How To Block a Number With Vodafone

0843 557 4961

Whether you’re experiencing nuisance marketing or sales calls or you’re being harassed with calls from someone you know, follow the guide below to find out how you can block numbers with Vodafone.

Call Vodafone to Block a Number

You can call Vodafone to block a number by calling the Vodafone helpline on 0843 557 4961. Make sure you have the number you would like to block written down before you contact this number. You can call the number to speak to a member of the Vodafone team, you simply need to inform them that you wish to block a number from being able to call or text you. You will then be able to inform the team member of the number and they will be able to block the number from contacting you again.

Text to Block a Number

You can sign up for the TPS nuisance call block service for free with Vodafone. You simply need to text your email address to the number 85095 and you will be able to follow the instruction sent back to you to finish signing up for the number blocking service. This service will only help with marketing and sales nuisance calls, not harassing personal calls. TPS keeps a record of personal numbers who do not want to receive marketing and sales calls, this will minimise the chance of other numbers calling you regarding marketing or sales.

Report a Blocked Number

If you would also like to report a number for nuisance calls you can do so by following the below instructions. You just need to text CALL to the number 7726 to report a nuisance number to Vodafone. You will receive a reply from Vodafone and you will then need to send back the nuisance phone number to Vodafone. This will then help Vodafone identify numbers that are being used for nuisance marketing and sales calls to minimise the chance of you receiving another call from this number.

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