Gala Bingo

0843 320 9674

Get in touch with one of the UK’s most popular bingo operators. Contact Gala Bingo on 0843 320 9674 today and have your questions answered so you can start playing!

About Gala Bingo

Throughout a long history of various mergers and acquisitions, Gala Bingo has become a household name since it was formed 20 years ago. With 143 clubs and a website for online gaming, Gala Bingo has 5 million players and pays out over £42 million a week in total prizes.

As the nation’s self-branded “Happymakers” the company aims to provide entertainment and a sense of community. Gala Bingo, both online and in its clubs, is “where Happy Happens” after all.

Gala Bingo Contact Numbers

For some of the reasons you might need to contact Gala Bingo, find the right number to call listed below.

Phone Number
Opening Times
Customer Services
0843 320 9674
(Mon-Sun) 8:00am – 6:30pm
0843 320 9675
(Mon-Sun) 8:00am – 6:30pm
Account Management
0843 320 9578
(Mon-Sun) 8:00am – 6:30pm
0843 178 3479
(Mon-Sun) 8:00am – 6:30pm
Bingo & Gaming Help
0843 178 3490
(Mon-Sun) 8:00am – 6:30pm
Technical Support
0843 178 3491
(Mon-Sun) 8:00am – 6:30pm

Customer Services – 0843 320 9674

For general questions, contact Gala Bingo’s customer services team on 0843 320 9674. Maybe you want to know where your nearest Gala Bingo club is, which games are available there and which ones cost the least to play! All enquiries are welcome, as customer services will be happy to provide the information you’re looking for or transfer you to the department that can.

Registration – 0843 320 9675

To find out how to register for an online account with Gala Bingo, call 0843 320 9675. The verification process might be a bit confusing for some people, so Gala Bingo can help you out by telling you exactly what you need to do and why. To play with Gala Bingo online you will need to provide photos of a proof of ID document, such as a passport or UK driving licence.

Account Management – 0843 320 9578

To make amendments to your online Gala Bingo account, you will have to call 0843 320 9578. If you have moved to another country or changed your name, you need to inform Gala Bingo. You might be asked to provide documentation proving these new details before your account can be updated. You should do this as soon as possible to avoid not being able to play on Gala Bingo.

Banking – 0843 178 3479

To change your payment method or find out how deposits and withdrawals work, call 0843 178 3479.  Ask about your preferred payment method out of Paysafe, Neteller, Krill, EcoCards and debit or credit cards. There are a few rules to Gala Bingo gaming that affect how much money you can withdraw from your online wallet and when, so contact Gala Bingo to wise up before you get stuck in!

Bingo & Gaming Help – 0843 178 3490

There are plenty of game options for you to choose from with Gala Bingo. To get more detailed information on the various games and where to find them, call 0843 178 3490.  Find the best game to match your interests so Gala Bingo can deliver the thrills and entertainment they pride themselves on. Find out about wager requirements beforehand so you don’t get stuck.

Technical Support – 0843 178 3491

Experiencing a problem with Gala Bingo’s website? Call 0843 178 3491 to report any issues with the site or a particular online game. The Gala Bingo team requests that you provide the name of the game, your gameplay ID, a specific description of the problem and the time it happened. With this information, they can get to work on fixing it faster so you can enjoy the game properly.

Other Ways to Contact Gala Bingo

To contact Gala Bingo customer services on social media, try tweeting @GalaBingo. If you’d rather contact Gala Bingo via e-mail, you can send it to the e-mail address

Alternatively, you can write a letter to Gala Bingo’s Customer Services  and post it to the following address:

Gala Bingo Customer Services
Customer Services – Gala Bingo
New Castle House
Castle Boulevard