0844 453 0129

Emirates is the flagship airline for Dubai, one of the largest and most popular airlines in the world and the largest airline in the Middle East. If you need to contact the Emirates head office helpline call 0844 453 0129.

Emirates Contact Helplines:

Department Contact Number Opening Hours
 Head Office 0844 453 0129 Monday-Sunday
Customer Services 0844 248 1793 Monday-Sunday
Bookings 0844 248 1795 Monday-Sunday
Account 0844 248 1796 Monday-Sunday
Flights 0844 248 1797 Monday-Sunday
 Luggage  0844 248 1798 Monday-Sunday

Emirates – 0844 453 0129

Emirates emerged as an entity in March 1985, as the private project of several members of the Dubai royal family. As it was privately financed with enormous amounts of royal investment, it was disqualified from Government subsidy and had to stand on its own, which it could, thanks to its backers and its commitment to excellent service. In 2010, Emirates tightened its partnership with Qantas by another notch, arranging a 10-year agreement by which the airlines would integrate fares, loyalty benefits and flight hubs, making Qantas a closer partner with Emirates every day. For more information, you can always call the Emirates head office helpline on 0844 453 0129, anytime between 8.30am and 11pm, any day of the week.

Customer Services – 0844 248 1793

As the most popular airline in the Middle East and one of the largest and furthest-reaching airlines in the world, the reasons why you might need to phone the Emirates helpline number are many and varied. You may need to call if you are enquiring about a specific flight you have booked with Emirates, or are considering booking, if you would like to ask questions about Emirates Airlines itself, if you would like to register an official complaint about Emirates or a member of Emirates staff, if you would like to make an official complaint about Emirates customer service, either now or in the past, if you are worried about flight delays or if you need more information on check-in baggage and arrival times. The Emirates helpline contact number is 0844 248 1793.

Bookings – 0844 248 1795

Thanks to the revolution of online booking and rapid customer service, making a booking with Emirates couldn’t be easier – you just need to visit their official website or phone them on their Emirates helpline number, 0844 453 0129, any time between 8.30am and 11pm, any day of the week. Once you’re in contact with the Emirates helpline team, you’ll be able to arrange your flights at a price that suits you and a date and time that makes that possible! Even if you don’t know where you’d like to go – you just know that it’s time for a change of scenery – the Emirates website has a fantastic “inspire me” option, allowing you to browse the best deals and last-minute flights around the world!

Your Account – 0844 248 1796

Anyone who wants to make one can have an account with Emirates, which allows you access to large amounts of up-to-date information on your flights and bookings, enables checking in online, and lets you book related items like partnered car rental or recommended accommodation. If you want to log in to your account for whatever reason, you will just need your booking reference provided when you made your booking and a password that you set yourself when making the account. If you can’t find either of those, don’t hesitate to phone the Emirates account helpline on 0844 248 1796, anytime between 8.30am and 11pm, any day of the week. The staff there will be able to help you access your account and recover the password and booking reference.

Flights – 0844 248 1797

Emirates is one of the world’s furthest-reaching airlines and flies to over 150 locations across Europe, America, and of course the Middle East and Asia. By far the most sought-after Emirates flight location is Dubai, which is the heartland of the airline and has recently seen enormous innovation and overhaul to make it a more attractive tourist destination, resulting in one of the most famous tourist cities in the world. The Emirates fleet is constantly expanding, and consists of seven different species of airliner. Each type comes equipped with a full range of features, including the world-famous Emirates First-Class Experience, which can now be previewed before you make your booking using the official Emirates website. Emirates also operates a range of private customer lounges within many of the world’s airports, where customers can relax prior to boarding. If you are wondering whether your airport has an Emirates lounge, you can check online or call the Emirates number helpline on 0844 248 1797, anytime between 8.30am and 11pm, any day of the week. Checking in with Emirates can be done while physically at the terminal, if you are an old-fashioned kind of person and would rather wait in a queue – but there’s a faster option that can save you airport waits and make your experience quicker, easier and more enjoyable – checking in on the internet using the official Emirates website.

Luggage – 0844 248 1797

The official Emirates hand-baggage policy differs between flight classes – customers flying in first-class or business class can carry on two piece of luggage, which must not be larger than 18 x 14 x 8 inches, and which must weigh less than 7kg, or 15lb. Those customers flying economy class may only carry on one item of hand luggage, which must not exceed 22 x 15 x 8 inches (55 x 38 x 20cm), and which must not be heavier than 7kg, or 15lb. If you are having trouble with the Emirates carry-on requirements or a different problem with your luggage you can call the Emirates number helpline on 0844 248 1797.


Emirates Head Office Address

Department Address
Head Office Emirates Group HQ
PO Box 686