Cancel Stagecoach Recurring Payment

Stagecoach is a transport company in the UK, with many bus divisions. They cover many regions of Scotland, England, and Wales. It also runs Megabus inter-city services for long-distance routes. On regional Stagecoach routes, there are several different ticket types available. You can buy single, return, daily, weekly, and monthly tickets, both on the bus and online. If you need to travel on Stagecoach buses for longer than a month at a time, they offer recurring tickets on their smart cards. They continue until you cancel them.

What is a Stagecoach MegaRider Xtra ticket?

The MegaRider Xtra is Stagecoach’s monthly bus ticket, but with automatic renewal like a subscription. It takes the hassle out of bus travel because you no longer have to renew tickets manually. Stagecoach will charge you each month on the same date when the ticket renews. You can keep using it until you cancel. The ticket will always be valid for use (within its terms) as long as Stagecoach was able to take the payment from your debit or credit card.

You save money and time by making 12 monthly payments as opposed to buying a new monthly ticket every 4 weeks, which is the alternative option. However, this means setting up a Direct Debit with Stagecoach. Worldpay administers these recurring payments. Their system will send an e-mail every time they take a payment or fail to do so. This will confirm whether your service is still valid or whether you need to take action to fix an issue.

What is a StagecoachSmart card?

The MegaRider Xtra is not a paper ticket, meaning that you can only buy one if you have a StagecoachSmart card. This is a card which allows you to load electronic tickets which you can scan on the bus for admission. You can buy a StagecoachSmart card on the bus for £1, or order one for free online if you are buying a ticket for it. You can buy electronic tickets online or on the bus. If you order online, it can take 2-3 days to receive the card or the ticket.

Any ticket that you load onto a StagecoachSmart card will only be valid from the start date you chose. You must activate it by tapping the card against the reader on the bus. Then you can continue to use it until the ticket expires. It is only possible to have one MegaRider ticket on the smart card at any time. Anyone can use your StagecoachSmart card, unless it is a student one. Some tickets may require photo ID, which you may have to provide to use a ticket.

What is a Stagecoach recurring payment?

The recurring payment applies to Stagecoach MegaRider Xtra tickets only. There may be several versions of the Xtra ticket at different prices, covering different travel zones. Whatever the set monthly price is, this is the amount that Stagecoach will continue to charge you. Even if you use a discount code for the first month, the price will continue as normal after that period. They will let you know in advance if this monthly price changes, so that you can cancel before the next payment date if you prefer. If payment authorization fails and the payment is outstanding for longer than 48 hours, Stagecoach will cancel your ticket. It will not renew and be valid again unless you pay.

How can you cancel a Stagecoach recurring payment?

The point of recurring payments is that they continue for as long as you let them. If you no longer want to pay or intend to stop using the service, then you must manually cancel it. To do this, log into your online account on the Stagecoach bus website. Go to the details in the “My Tickets” section. There should be an option to “Cancel Online” next to the ticket. This will stop any future payments being taken, which also means that the ticket is then due to expire on the next renewal date. You can continue to use it until this time.

The only other way to cancel your Stagecoach recurring payment is if you contact their customer services team on the phone. To do this, call 0843 208 2338. You can discuss the terms and conditions of your ticket and what will happen after cancellation before you actually cancel it. You may be able to ask for a partial refund in certain circumstances, but this depends on their decision. Usually, you will not get a refund and the ticket will continue to be valid for the rest of the period that you have already paid for (until renewal).

Should you cancel a lost or stolen Stagecoach ticket?

If your StagecoachSmart card is lost or stolen, then you will need to contact Stagecoach. You can report it online through your account or call the phone helpline as above. It is important to make sure that your card is registered online with its 18-digit number as soon as you receive it. You can only get a replacement if the ticket on it would have been valid for at least another 5 days. For MegaRider Xtra tickets, you should receive a replacement within 3 working days of reporting the missing card. You can apply for a refund for any tickets that you have to pay for until you get the replacement as long as you keep them to prove how much they cost and when you had to buy them.

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