Cancel Microsoft Office Payment

Microsoft Office is the suite of applications for use in personal, educational, and business life. It includes Word, PowerPoint, and Excel, and often Skype and OneDrive services. Though they are Windows products, you can get the suite for Mac computers as well. It is available in different forms and prices.

How do you pay for Microsoft Office?

Microsoft Office is available to buy as a one-time purchase of the three basic applications for £119.99. However, if you want the full suite, then you could either pay an annual fee of £59.99 or pay £5.99 monthly. If you want to get Microsoft Office 365 for up to 6 users instead of just 1, you can pay more for this. It costs £79.99 a year or £7.99 a month. This version offers a free trial for 1 month, which you can sign up for to get a free month and then cancel.

How do you cancel a Microsoft Office free trial?

You must manually cancel your Microsoft Office free trial before the 30 days are up or it will automatically take payment for the continuation of service. It is possible to cancel at any time after starting the free trial and still access the services until the expiry date. Therefore, you could cancel the day after and still get to use Microsoft Office for the next month. After the trial, Office applications will become “View Only” so you cannot create new documents or edit your existing ones. You can only open them for reading or printing.

If you decide that you no longer want to use Microsoft Office, you need to go into your Microsoft account to cancel before the expiration date. You should be able to see the automatic renewal or expiry date for the subscription trial on the “Services” page in your account. There should be a link next to your Microsoft Office subscription providing the option to cancel. Click on this to confirm the cancellation at the end of your trial. If the link shows “Turn on recurring billing” then it is already turned off and your cancellation is done.

How do you cancel a Microsoft Office subscription?

Even if you continue your Microsoft Office subscription, you can still cancel it at any time. If you cancel within 30 days of your previous Microsoft Office payment, you will have the option of requesting a refund for that month. It will mean that you will get the monthly fee back, but the applications will lose their functionality. Alternatively, you can cancel and continue to use the applications until the end of that month, when your subscription will expire. All products will cease to function, for every person sharing them.

To cancel a Microsoft Office payment, simply cancel your Microsoft Office subscription within the 30 days after the payment date. Go to “Services & Subscriptions” in your Microsoft account and click to “Manage” them. It will show a “Cancel” option next to Microsoft Office 365. Click on this and then on “Confirm Cancellation” to ensure that the subscription stops and no further payments are taken. You can then continue to use Office until the end of the period that you already paid for, or cancel that payment and ask Microsoft for a refund. Contact Microsoft on 0844 257 4529 if you need any assistance with cancelling a Microsoft Office payment and getting a refund.

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