Greggs Helpline Numbers

Greggs Contact Number
Greggs Helpline 0844 826 8004
Customer Services 0844 826 8004
Head Office 0844 826 8004

Greggs Helpline Opening Hours

Department Opening Hours
Head office Monday to Friday 8am – 7pm

Greggs Postal Address

Department Address
Head office Greggs plc
Greggs House
Quorum Business Park
Newcastle upon Tyne
NE12 8BU

Why would I contact Greggs?

You may need to call the Greggs helpline for any one of a number of reasons, pleasant, neutral, and unpleasant alike. For example, you may simply want to call the helpline to ask about your nearest Greggs, check the opening times, or make enquiries about the Greggs menu, including questions about special dietary requirements and cooking methods.

However, should you have a less-than-excellent experience in Greggs, you should absolutely call the Greggs helpline and let them know – not only can they normally act to compensate you, but they can also help prevent the problem from reoccurring.

Your reasons for calling the Greggs helpline number may include, but certainly won’t be limited to:

  • Registering a complaint about service in-store
  • Registering a complaint about a product received
  • Finding information on your nearest Greggs
  • Looking for more information on the ingredients used at Greggs
  • Asking for information on whether Greggs stock a certain item
  • Enquiring about seasonal promotions
  • Notifying the Greggs head office of poor conditions in a store
  • Applying to work at Greggs
  • Making enquiries about Greggs signature baking techniques

About Greggs

The quintessential tale of British working-class ambition leading to great success, Greggs began almost 80 years ago, with local baker and everyman John Gregg, who had a bicycle and an idea.

Using his bike, John Gregg delivered his baked goods to families around him, until he could afford a central bakery, opened as the first ever Greggs store in Newcastle. From there, the formula took off, a winning combination of value for money, northern charm and sausage meat that saw Greggs stores popping up all over the UK. Now, they rule the baked goods scene, and they have evolved with the times.

Gone are the days of rustic bakeries equipped only with a rolling pin and a lot of heart; now Greggs outlets all come with free customer wifi, full nutritional information on every item, and fully natural ingredients.

Greggs famous sausage rolls are only the tip of the iceberg, too. With an extensive menu that features pies, sausage rolls and traditional pasties among delicious bakes and individual slices of pizza, Greggs also has something for the sweet-toothed baking fans, with cakes, iced donuts and buns, pastries and continental goodies. With almost 2000 storefronts in the UK alone, and 20,000 staff members employed, Greggs is a force to be reckoned with in the UK, and a far cry from one big-hearted northerner delivering baked goods from the back of his bicycle!

Careers at Greggs

Greggs is one of the UK’s employers with the greatest rankings for employee happiness, with every member of their 20,000 strong work force getting a solid amount of holiday, and in-store discounts that show off the company’s willingness to look after its own.

To apply to work with the Greggs family, you need to visit the official Greggs website (this is not it) and look through what’s written there, before selecting to apply online. With testimonials from the Greggs family, and current employees, this page is a great way to get a feel for working in the bakery.

You can also apply for a range of positions besides front-of-house – management, backstage baking the goods, and more are all available. However, what’s important to note is that when there is an available position in Greggs, due to its highly valued employee benefits, the position may be inundated with applications, and close quickly – so be quick!

If you’re having trouble or you need more specific information, you can call the Greggs helpline number found on this page.

Greggs seasonal offers

The Greggs menu is available online, letting you see it whenever you like online. This lets you check it before going into store, find something you like, weight the nutritional information, if necessary, or just look at it when you’re feeling lonely, to remind yourself that there’s some good in the world.

The Greggs menu changes with the seasons, too, following the festivities like a Native American tribe migrating with the great buffalo heads that sustain them. At Christmas time, classics like turkey and stuffing make a surge to the fore, while cold treats dominate the blistering summer.

With classics like the sausage roll and the sausage, bean and cheese bake, that never go out of style, Greggs is a powerhouse of flavour, with meal deal offers encompassing coffees and treats and turning your last few quid into a spectacular lunch, and a helpline that is available every day of the week to help you with whatever you need. If you want to know more about Greggs seasonal offers, call the helpline or visit the Greggs website (this is not it).

Frequently Asked Questions about Greggs:

Do Greggs prepare bakes to order?

Tragically, Greggs do not prepare cakes to order, so you can’t have a custom-made Greggs cake for your birthday. However, every Greggs features a mighty range of sweet goodies, ready-made and rearing to go, with donuts, biscuits, sweet treats, cookies, muffins, cupcakes, buttons, and more available at the counter. They even stock classic yum yums! Who needs custom cakes when you could have a Greggs yum yum, eh? Call the helpline if you need help concerning the variety of sweet goodies at your local Greggs.

Does Greggs Breakfast stop at a specific time?

Greggs breakfasts are great, no-one is disputing that. I think we can all agree, Greggs do incredible breakfasts. From porridges (both hearty original and deliciously flavoured) to breakfast baguettes or sausage sarnies, continental goodies, pastries and donuts, there’s nothing there that won’t delight in the morning.

There are even veggie options, with egg-based baguettes and sarnies shining for those who don’t want a meaty breakfast. Sadly, however, we have to report that Greggs breakfast does stop at a specific time. After 11am, it is no longer available, and as the UK exists entirely within the same time zone, you can’t even race across to the next time zone to get a Greggs breakfast there.

Where is the nutritional and allergen information at Greggs?

As we mentioned in the passage above marked “seasonal Greggs nutritional goodness”, you can see the complete menu for Greggs on their official website (this isn’t it). There, all the nutritional information, dietary requirement information and allergen information is proudly displayed.

It’s not just online though – there’s full information available in-store too. If you have an allergy or a dietary requirement, or you’re following a fad diet, tell your server, and they’ll be happy to help you out.

There are also local pamphlets available concerning your specific store, in which you can find any information you need, but be warned that due to the efficient Greggs baking and transportation methods, it can’t be guaranteed that nothing has cross-contaminated your pastry or roll. If you are worried, don’t wait – call the Greggs helpline, or alternatively don’t eat the thing you might be allergic to.

Are Greggs Halal?

Greggs do use meat in their products which complies with Halal law. Unfortunately for strict Muslims eating at Greggs, they cannot in good conscience call themselves Halal providers because they do not take the necessary measures to keep their meat separate, either in storage or in their bakeries, thus rendering previously Halal meat potentially Haram.