How Can I Get Help With My Utility Bills? – A Helpful Guide

If you’re struggling with your utility bills and you need some help to keep on top of them, you can follow the helpful guide below. The government and some utility suppliers offer one-off payments and grants to help you when you’re struggling with your utility bills. You can speak to Citizen’s Advice for financial advice regarding utility bills.

Warm home discount scheme

Some suppliers offer the warm home discount scheme to those who need some help paying their utility bills. If you receive the guarantee credit part of pension credit or you’re on a low income you may be able to receive some help from your supplier. Go to your supplier’s website or give them a call to find out if they offer the scheme and if you’re eligible.

Winter fuel payment

This one-off annual payment is offered by the government to those who were born on or before the 5th August 1953 or to those who’re receiving some types of social security benefit (excluding those receiving housing benefit, council tax reduction, child benefit or universal credit. You will not be put up for this grant automatically and you will need to go online to apply for it. You usually receive payment from £100 to £300 to help with your winter heating bills.

Cold weather payment

This one-off payment is to help with extra heating costs during very cold weather in winter. You’re eligible for the payment if you receive pension credit, income support, income-based jobseeker allowance, income-related employment and support allowance or universal credit. You will receive the payment every time the temperature drops below a specific point for a set period of time.

Grants from utility companies

The British Gas Energy Trust offers their grant to not only their own customers but also those from other suppliers who’re struggling with their utility bills. You can contact the British Gas Energy Trust to find out more about the grant as well as how you receive it.

Other utility suppliers who offer a grant to their own customers are: Npower Energy Fund, Ovo Energy Fund, E.On Energy Fund, EDF Energy Fund and SSE Priority Assistance Fund. Check with your supplier to find out if you’re eligible to receive help with your utility bills or whether they offer a grant or a scheme.