Best UK Christmas Cakes Delivery 2019


Many people love the comfort of home baking at Christmas time, but lots of us don’t have the time to actually bake our own Christmas cakes. It cans till be a special season with handmade decorated Christmas cakes if you order from a bakery for home delivery. It does cost more than the Christmas range at your local supermarket, but it’s worth paying for artisan Christmas cakes.

Small Christmas Cake

If you want a Christmas cake with the WOW factor but have a lower budget, you can order an extremely festive cake from the Desserts Delivered Bakery. For £20 you can get a sophisticated white chocolate Lindt cake, a chocolate cake with adorable decorations, or a candy-cane cake with striped layers.

Large Christmas Layer Cake

Layer cakes have been all the rage for a while now, and a giant Christmas cake from Flavourtown bakery would look resplendent at the head of your festive spread. These family-friendly cakes are perfect if there are lots of children. Choose between Santa, Rudolph, an “ice princess” or a pinata.

Classic Christmas Cakes

Who better to supply your classic Christmas cake than Betty’s bakery (est. 1919? You can treat your family to some chocolate orange fondant fancies (4 for £9) or a selection of miniature fruitcakes (22 for £20). Their glistening jewelled fruits Christmas cake can be the crowning glory of the dinner table.

Simple Christmas Cupcakes

For £36 you could present your Christmas party guests with 12 of Crumbs & Doilies‘ best Christmas cupcakes. Red velvet, salted caramel, mince pie, and Christmas pudding bring luxurious flavours, while the bespoke handmade decorations on top bring the festive feel without appearing too overstated.

Christmas Cake Balls

If you like both cake and chocolates, The Cake Nest can fulfil your dreams with truffle-like cake balls. It’s £15 for a box of 12 or £20 for a box of 18. You can choose from festive Christmas Pudding cake balls, cake balls that look like Brussels sprouts, or alcohol-free Gin & Tonic flavour cake ball treats.

Low-Fat Christmas Cakes

Though the best part of Christmas is the food, not everyone will be looking to stuff themselves over the holidays. If you prefer a low-fat diet but still want some Christmas treats, check out the Skinny Bakery. A pack of 6 Mince Pearls sponge cakes costs £2.99, or a box of 22 Christmas cake pops is £30.

Vegan Christmas Cupcakes

Veganism has been on the rise as awareness of environmental impact and animal cruelty increases. Vegans don’t have to miss out at Christmas if you order specially made vegan Christmas cupcakes. Lola’s Cupcakes offers a box of 6 tasty and tastefully decorated vegan chocolate cupcakes for £19.20.

Gluten-Free Christmas Cupcakes

Gluten-free options are expanding too, and you can cater to anyone with a gluten-free diet at your festive gathering by ordering gluten-free Christmas cupcakes. Rachael’s Kitchen sells lemon and vanilla snowflake cupcakes or chocolate and vanilla star cupcakes (£22 for a box of 6, £34 for a box of 12).

Iced Christmas Biscuits

If you’re a fan of iced biscuits in festive shapes and flavours, you might want to splash out on a beautiful tin of iced Christmas biscuits from the Biscuiteers. They offer collections of gorgeously decorated biscuits in vanilla, chocolate, and all-spice, from The Nutcracker to the Nativity.

Christmas Cookies

Family-friendly Christmas cookies are always a hit, no matter the average age of the group. Everyone can enjoy a collection of cookies in a classy tin for £25 – £36 from the Custom Cookie Company. You can get letter cookies spelling out a Christmas message or cute Christmas animals and emblems.

Personalised Christmas Biscuits

If you’re looking for something a little more elegant and willing to spend a bit more to achieve that atmosphere, check out Honeywell Bakes. From arty wreath-laden doors to Christmas jumpers and jars of biscuits, you can even get personalised Christmas cracker biscuits with names written on in icing.

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