How to Cancel Postcode Lottery Payments

0844 257 5901

If you no longer want to take part in the People’s Postcode Lottery you can find out below how to cancel your payments and stop participating in the lottery. You can cancel your payments via multiple methods, all of which are listed below for you in a helpful guide.

Call to Cancel Postcode Lottery Payments

If you would like to cancel your payments to the Postcode Lottery you can do so by calling the Postcode Lottery team on 0844 257 5901. Once on the phone to a member of the Postcode Lottery team you will need to provide some personal and account details to allow the team member to identify your account and your payments. They will then be able to cancel your payments for you as well as close your account if you wish to. They will inform you of whether you’re still eligible in the most recent lottery as you may have already paid for it.

Email to Cancel Postcode Lottery Payments

If you would prefer to cancel your Postcode Lottery payments via email you can do so by following these instructions. You first need to write out a letter including your personal (full name, address and contact information) and account information. You then need to write informing the Postcode Lottery team that you wish to cancel your payments to the Postcode lottery and stop your subscription into the lottery. You then need to send the email to the Postcode Lottery team at You should receive a reply within a week if you do not receive a reply you should contact the Postcode Lottery team by calling the number listed above.

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