How to Cancel Now TV Payment

Now TV is a popular service for people who only want to access a few Sky channels, without having to pay the high monthly prices for a Sky package. They usually offer a free trial or introductory discount for new customers. However, if you do not cancel before it expires, then it becomes a rolling monthly subscription which you will have to pay the full price for. Follow this guide to find out how to cancel Now TV before it automatically renews.

How to Cancel Now TV Pass Online

Even if you have the Now TV app on a mobile device, you will not be able to cancel payments through that. The only way to cancel is to go through your actual online account on the Now TV website. Go into the “My Account” tab and click on “My Passes” to begin with. It will show you a list of the Now TV passes that you currently have a subscription for. Each pass should have the option to cancel beside it. Click the “Cancel” button next to the correct pass.

You will then have to click through some onscreen messages. It will ask you to confirm several times that you definitely want to cancel. Now TV will try to persuade you to stay by showing you the content that you will miss if you cancel. They might even offer you a discount if you choose to continue your subscription instead. Now TV automatically renews passes and charges you the monthly fee on the same day every month. This means that you need to cancel before that date to avoid the automatic renewal and another billing.

Please note that you can only cancel for a refund within 14 days if you do not activate or use the product. After that, you can cancel and continue to use it until the renewal date, when the service will expire and you won’t pay again.

How to Cancel Now TV Sky Sports Pass

If you buy a Now TV week or day pass for Sky Sports from another service, such as Apple TV, then you must cancel it through them according to their policy. Otherwise, if you purchase a pass directly from Now TV, then you’ll have to cancel through your online account as above. You can only cancel within 14 days if you did not activate the pass yet. Once you access the Sky Sports content with the pass, you will have either 24 hours or 7 days from then until your access expires. You cannot cancel for a refund at this point.

If you just want to cancel before the end of your Sky Sports pass viewing period before the pass auto-renews, then follow the same instructions as above. It will tell you in your account how long you have left on each pass before it expires and you will lose your viewing access. Cancel before then.

How to Cancel Now TV Broadband

Now TV also provides broadband services as well as TV passes. If you cancel your broadband contract with them, then this will also terminate your line rental and phone calls as well as your internet connection. You only need to contact Now TV about cancelling your broadband if you are not switching to another supplier, or if you are switching to Virgin Media. Otherwise, you can switch and cancel without even having to notify Now TV and do so yourself.

If you are simply terminating your broadband service without switching to another, then you must ask Now TV to do this. Send an e-mail to Now TV at to give them your notice of cancellation. They will contact you back to verify your information and request. If you paid the one-time fee at the start, you will not have to pay an extra charge. However, if you did not and you are leaving before the end of your contract, then Now TV can charge you an early termination fee. They will discuss this with you when you contact them to cancel, and any refund that may be due.

What to Do After Cancelling Now TV

Make sure that you do not have multiple Now TV accounts with other active subscriptions. You have to cancel each pass that you subscribe to separately, so make sure that you have cancelled all of the ones that you want to cancel. Contact Now TV if they charge you again for a pass that you have cancelled.

If you change your mind after cancelling, go back into your account. It will say either “Restart” or “Buy now” next to the passes that were cancelled. The subscription will start up again and Now TV will continue to charge the monthly subscription fee on the renewal date. This date should be the same.

When you cancel during the first 14 days, this is your cooling-off period. It may require returning goods to Now TV as you are cancelling your contract with them. You will be responsible for returning any physical devices, which includes postage fees. Now TV will then refund you the appropriate amount.

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