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What is Costa Coffee?

Costa Coffee is a UK based multinational coffeee shop and is the largest coffeehouse chain in the United Kingdom. It is also the world’s second largest, behind American owned rival, Starbucks. Coast coffee was first established in London in 1971 by the Costa family. It began in wholesale supplying roasted coffee to other businesses, but was acquired by Whitbread in 1995 and now has over 3,270 stores and operates in 31 countries worldwide. There are over 2000 Costa Coffee stores in the UK alone and then over 6000 express vending machine facilities which can often be found in Co-op stores or petrol stations. The first Costa to open outside of the Uk was in Dubai in 1999. There are a number of UK stores that Costa coffee can be found inside including Next, Homebase, Tesco, Odeon Cinemas and Marriott Hotels. You can also buy Costa Coffee in retail stores because it has its own roastery.

Some other Useful Costa Coffee Numbers

Costa Coffee Phone Number
Head Office 0843 208 2269
Customer Services 0843 208 2269
Complaints 0843 208 2269

Costa Coffee Head Office Address

Department Address
Head Office Whitbread Court
Houghton Hall Business Park
Porz Avenue

Costa Coffee Helpline Opening Hours

Department Opening Hours
0844 826 0687

Why would I call the Costa Coffee Helpline?

  • I want to make a complaint about customer service I received in Costa
  • I want to locate my nearest Costa Coffee
  • I want to know what menu is running at the moment
  • I would like more allergen information about costa products
  • I want to buy some Costa Coffee but am unsure where I can get it
  • I would like to complain about the food I ate in Costa
  • I work for Costa and need to contact HR
  • I have spotted a mistake on the Costa website

Costa Coffee UK

Costa coffee is extremely popular not just in the UK but all over the world, whether you are treating yourself to lunch or grabbing a quick takeaway coffee, Costa definitely has it all. Their menu changes depending on the time of year (summertime, Christmas etc) and always includes a selection of cakes and other sweet treats as well as sandwiches, wraps and hot paninis. You can check out the current Costa menu online if you would like to find out what is on offer ahead of your visit and you can also call the Costa Helpline for further allergen information. The Costa Festive range is highly anticipated every year and includes a number of different hot chocolate flavours and coffees with a festive twist. Of course, Costa’s best sellers, the Latte, Cappucino, Americano and English breakfast tea are available on the menu all year round. The most popular items from the festive menu are probably the Gingerbread Latte (complete with gingerbread man biscuit) and the Black Forest Hot Chocolate which make re-appearances most years. All of Costa Coffees are made to order by a barista using a top of the range coffee machine and your panini will be toasted and brought to your table. You also have the option to take food and drink away as well. If you would like to locate your nearest Costa then please call the helpline. For latest updates and deals why not check out Costa Coffee on social media, they are on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook as well as Snapchat. If you would like information on how Costa Coffee is made or where it comes from, you can view ‘the journey from bean to cup’ on the Costa website. Costa has been voted the UK’s favourite coffee shop for a third year in a row. You can also find information on their website about joining the team and beginning a career at Costa.

costa coffee clubCosta Coffee Club

If you are a regular customer at Costa, then you can become part of the coffee club and use your card when you are shopping at Costa. For every £1 you have spent at Costa you will be rewarded with 5 points onto your card. Once you start to collect points you will be rewarded with treats and prizes. Each point is worth a penny and you can spend them whenever you like. It is completely free to register and so definitely worth it. To sign up, head to the Costa Coffee website and enter your details. The easiest way to view and store your points is via the Costa Coffee Club app as you can just swipe your phone at the checkout, but if you would prefer, you can pick up a card in store and follow the instructions on how to register it. If you are having issues registering your card then please call the helpline.

Costa Coffee Prices

There is not a list of prices on the Costa website as the prices vary depending on the style and size of the drink you are ordering. If you head to any Costa Coffee shop you will see on the board, the prices of all of the drinks (please note additional charges do apply for extras such as an extra shot of coffee or some syrup) but if you feel you have been overcharged, please call the helpline.

Costa Coffee Gift Card

Costa e-gifts are a fast but effective way of making someone’s day! Simply send them an email with an egift inside and they can use the amount to purchase a coffee or a bit to eat. Simple! If you want to send something with a bit more money on perhaps as a present you can pick up a Costa gift card in any Costa store, and all the recipient has to do is scan it in store and enjoy their treats.


Are Costa Cofee Ethical?

Costa Coffee not only explains how their coffee is made and where it comes from on their website, they also give details of their environmental responsibility. They make their takeout cups from sustainable wood which means that they are easily recyclable but admits that they are trying to improve their recycling goals. Their coffee machines also turn off automatically when they are not needed or not in use which means they are saving energy during empty periods. They also ensure the welfare and protection of the cows that they use to produce the milk that they use in 95% of their drink production.

How do Costa points work?

For every £1 spent you will acquire 5 Costa points on your card. Each card is worth a penny and they can be spent whenever you have built up enough to buy something.