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IKEA helpline
IKEA Helpline

IKEA is a Swedish furniture retailer. Call the IKEA Helpline on 0843 557 3823 for assistance with orders, finding your nearest IKEA store or complaints.

Why would I call the IKEA Helpline?

  • To find the location of your nearest IKEA store.
  • To find out if an IKEA store has stock of a specific product.
  • To chase up an online order or a return.
  • To get help setting up a product.
  • To make a complaint about an IKEA product or service.

Other IKEA Contact Numbers

Department Contact Number
Customer Services 0843 557 3823
Head Office 0843 557 3823
Store Locator 0843 557 3823

IKEA Helpline Opening Hours

Days Opening Hours
Monday- Friday 7am-10pm
Saturday 7am-9pm
Sunday 7am-8pm

IKEA Head Office Address

Department Address
UK Head Office Witan Gate House, 500-600 Witan Gate West, Milton Keynes, MK9 1SH

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How IKEA names their products?
Are IKEA meatballs gluten free?


In the UK, there are several large IKEA stores selling a range of furniture, appliances and home decor. You will find IKEA stores in Warrington, Newcastle, Croydon, Nottingham, Belfast, Reading, Leeds, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Bristol, Tottenham and Wembley. You will find the furniture set up and ready for you to try out, whether it’s a sofa, computer chair or a desk.

IKEA is most well-known for its range of flatpack furniture. Flatpack means that the furniture arrives in a flat cardboard box and you assemble it yourself. All of the necessary screws and attachments should be included in the box, alongside clear how-to instructions. In the event that either of these components isn’t included, call the IKEA helpline using the phone number on this page for assistance.

IKEA Wardrobes

IKEA’s range of wardrobes come in different styles and finishes to suit your bedroom and adhere to your storage requirements. Several of the wardrobes come with inside shelves and rails, depending on your needs. You will find white wardrobes, black wardrobes and wood finish wardrobes. The wardrobes have 2/3 sliding doors, depending on your space requirements. With the PAX range of wardrobes, you can choose the functions you need- e.g. shelves or rails, as well as in wardrobe lighting. You can even have your wardrobe delivered and assembled for you if you are not confident in doing it yourself.

IKEA Kitchen

With IKEA, you’ll find pre-designed kitchens or you can design your own dream kitchen using IKEA as inspiration. You can plan your kitchen online or book an appointment with an IKEA kitchen expert who can assist you. IKEA also offers interest-free credit on their kitchen range, so your perfect kitchen could be more affordable than you think. You can take the kitchen furniture home and assemble it yourself or have it delivered to your home- the choice is yours. IKEA’s kitchen installation service comes with a five-year guarantee on the workmanship.


IKEA has several different types of bed frames for you to choose from. Some of them include storage, which is ideal if you have a lot of things. You’ll find single bed frames, day beds, bunk beds, loft beds, sofa beds and double/king size beds. The price of bed frames can vary from £99 to over £300, depending on the complexity of the design that you have selected.


Whether you need a large statement rug for the living room, a welcome mat for the front door or a runner for the stairs, IKEA has a great selection of rugs. Rugs start from as little as £10 and come in a range of textures and styles such as sheepskin, high pile, flatwoven, and low pile. You can also purchase rug underlays with anti-slip features, which is ideal if you have little ones who run around the house.

IKEA Storage


You always need good storage to stop your home from looking too cluttered. IKEA has a vast selection of different types of storage such as shelves, chest of drawers, bookcases, sideboards, cabinets, shoe cabinets, kitchen shelves and outdoor storage. With such a generous selection of storage options, every aspect of your home will look tidy and everything will have its own place, whether it be in the kitchen or outside.


Sofas are at the heart of your living room, so you want one that is both comfortable and stylish. IKEA has a wide selection of sofas in many different colours and styles, as well as armchairs, footstools, chaise lounges and sofa beds. You’ll find many different seating options from smaller two-seaters to larger corner sofas which can fit 3-4 people. You will find a sofa to compliment your living room’s colour scheme with popular colours like grey, yellow and red all available.

IKEA Lighting

If you need a desk lamp, ceiling light or even some lights for outside, IKEA has a good selection. You’ll find floor lamps, ceiling lights, wall lights, decorative lights, bathroom lights and table lamps. You will also find all the accessories you need to make your lights function properly, from lampshades to cords, as well as light bulbs, chargers and batteries.

IKEA Opening Times

The opening times for each IKEA store varies depending on the needs of the customers in the area. For your closest store’s opening times, check the IKEA website or call the IKEA helpline using the phone number on this page. For a general guide, most IKEA stores are open from 10am-10pm on weekdays, 10am-8pm on Saturdays and 11am-5pm on Sundays. The in-store restaurant and creche will have different opening times, so check these directly before you visit as these often shut earlier than the store itself.

Popular questions about IKEA

Where IKEA gift cards are sold at?

IKEA gift cards are sold at IKEA stores and on the IKEA website.

How IKEA names products?

IKEA takes the inspiration for product names from a range of sources including Swedish/Finnish/Norwegian place names, Scandinavian boys names, occupations and Scandinavian rivers and lakes.

Are IKEA meatballs gluten-free?

IKEA’s meatballs are a popular menu item in their restaurant. It’s confirmed that only the vegetarian meatballs are gluten-free, the chicken and meat ones are not.

If you need assistance with an IKEA product or service, call the IKEA helpline number on this page.