farmfoods helpline
farmfoods helpline

Other Farmfoods Contact Numbers

Department Contact Number
Customer Services 0843 208 2308
Head Office 0844 826 1901
Dietary Assistance 0843 208 2308
Employee Helpline 0844 826 1901
Complaints 0843 208 2308

Farmfoods Helpline Opening Hours

Days Opening Hours
Monday- Friday 8.30am-5.30pm
Saturday 8.30am-5.30pm
Sunday Closed

Farmfoods Head Office Address

Department Address
Head Office (UK) 7 Greens Road, Blairlinn, Cumbernauld, G67 2TU

What are Farmfoods like to work for?
How to get Farmfoods vouchers?
Are Farmfoods stores open on Bank Holidays?

Why would I call the Farmfoods helpline?

  • To find your local Farmfoods store and information such as opening times.
  • For more information about the benefits of frozen food.
  • For information about dietary requirements, allergies or ingredients in a Farmfoods product.
  • To make a complaint about a Farmfoods product, service, store or employee.
  • For information about working at Farmfoods.

Farmfoods Products

Farmfoods is a UK supermarket focusing on the sale of frozen food. They believe that frozen food is the best, most convenient and freshest method of storing and cooking food. Alongside frozen products, Farmfoods stores sell groceries, bread, milk, fresh fruit and vegetables, chilled food and household items. As well as a range of own-brand products, you will find popular brands that you know and trust. Farmfoods believes that frozen food is the best option for family meals, and the own-brand chicken, turkey, beef, lamb, fish, pork and vegetables are all as fresh as they were the day that they were originally frozen. Using frozen food also helps to create almost zero food waste as you simply put back what you don’t use into the freezer and it stays fresh.

A Farmfoods frozen chicken breast fillet keeps fresh in your freezer for months and takes just 45 minutes to cook from frozen. A Sea cod fillet is also kept fresh and cooks from frozen in just ten minutes. You could use fresh frozen prawns together with a frozen stir fry vegetable mix and some rice for a quick 15-minute meal.

Farmfoods Offers

Here are some of the current offers available from Farmfoods according to the deal website Hot UK Deals:

  • Cadbury chocolate and hazelnut cake – 99p
  • M&Ms limited edition – 2 for 1 at £1
  • 6 pack of Princes tuna chunks – £3.49
  • McCoys chip shop salt & vinegar crisps – 29p each or four for £1
  • 2×18 pack of Coca-Cola – £9
  • Doritos 200g sharing bags – £1
  • Magnum classic four-pack – 99p
  • Ben & Jerrys ice cream – £1.49

Farmfoods Prices

Farmfoods prices for products varies, but it is generally very affordable as you can see from the above offers. In terms of competitors, it is probably most comparable to Iceland, a fellow frozen food retailer.

Farmfoods Stores

Farmfoods stores have been designed to be fully efficient and functional. The design makes them quick and easy to shop at so that you can easily find everything that you need. You will generally find Farmfoods stores on out-of-town retail parks but they may also be found on high streets in town centres. You can use the Farmfoods store finder tool to find your nearest store – just simply input your postcode and you will be given a list of your closest stores. Click on a store of your choice and you will be shown the full address, directions, parking information and the store opening times, as well as an image of the store on a map.

Farmfoods Vouchers

You can find a range of vouchers for Farmfoods online. However, you should always check the terms and conditions of the voucher, as well as the expiry date to ensure you don’t run into difficulty when trying to redeem your voucher. Here is an example of some of the current Farmfoods vouchers online:

  • Spend £25 get £2.50, spend £50 to get £5 off – redeem by picking up a Farmfoods leaflet or by printing off an online coupon.

Some customers say that Farmfoods are printing off fewer leaflets and leaving it up to customers to print off their coupons online, which you can do from the official Farmfoods website here.

Farmfoods Jobs

Farmfoods store
Farmfoods store

Farmfoods is always looking for enthusiastic and hard working people to join their team. You can start as a retail assistant and work your way up to management level. You can work full or part time to suit your lifestyle. Once you join, there are plenty of opportunities to advance in your career because Farmfoods only recruits for branch managers and senior positions from within the company. Most Farmfoods employees tend to stay with the company for over three years. There are opportunities at Farmfoods for school leavers, students, graduates, parents and former members of the Armed Forces – each opportunity tailored to give you the support that you need to move forward in your new role.

Questions people are asking about Farmfoods

What are Farmfoods like to work for?

On the review website Indeed, Farmfoods has a rating of 2.7 out of 10. Comments from previous employees include “a challenging but fun workplace”, “hard work with little return”, “long shifts of 13-15 hours”, “more training was needed ahead of a new store opening”, “unsociable hours with no overtime pay after hours”, “understaffed and overworked”, “a rewarding and fun place to work”.

How to get Farmfoods vouchers?

You can get Farmfoods vouchers by picking up a leaflet in store or if one has been delivered to your home. You can also print off vouchers as a PDF directly from the Farmfoods website.

Are Farmfoods open on Bank Holidays?

Some Farmfoods stores are open on Bank Holidays, whereas others are not. You can use the store finder online tool to check or call your local store for information.

About Farmfoods

Farmfoods was first founded in 1955 in Aberdeen, Scotland. It was originally a meat manufacturing business which experimented in freezing products to distribute to catering outlets. They set up a freezer centre in 1970 and by 1975, they decided to focus on wholesale frozen food retail. A further ten freezer centres opened in Scotland and by 1988, there were 31 stores. The company entered the English market in the 1990s due to acquiring Wallis Frozen Foods.

There are now over 300 Farmfoods stores in the UK and the product range has extended beyond frozen food.

For more about Farmfoods products and services, call the Farmfoods helpline number.