0843 557 3829

Contact Harrods, the biggest luxury department store in Europe, on 0843 557 3929 to make a query or complaint about your experience with Harrods.

About Harrods

A Southwark haberdashery shop established in 1824 by Charles Harrod evolved over the next 30 years into a thriving retail business run by Harrod’s son, which continued to expand into the world-famous Harrods department store on Brompton Street that we all know of 150+ years later.

Every day, up to 300,000 customers from all over the world visit the 330 departments and 32 restaurants spanning the seven floors of the Harrods building. Since May 2010 the store has been owned by Qatar Holdings, which is the sovereign wealth fund of the West Asian state of Qatar.

With numerous services throughout the one million square feet of retail space, the list of products available is extensive. You could spend a whole day wandering around the monumental store, or you could save time by calling up to find out if and where what you’re looking for is available at Harrods.

Harrods Contact Numbers

Find the number you’re looking for to contact Harrods conveniently listed for you in the following table.

Phone Number
Opening Times
Customer Services
0843 557 3829
(Mon – Sat) 10am – 9pm
(Sun) 11:30am – 6pm
Store Enquiries
0843 208 2396
(Mon – Sat) 10am – 9pm
(Sun) 11:30am – 6pm
Online Enquiries
0843 208 2397
(Mon – Sat) 10am – 9pm
(Sun) 11:30am – 6pm
0843 178 3496
(Mon – Sat) 10am – 9pm
(Sun) 11:30am – 6pm
0843 178 3497
(Mon – Sat) 10am – 9pm
(Sun) 11:30am – 6pm
Harrods Rewards
0843 178 3498
(Mon – Sat) 10am – 9pm
(Sun) 11:30am – 6pm

Customer Services – 0843 557 3829

First stop for any enquiries is to contact Harrods customer services on 0843 557 3829. So much is going on at Harrods every single day that it’s useful to call ahead and ask about the in-store events. If you want to book a reservation at a restaurant or appointment at the Wellness Clinic, customer services can put you through. Also, you can provide feedback on the website or the store and staff, including complaints, or report quality issues with an item you have bought.

Store Enquiries – 0843 208 2396

For questions about the store and any of its departments, call 0843 208 2396 directly. Request logistical information such as disabled access, car parking and local public transport. Especially if you are looking for a particular service, Harrods can tell you every tailoring, repair and personalization service they offer, from food to fashion to furniture. Plus their seasonal gift selections and luxury gift wrapping!

Online Enquiries – 0843 208 2397

In order to make a query regarding the Harrods website or your online account, call 0843 208 2397. Harrods will guide you through cancelling or amending online orders, and provide updated tracking information.  Whenever you have trouble signing in to your account or purchasing an item, or if you want to unsubscribe from marketing e-mails, you can call this number.

Delivery – 0843 178 3496

If you want to order from Harrods for home delivery, then you can call 0843 178 3496 for more information. Within the UK, there are multiple delivery options with various limitations and prices you might want to know about. Or if you are ordering from or to another country, check the rates and import restrictions depending on your country. Even in the UK, there are some postcodes where delivery is unavailable, so call to make sure that Harrods can deliver to your address.

Returns – 0843 178 3497

Need to know your cancellation rights and what your options are for returning items? Call 0843 178 3497 to learn how to return parcels within the UK and from outside the country, when you will need to pay postage, and which conditions affect whether your return will be accepted for a refund. Since some items are non-refundable, it’s best to check before you try to return them.

Harrods Rewards – 0843 178 3498

Call 0843 178 3498 if you are interested in the tiered loyalty reward scheme for big spenders at Harrods. When you spend £1,999 per year with Harrods or more, find out how you can accumulate a range of additional benefits such as £5 back for every 500 points you collect. Apply for a Rewards Card and Harrods will send an information pack to you in the post as well.

Other Ways to Contact Harrods

Harrods has a social media presence on Facebook and Twitter to engage with customers. For lengthier messages, you might want to send an e-mail to help@harrods.com.

Finally, if you’d rather write a traditional letter using pen and paper, you can send it to the Harrods Head Office located at the store address, as shown below.  Also provided is the mailing address for your online and international returns, or correspondence regarding them.

Harrods Head Office
87-135 Brompton Road
United Kingdom
Harrods Online & International Returns
TVDC – Harrods
Mill Lane
RG19 4AL
United Kingdom