How Will Your Passport Change After No Deal Brexit

blue passport no deal brexit

If you’re wondering how your passport will change if the UK leaves the EU with no deal, you can find out all you need to know with the handy guide below.

Most people know about the colour change from burgundy back to blue, this is to strip the passport of their ties to the European Union and to make the passports identifiable as British passports.

The colour change is of course not the only changes that will affect you and your travel after no-deal Brexit. The Government is recommending that when the UK leaves the EU if you have less than 6 months from the date you arrive in your desired destination that you renew your passport before travelling. This recommendation is due to the possibility that EU countries may deny you access to the country if you have less than 1 year left on your passport.

In the case of no-deal Brexit, British citizens will be classed as a ‘Third Party’ national and therefore you will be required to comply with different rules and regulations, this includes your freedom of travel and requiring a visa to visit certain EU countries as well as how much time you will need to have left on your passport.

If you would like to drive whilst on holiday in the EU after no-deal Brexit you will need to apply for an international driving permit from the post office or the passport office before travelling abroad, this is because no-deal Brexit will mean the UK driving licences will not be valid by themselves in some EU countries.

If you have any inquiries regarding the changes to your passport and travel rights after no-deal Brexit you can call the Passport Office inquiries and customer services department by dialling 0300 222 0000. The customer services team will be able to answer any unanswered questions as well as inform you of whether you need to renew your passport.