How do I cancel a PayPal payment?

As long as you have an e-mail address, then you can create an account for online payments through PayPal. You can send and receive money for free with most PayPal transactions. PayPal will sometimes charge a small fee if the payment requires currency conversion or uses a credit card. If you need to cancel a payment on PayPal, read this guide to find out how you can do it.

How to Cancel a PayPal Payment

To view your PayPal payments, log into your PayPal accounts and go to the “Summary” page. This should show all of your recent PayPal transactions. When the status of a payment is “Unclaimed” this means that it is pending and has not reached the payee yet. You should be able to stop the payment at this stage by clicking the “Cancel” button next to it. Confirm cancellation of the payment by clicking again and PayPal should reverse the transaction.

Please note that you should not cancel a payment this way if you want to cancel an order which you paid for through PayPal. You should contact the seller directly to discuss your cancellation options. On the other hand, if a payment is still pending and unclaimed after 30 days, PayPal will cancel it automatically. Refunds should go to the payment card or PayPal balance.

How to Cancel a PayPal Credit Payment

PayPal has a credit facility which offers customers a credit limit with their PayPal account. They can use this to pay for online purchases as they would use a regular credit card. PayPal Credit even allows its users to set up Direct Debits. However, if you need to cancel a PayPal credit payment, there might not be the option to “Cancel” next to it. Instead, you will probably need to contact the seller and request a refund from them. The seller could cancel the order for you if they are able to do so. Otherwise, you may have to wait until you receive what you had paid for and return it to them for a refund. If you have any automatic payments set up with PayPal Credit, you can change or cancel them in your account. Go to “Manage Payments” to amend them.

How to Get a Refund for a PayPal Payment

If there is no “Cancel” button next to the payment, then it will be too late to cancel it. Unfortunately, if the status is “Completed” then the payee already received the money from you. This means that you can only get it back by requesting a refund from them. If they will not send the money back, then you must open a PayPal dispute. You have 180 days to do this through the Resolution Centre on PayPal. Opening a dispute allows you to communicate with the seller until you can come to an agreement. Do not close the dispute if you cannot agree on what to do. You will have 20 days to escalate a dispute to PayPal. They will then review your claim within 30 days to decide if your money should be returned to you. It will be frozen in the recipient’s account so that they cannot withdraw the money in the meantime. File a complaint through the Message Centre if you’re unhappy with the process or outcome.