Department Phone Number
DFS Helpline 0843 5573 734

DFS Helpline Operational

Day Opening Hours
Mon-fri 9am – 8pm
Saturday 9am – 6pm
Sunday 11am – 4pm

DFS Head Office Post

Head Office Address
DFS DFS Head Office
1 Rockingham Way
Redhouse Interchange

Why would I need to call the DFS head office contact number?

You may need to call the DFS helpline for a number of reasons, not just related to complaints or furniture troubles – the helpline is just that, a helpline: designed to help you with anything you need. Whether it’s information or help with a product or service, the DFS helpline is there for you.

  • You would like to find the location of your nearest DFS
  • You need to know whether a certain product is in stock
  • You need to know if the DFS sale is still on (it is)
  • You would like to register an official complaint about a DFS product
  • You would like to register an official complaint about a DFS service
  • You need to know when a product you ordered will be out for delivery
  • You would like to know if local DFS stores are hiring
  • You would like to apply to work at DFS
  • You need any help with literally anything DFS related

About DFS

dfs-helplineThe pivotal moment at the spark of the 1970s was, of course, the fall of the 60s – but from that fall came DFS. In the immortal words of Hunter S. Thompson, writing nostalgically from the mid-1970’s, a few years after the founding of DFS;

“Our energy would simply prevail. There was no point in fighting—on our side or theirs. We had all the momentum; we were riding the crest of a high and beautiful wave.…

So now, less than five years later, you can go up on a steep hill in Las Vegas and look West, and with the right kind of eyes you can almost see the high-water mark—that place where the wave finally broke and rolled back.”

Originally known as Direct Furnishing Supplies, DFS has maintained its focus on quality handmade furnishings, and has not been tempted by flash-in-the-pan industries over its almost 50-year history. DFS was once, and has remained, a stalwart of the UK furnishing scene, with foreign powers like IKEA vying for its throne, but unable to shift the British classic.

With excellent customer payment plans, high-quality products, and, perhaps most importantly, the impossibly-frequent DFS sale, you can enjoy the furniture of your dreams without breaking the bank. With top quality available all year round, DFS is your one-stop-shop for durable, long lasting and stylish furniture.

What does DFS sell, anyway?

DFS doesn’t just sell sofas – although you’d be forgiven for thinking that! No, they also regularly sell sofa beds and recliners, which are technically not sofas!

Every one of these dazzling sofas (and non-sofas, if you’re still hardlining recliner exceptionalism) are handmade to order for you, and built to last – they all come with a 15 year guarantee, an impressive display of confidence from DFS in their products!

That guarantee covers the sofa frame and the support springs, while the fabric of the sofa and its requisite stitching are guaranteed by two years. This guarantee is no empty boast – DFS have, in the past, been awarded British Standard awards for the quality of their products.

Looking deeper into the DFS inventory, we can see that the earlier statement implying that DFS only sold sofas was incorrect – in fact, they sell a range of high-quality furnite that just doesn’t get talked about as often. These hidden gems include dining furniture, cabinets and storage, beds, mattresses, pillows, and a range of sofa accessories like throw pillows and carpets, completing your cosy sofa retreat.

In addition to DFS products, a range of elite products is available in-store and online from other specialist brands, like the Capsule Collection and Country Living. If you’re looking for such excellence for your living room, lounge, kitchen, dining room, bedroom, sofa room, loft, den or hidey hole, you can check the website, look in store, or phone the DFS helpline and ask for their help – it’s what they’re there for.

Paying for your DFS Sofa

When you buy a sofa from DFS, they don’t just demand the payment in full right then and there – a sofa is an investment, and for many, it is an expensive one, so you can arrange to pay off that investment in a range of ways. If it helps, think of it as the same principle as a car: a pricey item that would be difficult to pay off all at once, with a range of payment options to help you get one anyway, because you need one. The analogy holds all the way up to admitting that sofa’s don’t need fuel and don’t go anywhere.

DFS’ payment plans include a famous 4 years interest-free credit on anything you buy there, although you’ll probably buy a sofa. You may choose to pay a deposit, but this is optional – it reduces your eventual repayments, but choosing to pay after a delay may cancel out the benefits anyway.

Repayments can be made beginnign at any point in the 4 years after your purchase, and will be stretched out over a 48-month period from the first payment. If you’d rather not do that, you can pay the full amount in cash or using a credit card in-store when you buy the sofa, and may have to do that if you’re under 18, not a resident of the UK or not on a regular income.

Those prerequisites disqualify an individual from buying a sofa on interest-free credit, but certainly not from buying in cash or on credit. If you’re concerned about whether you qualify for interest-free credit, just give the DFS Helpline a call.

DFS Delivery

If you buy a DFS sofa, you may find yourself suddenly struck with the realisation that, now, you have to get the sofa to your house.

Visions of destroying your back trying to ram the sofa into your Ford Pinto or Fiat 500 may assail you, or the terrible realisation that balancing the sofa across your bike won’t be an effective way to get it home.

However, you’ve forgotten one critical point – DFS will deliver the sofa for you! You don’t need to tie it to the roof of your car or nail little wheels on it and drag it behind like a trailer; the experts at DFS will put it in a truck and take it to you! First, the sofa is moved from the warehouse into your DFS Store, where you’ll be contacted on the information you provided to gain delivery details like address and suitable time.

After that, the sofa is whisked to your door, not by sofa elves, but by DFS delivery men. They then whisk it through your door too, and unpack it in the room of your choice, allowing you to sit pretty while the sofa appears exactly where you want it!

If you like, you can even declare in your order that the delivery drivers will need to work around difficult access or tricky home configuration when you buy, making everything easier, and no extra fee will be incurred – everyone’s home is different, and DFS respects that.

Because every DFS sofa is made to order, you’ll need to place that order a few weeks before you need it to be delivered – no ordering a sofa the night before the in-laws arrive so you can pretend you owned furniture all along – but if you desperately need one immediately (like if said inlaws are really judgey) then you can check the clearance page of the DFS website for premade sofas that are ready to go right now,

Similarly, if you want to exchange an old sofa for a shiny new one, let DFS know – they work with the British Heart Foundation to donate old sofas to loving new homes, and could help beat heart disease while they’re at it.

If any stage of the delivery process is giving you trouble, don’t hesitate: pick up the phone and call the DFS helpline immediately.


When does the DFS Sale end?

“DFS Sale” may be one of the most famous word pairings in the world, and it’s common knowledge to anyone who has a TV or looks at the advertisements on billboards, buses, road signs, pamphlets, magazines, computer screens, phones, walls, floors, and everywhere, that the sale never ends.

Different offers run all the time, and in order to tell what’s currently on offer, you need to pay unnaturally good attention to the ads, or call the DFS Helpline found on this page.

Of course, if you consider that there is a DFS sale on literally all the time, it could be argued that, with no break in which to apply “standard” fares, the sale simply represents the “operative normal” prices for DFS products, and if it is the operative normal, it is not a sale. Therefore by constantly having sales, it could be argued that DFS don’t have a sale at all, and just sell cheap sofas, in which case, if you were to follow that line of thought, the DFS sale ended years ago.

Is my chosen sofa available in a different colour?

DFS is proud to offer more than one colour of sofa, like block black, for example, making their showrooms just masses of indistinguishable black furniture which is bigger than it looks and hard to see in low light, with no detailing visible. No, far from it! DFS stocks more than one colour, and can also provide, white, blue, red, grey, orange, greenish, and everything in between!

In fact, even if the only sofas in the showroom are in colours you don’t want (like block black, for example), you can choose a preferred colour at no additional cost! If you’re shopping online, then it’s as simple as clicking through the alternate colour ranges shown, either on the page you’re currently on, or in the same ballpark as your chosen sofa, under different names, like “Coucheroony (brick red)” and “Coucheroony (elephant’s foot)”.

Within the DFS website (which this site is NOT) you will also be able to browse a colour guide which helps you match your new sofa to your home, whether you’re going for contrast, accenting colours, or serpent-like camouflage.

If you need more information, whether that be on the available colours or what a sofa actually is, you can call the DFS helpline found on this page, any day of the week.

Can I track my DFS order?

You can! There’s no reason why should be in the dark when it comes to tracking your order. When I order a sofa, I expect to be able to see it all the way from the warehouse to my house, lit up like the Fourth of Ju-ly with clear signs of when it will arrive, and how it will arrive, and whether I need to be in or if they’ll put it through the letterbox.

What I don’t want, is to be blind as a bat, fumbling around in the dark, unable to tell when my sofa will arrive or where it is right now. What if I need to prove to my friends that the sofa is on the way? What if I just need to know for my own mental wellbeing? Not knowing is worse than knowing, no matter how terrible the truth.

In order to successfully keep track of your order, you’ll need more than just your eyes, however – unless you’re going to start at the warehouse and physically follow your sofa as it leaves, gets put on a truck and taken to your home, tracking it with your eyes will be difficult to impossible. Instead, you’ll need to rely on tracking technology, available online. First, go to the official DFS website (THIS IS NOT IT) and se your order number and email address to locate your order.

If you have trouble with that, call the head office contact line and let them know – it can be found on this page and will help you find your elusive order before it’s too late.