How Do I Use My Sparks Points?

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Marks and Spencer have a loyalty card scheme called Sparks that allows you to collect points by shopping instore or online and then spend the points in the form of a voucher in Marks and Spencer or online with Marks and Spencer.

How To Get a Sparks Card

To get a Sparks card you can simply pick up a card in-store and register it online or register online and then pick up a card and register the card with your account. If you have picked up a Sparks card in-store you can simply go to the Marks and Spencer website, log in and activate your new card online. If you would prefer to make an online Sparks account first you just need to go to the Marks and Spencer website and sign up for a Sparks account. You will then be able to pick up a card in-store and activate the card with your account by logging into your Sparks account and activating your new card.

How To Use Your Sparks Points

You can go online to the Marks and Spencer website to check how many Sparks points you have earned. Once you have checked your balance you will be able to see what offers and vouchers are available for you to choose from to spend your Sparks points on. You can then select a voucher you would like and choose to print it off or use it in the online store. If you print the voucher off you can use it in-store. You can also use your points to take money off your bill in-store just ask the cashier about it once they scan your Sparks card.

Call Marks And Spencer About a Sparks Card

If you would like to call Marks and Spencer regarding an issue you’re experiencing with your Sparks card or account you can call the Sparks helpline on 0844 826 8015. You will need to provide some personal and account information to all the Marks and Spencer team to identify your card and to aid with helping any issues or inquiries you have regarding your account or card.

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