How To Top Up Your National Insurance Contributions

If you’re nearing pension age, are self-employed or worried about your National Insurance contributions and are thinking of paying to top-up to ensure you’re eligible for state pension as well as make you eligible for certain benefits you can find out how by reading the guide below.

Why you may need to top up your National Insurance contributions

If you have gaps in your National Insurance record you may be denied state pension and certain benefits. You may have gaps in your record if you were unemployed and not claiming benefits, you were employed but on a low wage, you were living abroad at the time or you were self-employed but not paying because of small profits at the time.

How to top up National Insurance contributions

You will need to find out if you need to make Class 2 or 3 Voluntary Contributions. You can find out online or by calling the number that is listed below. You have the ability to pay the contributions you’ve missed from the past 6 years and the cut off date each year is the 5th of April.  You will need to fill out the appropriate form which can be sent to your home and then send it back to the National Insurance head office. You will be able to pay the contributions via direct debit, cheque or cash. You can also pay your contributions by calling the number listed below.

National Insurance contributions contact number

If you have some inquiries or issues regarding a top-up of your National Insurance contributions you can call the National Insurance contributions contact number on 0300 200 3500. You can call if you would like to top-up your contributions, you would like to inquire about whether you need to top-up your contributions, you would like to find out the benefits of making a top-up of your contributions, you would like to find how much you need to top-up or if you have any other issues or inquiries you would like to inquire about.