confirmation email. If you cannot get through to the restaurant or you are still not satisfied, you can call Just Eat’s customer service team on 0843 557 5213. When you call, press 2 to speak to the customer care team.

Incorrect Orders

If your order has arrived and an item is missing, or you haven’t received the correct meal, you can contact Just Eat customer services on 0843 208 2337. In the first instance, you should probably contact the restaurant that you ordered from, as they are likely to be quicker to fix the problem. However, if you are not happy with the outcome, you can contact Just Eat.


If you are not happy with an aspect of the Just Eat service, or an order placed from a restaurant using Just Eat, you can contact the Just Eat complaints team on 0844 248 2431. Just Eat can provide refunds in certain circumstances, such as if your food never arrived. When you call the above number, press 2 to get through to the complaints department.

Restaurant Sign Up

If you are a restaurant or takeaway, and you believe that you’d benefit from the services that Just Eat provides, you can call to sign up. Some of the benefits of being a restaurant on Just Eat’s books include cashback at wholesalers, smart technology for the order process and daily savings on items that you order from the Just Eat shop. Signing up should mean that you get more orders and more control over your business, as well as guidance on how you can improve. If that sounds like it could be of value to you, call  0844 248 2433.

Price Promise

The Just Eat Price Promise ensures that you will pay the same price when ordering from Just Eat as you would if you ordered directly from the takeaway. If you find out that the meal could have been cheaper, you’ll receive a Just Eat voucher for double the difference. To claim your price promise voucher, call  0844 248 2434.

Other Ways to Contact Just Eat

You can chat to the customer care team online here.