0844 375 3143

DWP Helpline

The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) is the UK’s biggest department ran by the Government.

Other DWP Helplines:

Department for Work and Pensions Phone Number
DWP Head Office Helpline  0844 375 3143
Complaint number for DWP  0844 375 3143
Customer Services Helpline for DWP  0844 375 3143

DWP Head Office Address

Department Address
Head Office Caxton House,
Tothill Street,
The United Kingdom.

Opening Hours for the DWP Helpline

Department Opening Hours
DWP Helpline Number 8:30am-11:30pm, 7 days a week

How do I claim a state pension?
How can I appeal against a decision made by the DWP?
Who funds the DWP?
What is ESA?
Where is the DWP Head Office?

When you should ring the DWP Helpline

      • To make a complaint about a member of staff, or about your previous experience with the DWP
      • If you have received the wrong amount of money from the DWP and need to register this with a member of staff
      • To find out more about their services
      • If you wish to make changes to your current pension
      • To find out where your local Job Centre is

DWP Jobs

If you would like to work for the Department for Work and Pensions, you can search and apply for the vacancies here. With this, you can also search for vacancies with other government bodies – as well as search for vacancies in your immediate area. Alternately, ring the DWP number and be redirected to a member of staff, who can let you know about vacancies directly.

DWP Benefits

DWP helplineYou can find out everything about benefits on the DWP website. Including information on disability benefits, benefits for families, child benefit and more. To apply for a benefit available from the DWP, you can also do this on the government website. On this site, you can find guides on eligibility, what information you need to apply with, and all the forms you need to print off and fill out in order to apply for your chosen benefit. You can also ring the number above for more details regarding certain benefits provided by the DWP.

DWP Carers Allowance

If you care for someone at least 36 hours a week, you could receive over £60 a week from the government. You don’t have to be related to the person, and you can apply online or over the phone with the DWP. You can choose to be paid either weekly, every 4 weeks, or every 13 weeks, depending on your personal preferences. Visit the government website to see if you are eligible for Carers Allowance.

DWP Change of Address

If you receive any form of benefit from the government, and you change your address, you must tell inform them of your address change. Failing to do so many see you stripped of your benefits, or being unable to receive them. For more information on how to inform HMRC of your address change, ring the number above and a member of staff from the DWP will be able to help you further.

DWP Budgeting Loan Form

If you are applying for a Budgeting Loan, you must print off and complete a Budgeting Loan Form. This must be completed in pen and sent to the address on the form. When filling out the Budgeting Loan Form, please leave plenty of time, and be sure to fill it out in plenty of time. Any wrong information on the form may lead to your application being rejected, and you will need to apply for a budgeting loan again. The type of information you will need for the form include your address, mobile phone number, information on other benefits you may receive, and information on your partner if you have one.


Below are the most asked questions regarding the DWP

How do I claim a state pension?

When you reach pension age, you will not automatically receive the state pension from the government. 4 months before you reach state pension age, you will receive a letter telling you how to claim the State Pension. There are 4 ways to claim the state pension; online, over the phone using the number above, or downloading your pension form and sending it to your local pensions office. If you are claiming from abroad, you can still claim for a state pension through the Channel Islands. For more information on this process, ring the number above.

How can I appeal against a decision made by the DWP?

You can appeal against a decision made by the DWP at an independent tribunal. However, before you do so, you must ask the DWP to reconsider their decision. Once they have done so, and have come to the same conclusion, only then can you appeal. You must appeal within one month of their reconsideration, and have a representative who can speak on your behalf. For more information on this, ring the number above.

Who funds the DWP?

The DWP is funded by the European Social Fund. Once England leaves the European Union, it is unsure if the funding will be provided solely by the UK government.

What is ESA?

Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) is the benefit which has replaced the incapacity benefit in the UK. To receive ESA you must first pass the work capability assessment.

Where is the DWP Head Office?

The DWP head office address can be found below:

Caxton House,
Tothill Street,
The United Kingdom.

More about the DWP

In the UK, the DWP is the largest government body. It is responsible for benefits, welfare, and pensions throughout the UK. Created in 2001, the DWP is also responsible for all Job Centres and is currently headed by Damien Green. The department receives around £150 billion each year to put towards its services.

Below is a recent video, which was uploaded to YouTube by the DWP. For videos such as this, visit their channel by clicking through below. If you would like more information on the DWP in general, or about specific services, ring the number above and we will connect you through to a member of staff who can help you with your query.