Whitbread Sells Costa Coffee Chain to Coca-Cola for £3.9 Billion

Whitbread Sells Costa Coffee Chain to Coca Cola for £39 Billion

Coca-Cola is a giant in the soft drinks industry, and now they’re stepping up by extending their reach into the coffee industry. Previously, the brand has been dabbling with coffee flavour, trialling Coke Plus Coffee in several countries around the world. Now it appears that Coca-Cola is acquiring the Costa Coffee chain in a multi-billion pound deal with Whitbread. Costa is arguably the British equivalent of Starbucks, having at least one of their instantly recognizable coffee shops on what seems like every high street.

Why is Whitbread selling Costa Coffee?

The Whitbread group originally bought the chain from the Costa brothers in 1995. There were only 39 shops then, in comparison to around 4,000 stores and franchises today. Like many retailers in the current economic climate, Costa Coffee had been struggling lately. Plans were in the works to demerge Costa Coffee from the Whitbread group into its own separate company. This would allow them to focus on growing their Premier Inn hotel chain as well as the London food chain Pure. Now, selling the brand to Coca-Cola means that the company can use the money to pay debts and appease shareholders. Whitbread’s shares jumped by almost 19% following the news of the sale to Coca-Cola, whose own shares increased by 1%. Coca-Cola is paying almost a billion more than analysts were anticipating, which is excellent for Costa.

Is Costa Coffee closing down?

Some branches of Costa have been shutting in some towns, but this is due to local circumstances. While Costa Coffee did suffer a drop in high street sales this year, they were still working on ways to continue expansion. Compared to the number of high street names going into administration or completely closing down, Costa is in nowhere near as bad a position. This sale could be saving the chain from facing difficulties like those a few more years down the road. At the moment, the only change to Costa shops is the introduction of their new autumn menu. It includes a range of seasonal “Bonfire” drinks with toffee and spice flavours. They are also adding ten new snacks, which include vegetarian goat’s cheese focaccia and vegan Thai curry pots. There is also a pecan cookie for vegans, but the “Bonfire” range contains honey.

What will Coca-Cola do with Costa Coffee?

The deal will not actually complete until the first half of 2019, so there will not be any major announcements about the future of Costa Coffee just yet. When we do hear about them and eventually see their plans implemented, Costa could be as ubiquitous as Coke. Hot beverages, and especially coffee, represent a trendy and growing market which Coca-Cola wants to get in on. Coca-Cola has the reach and power to grow Costa Coffee into a truly global brand like Coke itself. Think vending machines and stock in every potential type of retail establishment, not just airports and train stations but hotels, pubs, restaurants, cinemas, even bowling alleys and similar venues. Coca-Cola can help Costa to break into other international markets that it hasn’t been able to crack yet, and give Starbucks a run for its money.


The Best Deals Available From the Boots Clearance Sale

Boots clearance sale has started and you can grab some amazing products at even better prices, with special offers and extra free gifts with some of the products, you should browse through the clearance section and buy the products you love quickly before they sell out! Below I have listed some of the best deals and products available in the sale.

For the kids

Silver Cross Wayfarer/Pioneer Hood & Apron

Wayfarer pram
Credit: Boots Online

This Wayfarer was originally £75, you can now get it for £25 saving you £50. The Wayfarer is multipositional and you can use it as a newborn carrycot as well as a pushchair when your little one is big enough.

Kidizoom Action Cam 180

kidizoom camera for kids
Credit: Boots Online

If your kids are always on the go this camera is perfect for them to capture every moment of it. This camera retails on Argos for £53 but you can purchase this amazing Kidizoom action cam for just £45.

Philips Avent Comfort Double Electric Breast Pump

Philips breast pump
Credit: Boots Online

This breast pump costs £181 from Philips you can get it in the clearance sale at a 63% drop in price for £84. This breast pump gives you extra comfort and its unique design flows your milk straight into the bottle.


Real Techniques Filtered Face Set

Real techniques makeup brushes set
Credit: Boots Online

This Real Techniques set retails at £55 elsewhere online, with the boots clearance sale you can get this set for just £36. This set would be perfect for a teen just starting in makeup or as a present to an already loyal Real Techniques customer.

Real Techniques Deluxe Illumination

real techniques brush set
Credit: Boots Online

This Real Techniques set retails on Amazon at £69, you can purchase this in the Boots clearance sale for just £45. This set comes with a range of brushes and a sponge as well as some makeup making this a great set to give as a gift.

Clinique Bright All Night Set

clinique bright set
Credit: Boots Online

This set is retailing in Debenhams for £18 you can get this beautiful Clinique set in the Boots clearance sale for £14 and you can get a free gift if you buy 2 selected Clinique products (1 must be skincare) and a bonus gift with a third purchase.

Skin Care

Braun Silk-Epil 5 5-531 Wet & Dry Epilator

Braun epilator hair remover
Credit: Boots Online

This amazing hair removal tool retails for £89 on the Braun website but you can get it for £65 in the Boots clearance sale, this comes with 2 extra epilator heads and a lighter tweezer.

Soap & Glory the Whole Glam Lot Limited Edition

soap and glory gift set
Credit: Boots Online

You can purchase this gift set from Amazon for £90 or you can buy it in the Boots clearance sale for £27. This set is perfect as a gift or for you, who doesn’t love a bit of soap & glory.


Calvin Klein CK 100ml gift set

Calvin Klein fragrance set
Credit: Boots Online

This gift set is retailing in Debenhams at £40 you can buy this Calvin Klein gift set in the Boots clearance sale for £24, a perfect gift for any Calvin Klein fragrance fan.

Yves Saint Laurent Elle 30ml

Yves Saint Laurent elle perfume
Credit: Boots Online

This small bottle of Yves Saint Laurent’s Elle perfume retails at £37 elsewhere, you can grab a bottle in the Boots clearance sale for £30. This would be perfect as a gift or for you.

WHSmith Has Started To Sell Sainsbury’s Meal Deals

WHSmith has paired with Sainsbury’s to start stocking their meal deals. WHSmith has already previously paired with the post office, M&S and Costa Coffee. WHSmith will be stocking the Sainsbury’s meal deals in 13 locations so far, adding more locations as the trail goes on.

9 of the locations WHSmith will be stocking the meal deals in are: London Luton Airport, Wishaw General Hospital, East Midlands Airport, Lister Hospital Stevenage, Kings Cros Railway Station, Monklands District Hospital in North Lanarkshire, Cardiff Central Railway Station and Bristol Temple Meads Station. The other 4 have not yet been confirmed and the list will hopefully expand over time when they add more locations onto the trial.

Unfortunately, the meal deals that are going to be sold in WHSmith are going to cost £3.99, unlike the Sainsbury’s meal deals which when bought instore cost only £3.

The trail seems to have focused on hospitals, airports and rail stations this may be due to WHSmith’s popularity in these areas and the convenience of a meal deal when on the go or visiting somebody in the hospital.

It is unsure why there is a rise in price in the meal deals but hospitals, rail stations and airports are notoriously more expensive for food products so this may be an indicator as to why they have decided to trial this pairing in these locations.

The trial started in some locations last week and they should be starting in other locations soon. The products offered in the food-to-go meal deal range includes sandwiches, salads, crisps, snacks, hot drinks and other ‘light meals’.

The director of business development at Sainsbury’s said that the trial is taking place due to the ‘rapidly changing shopping habits’ and the WHSmith managing director says it will allow for them to cater for the convenience of its customers who are on the go.

More people are using online streaming services than watching TV says Ofcom

Ofcom recently released their first annual Media Nations report, in this report research showed that online streaming services have now officially become more popular than traditional TV as more people are choosing to watch shows and films through the services.

ofcom comments on online services effect broadcast TV
Credit: Ofcom

Ofcom believes this change in how people watch shows is due to younger viewers choosing to watch non-broadcast shows and films on services such as Netflix and Youtube rather than broadcast TV. They found that in 2017 16-34 year-olds watched an average of 2 hours and 37 minutes of non- broadcast content across all different devices including phones and PCs.

Subscription-on-demand services such as Netflix, Now TV and Amazon Prime have in total around 15.4 million subscriptions, this includes 11.1 million households that have at least one account for one of these services. There are now more subscription on-demand services than there are traditional pay-tv services.

streaming netflix on laptop
Credit: Shutterstock

Another reason Ofcom believes there is a change in how people watch shows and films comes from subscription services such as Netflix and Amazon creating their own original content such as Netflix and their ‘Netflix Original’ series.

streaming amazon prime video on mobile phone
Credit: Shutterstock

Ofcom does believe that the change happening to what we watch and how we watch it is going to rapidly effect UK TV as the more people choosing streaming services over pay-TV will cause implications to the accessibility to the traditional broadcasting TV. Although, Ofcom does believe that British TV Broadcasters will be able to keep on top of the change and will adapt to the new TV market by creating original shows that will appeal to the target audiences they’re currently losing and working together to reach out to the people who are choosing streaming services over broadcast TV.

Bank of England Keeps UK Interest Rate at 0.5%… For Now

Bank of England Keeps Interest Rate at 0.5%

According to reports in February, economists were expecting a hike in UK interest rates to hit this month. The Bank predicted a 1.8% growth for the economy this year, but it is now lowering this to 1.4%. This comes after the spells of bad weather impacted construction and consumer spending. The Bank claims that this was just a soft patch, and it is likely that the economy will recover quickly. However, in the first three months of this year, the UK economy has only grown by a dismal 0.1%. As a result, the Bank has decided to leave interest rates the same until they have further evidence to consider.

What Will Happen to Interest Rates Now?

Economists might take the collapse in growth with a grain of salt since the Beast from the East caused so much disruption. Inflation has slowed down much faster than anticipated as well. It is now expected to remain at 2.4% instead of the previous prediction of 2.7%. So, while 7 out of 9 members of the Bank’s Monetary Policy Committee voted to hold the UK  interest rate at 0.5% today, this might change in the future. They could still implement an increase to 0.75% later this year. The Bank still holds the same opinion on the future health of the economy. Both demand and supply growth will be modest, but the Bank of England Governor Mark Carney thinks the pace of growth will be resilient. Inflation should return to the 2% target in 2 years.

How Do Interest Rate Increases Affect Me?

There are around 45 million savers in the UK who would benefit from an interest rate rise. Savings rates should rise as well as the base rates, but it depends on the bank or building society. Whether your savings account is with NatWest or Nationwide, a future increase to 0.75% could lead to you collecting 0.25% more interest on your savings. People who are buying an annuity for their retirement can also expect better value for their money. However, it won’t be good news for everyone. At least 4 million households could see their mortgage payments increase. Around half of the 9.2 million UK households with a mortgage are standard variable or tracker mortgages. Those on variable rates, who tend to be older and have a lower outstanding balance, could end up paying a few hundred pounds more per year. On the other hand, the people on fixed-rate mortgages might actually get a better deal, because fixed-rate lenders are especially competitive. So, will interest rates actually increase? Like the Bank of England, we have to wait and see.

Costa Coffee’s Spring Menu 2018

Costa‘s long-awaited spring menu is here featuring loads of new drinks and snacks for us to try as well as an old favourite!

New drinks

The Flat Family

Costa has now added 3 new drinks to their  ‘Flat Family’. Costa was the first coffee chain to introduce the flat white to their nationwide menu back in 2010 and now they’re putting their own twist on the classic.

The Coconut Flat White

coconut flat white coffee
©Costa Coffee

The Flat Mocha

Flat mocha coffee
©Costa Coffee

The Flat Black

flat black coffee
©Costa Coffee

Bringing Back an Old Favourite – The White Hot Chocolate

white hot chocolate
©Costa Coffee

The white hot chocolate is usually a Christmas menu special but as it was absent from the Christmas 2017 menu, Costa is giving the drink’s fans what they’ve been waiting for. You’ll also receive a free Lindt chocolate bunny with your purchase of any hot chocolate. The white hot chocolate is only available for a select amount of time so be sure to get one whilst they are still on the menu!

The New Coolers

Every year Costa brings out new fruit cooler flavours, this year we have: Mango and Passionfruit, Pineapple and Coconut, and red summer berries. The cooler range is perfect to cool you down in spring and summer when the sun starts to shine and the heat starts to rise.

New Food Menu Items

This year the spring food menu welcomes the new easter choc-o-crunch, sausage rolls, Lindt chocolate bunnies, chocolate cornflake nests and a lemon layer cake. All the Costa sweet treats and savoury foods will go great with their new spring menu drinks.

Easter Choc-O-Crunch

The new Easter Choc-O-Crunch are doughnut inspired chocolate rice crispy rings that come in three pastel colours: pink, blue and yellow. These treats will be perfect to accompany a fruit cooler or a white hot chocolate.

choc o crunch
©Costa Coffee

Sausage Rolls

Another new food product is the Sausage rolls, a great British favourite – made with golden flaky pastry and British pork, perfect for when you’re craving something savoury with your coffee.

Costa Sausage Roll
©Costa Coffee

All Costa products prices range depending on area and store. All products are subject to availability. 

Below is a full menu with prices of the new spring menu, available in Costa stores across the country now.

Drinks Menu
The Flat Family

  • Flat Black – from £2.25 NEW!
  • Flat Mocha – from £2.90 NEW!
  • Coconut Flat White – from £2.95 NEW!

Hot Chocolate

  • White Hot Chocolate – from £2.95 LIMITED EDITION!

Fruit Coolers 

  • Mango & Passion Fruit Cooler – from £2.95 NEW!
  • Pineapple & Coconut Fruit Cooler – from £2.95 NEW!
  • Red Summer Berries Fruit Cooler – from £2.95 NEW!

Food Menu

  • Easter Choc-O-Crunch – from £1.95 NEW!
  • Lindt Chocolate Rabbit – from 45p NEW!
  • Chocolate Cornflake Nest – from £1.95 NEW!
  • Lemon Layer Cake – from £2.55 NEW!


  • Pork Sausage Roll – from £1.99 NEW!

The Best Sweet Treats for Easter 2018

The Best Sweet Treats for Easter 2018

Much like Christmas, Easter has lost most of its religious significance. The annual holiday became all about food and gifts instead. Which isn’t to say you can’t celebrate the resurrection of Jesus with a creme egg if that’s what you prefer. Many people will be eagerly anticipating the excuse to dig back in after giving up chocolate for Lent. Whether you’re Christian or not, most people take advantage of the public holiday and abundance of Easter treats on sale. While edible bunnies and chicks flood the shelves, we all know that the eggs are the main event. So what’s the best on offer for Easter 2018?

Currant Affairs for Hot Cross Buns

Unfortunately, wildfires and droughts in California last autumn have had a hugely negative impact on grape crops. The result is a shortage of one of the main components of an Easter favourite. What’s a hot cross bun without the dried fruit? The lack of currants, raisins, and sultanas means that prices for hot cross buns could rise steeply. The buns may sell in smaller packs or simply have less fruit in them. Alternatively, bakers may want to try out new ingredients in place of the traditional dried fruit. Retailers like Tesco and Marks & Spencer are branching out with salted caramel hot cross buns. With chocolate chips instead of fruit, they might be sickly, but worth a try.

Buying Easter Eggs on a Budget

Parents will know that getting Easter treats for the family isn’t easy when money may be tight. Not to worry, because there are plenty of places selling branded Easter eggs for low prices. Since they are the real deal, you won’t be risking low quality. Poundland currently offers Kinder Easter eggs for £2, at least half the price of supermarkets. At 100g they are almost five times the size of regular Kinder eggs, and also have a toy inside. You can also get a good deal at major supermarkets, though. With a month to go until Easter, Tesco is already running offers. You can currently get a medium egg worth £4 for half price. Or snag two or three chocolate treats for only £1 – £1.50.

Something to Suit Everyone…

Why stick to a plain milk chocolate egg at Easter? For those who like white chocolate, why not treat them to a Taste the Difference bunny? These won first place in Good Housekeeping’s white chocolate Easter treat taste test. You can get them from Sainsbury’s for £6 each. The overall top spot for Good Housekeeping was the Booja Booja vegan egg with chocolate truffles. These are perfect for people who can’t eat dairy or gluten. They’re on the pricier side, but you can buy them from Selfridges or Ocado. And for adults, why not make the treat alcoholic? Prestat’s gin and tonic eggs are available from Ocado. Or get Edinburgh Gin eggs with liqueur bottles at John Lewis.

…Even Savoury or Silly

Strange as it may seem, some people just don’t like chocolate that much. For those with more of a savoury tooth, look out for the “Cheester” egg at Asda from 16th March. That’s right, an Easter egg made of cheese. The “cheggs” will come with crackers and chutney too. If you enjoy humour with your Easter chocolate splurge, check out Hotel Chocolat. Their “Egg Sandwiches” are available from concessions in John Lewis stores as well as online. Don’t leave your pets out either if you’re treating the whole family this Easter. You can buy substitute chocolate eggs for dogs and cats at B&M, or online from Amazon. Last but not least: if you live near Manchester and are a fan of Harry Potter, visit Slattery to pick up a magical Sorting Egg!

Five New Year’s Resolutions for 2018

The start of a new year is the best time to make changes in your life. After a season of over-indulgence, it’s time to get things back on track. New Year’s resolutions can seem a bit pointless, as pretty much everyone forgets about them by the end of January. Joining a gym in a burst of optimism often ends with you cancelling the membership a few months later when you realize you actually only went that one time but are still paying for it. However, you don’t have to resolve to become a fitness guru in order to improve yourself as a person. There are plenty of other things you can do throughout the year to make your life better. Here are five resolutions for 2018 that you should consider keeping up with next year.

1) Read More Books

Who has the time for reading anymore? Who even reads books when you can stream TV shows and movies anywhere, at any time? Well, that’s the point. Give yourself a break from staring at screens and relax with a good book every now and then. You don’t need to go on a marathon of reading books. Just take the opportunity to give your imagination a chance at translating a story for you instead of absorbing other people’s visual adaptations. You could also resolve to learn new things in 2018, and read non-fiction books about anything from history to science to pop culture. Reading in bed is a good way to wind down. With e-readers like the Kindle from Amazon, reading has never been easier.  You could even buy audio-books to listen to on your commute to and from work. Listening to books still counts as reading!

2) Change Your Style

If by the end of 2017 you felt stuck in a rut, take the chance to shake things up. Declutter your closet and reinvent your whole look. Sorting out your wardrobe will help you feel like a newer, better version of yourself. You can also fulfil a resolution to donate to charity by donating the clothes you never wear. Use the new year as a chance to change your habits if you’re constantly buying the latest fast fashion trends. Instead of spending so much on disposable fashion, create a staple wardrobe by shopping around for adaptable key items you know you’ll wear a lot. Addicted to buying everything on ASOS or Topshop? Try to spread your price range by giving cheaper alternatives a chance. Primark is great for collecting simple pieces, and you’d be surprised by what you might find in the clothing section at supermarkets like ASDA.

3) Fix Your Sleep Schedule

Maintaining a regular sleeping schedule can do wonders for your physical and mental health. A late night once in a while doesn’t hurt, but if you stay up all the time it will affect your mood and energy levels. Fatigue will hold you back when you’re working. You know how much sleep you need to function well, and when you’ll have to get up in the morning. So set yourself a time to be in bed by every night, allowing for however long it takes to fall asleep. Avoid caffeine in the evening, and try not to watch TV or scroll through your phone in bed. Make bedtime more appealing by treating yourself to a comfy new mattress or mattress topper, available from IKEA and John Lewis. You could also buy fresh bedding, such as a new duvet set from the inexpensive range at Argos.

4) Stop Eating Fast Food

It’s so much easier to just pick something up at the Drive-Thru than cook a meal at home. However, even the cost of cheap fast food adds up over time. You could save money and get healthier at the same time by cutting out junk food. Even if you’re not trying to lose weight as one of your 2018 goals, you’ll notice the difference. Fast food may quickly satisfy cravings, but it will make you feel sluggish and generally gross. Avoiding greasy foods will improve your skin, too! If going to McDonald’s for lunch is just more convenient, try to choose from their healthier options instead of burgers and fries. You can still have a takeaway as a monthly treat. If you order with Just Eat, browse all the restaurants instead of sticking to your usual pizza joint. You can try out new cuisines which might be better for you.

5) See More of the World

One of the top New Year’s resolutions is to travel more. When you’ve worked hard earning your money, you deserve a sunny holiday in a hotel by the beach. The thing is, if you’re only ever sunbathing on the sand or by the pool, you’re not experiencing anything new. What’s the point in flying halfway across the world to not make the most of being in a different place? There’s no better way to grow as a person than to broaden your horizons. Considering the divisiveness of global politics in recent years, it’s important to establish connections and make an effort to understand other cultures. Challenge yourself by doing something you’ve never done before. Go hiking in national parks in other countries and witness the planet’s natural and manmade beauty.  Listen to the stories of the local people wherever you go and learn about the history of the place.

De-stress Your Christmas Dinner: Where to Order Everything Online

For families small and large, preparing a Christmas dinner with all the trimmings can be daunting. There are many components to a successful Christmas dinner, and food traditions vary from family to family. Getting all the ingredients you need can be a huge hassle. Nobody wants to battle in the frozen aisle over the supermarket’s last pack of parsnips the day before Christmas. Luckily, developments in online shopping and especially Food to Order services have taken the stress out of Christmas cooking.

So, where do you go to find the best Christmas food options for you? Read through the selections on offer at the following supermarkets to help you choose. But choose quick – for many of them, the last day for Christmas Food to Order is tomorrow, 15th December! After you sort out Christmas dinner, you can still browse the options to place orders for the New Year. If you’re hosting a party, make the catering easy so you can just have a good time with everyone else!

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A Very Lush Christmas

Lush Cosmetics Christmas Products
Lush Cosmetics

As our favourite time of year has finally arrived it can only mean one thing – our fave Lush products are back in-stock! Here are some of the Christmas Lush products we are loving this festive season.

Snow Fairy

Snow Fairy Lush Products
Lush Cosmetics

The infamous Snow Fairy is back and better than ever with two gift sets, naked shower gel, pressed soap, body conditioner, shower gel, jelly bomb, bath fun bar, solid perfume and sparkle jar! Snow Fairy has a sweet and cotton candy-like scent leaving you feeling not only refreshed and clean but like an excited child in a sweet shop! All of the Snow Fairy products are definitely on our shopping list every year.


Santa's Christmas shower cream
Lush Cosmetics

Lush has a range of Santa themed products including the Santa baby lip scrub, lip tint, naked lip tint and naked lip scrub, the Santa’s Christmas shower cream and naked shower cream and lastly the Santa’s belly shower jelly – if cleaning your body with Santa’s belly doesn’t make you festive I don’t know what will!

Bath Bombs

Assortment of Lush Christmas Bath Bombs
Lush Cosmetics

As always Lush has a famous assortment of the best bath bombs you can buy and they have not failed to impress with the festive explosions this year!

As mentioned above Lush has graced us all with a Snow Fairy jelly bomb so not only will you be left smelling all things candy you will also be able to play with pink fairy fluff whilst relaxing in a pink sea of sweet heaven.

Lush Cosmetics

If the cold weather has got you feeling like Scrooge this festive season there’s nothing like the Christmas Sweater bath bomb to warm you up after a long day shopping for gifts in the freezing cold!

Christmas Sweater lush bath bomb
Lush Cosmetics

The Golden wonder bath bomb is ribbon wrapped gift of a beautiful nights sky- stars, glitter and soothing oils all included. Exclusively to the website the Golden Wonder bath bomb is available in a giant edition (that weighs 2.5 pounds by the way) for an extra large starry explosion. You can also buy a golden wonder gift set that includes the golden wonder bath bomb and the man in the moon bubble bar.

Golden wonder and giant golden wonder bath bombs
Lush Cosmetics

For a festive pop of colour to brighten the ever darkening evenings, the Luxury Lush Pud will certainly turn your bath into a relaxing sugar plum scented rainbow!

Luxury Lush Pud Bath Bomb
Lush Cosmetics

If you’re looking for a cocoa butter heaven the Butterbear bath bomb with turn your bath into a vanilla paradise, with ylang-ylang oil and cocoa butter to leave you with soft skin and a warm heart.

Butterbear christmas bath bomb
Lush Cosmetics


magic of Christmas bath bomb
Lush Cosmetics

The snowman bubbleroon will certainly bring a smile to your face and bubbles to your bath, with a blue tint and lemon oil you will be feeling as refreshed as a December morning breeze.

snowman bubbleroon
Lush Cosmetics

If you don’t choose the Christmas Eve bubble bar for your night before Christmas bath time, you aren’t doing Christmas right. The Ylang-Ylang and jasmine will but you in just the right mood for tomorrow’s festivities.

Christmas eve bubble bar
Lush Cosmetics

The magic of Christmas reusable bubble bar wand will keep your baths bubbly and mood festive all season long. It has a warming cinnamon stick handle and sweet orange oil, cinnamon leaf oil and almond essential oil to put you in a relaxing merry mood.

the magic of Christmas wand
Lush Cosmetics

Shower Gels & Jellies

lush Santa's Christmas shower gel
Lush Cosmetics

In the shape of Frosty himself the Snowman shower jelly will keep you clean and smelling sweet, all we are missing is the carrot!

person washing arms with snowman shower jelly
Lush Cosmetics

The Berry Berry Christmas shower gel and naked shower gel will give your skin a soft deep clean whilst leaving you smelling of festive cranberries and Blueberries.

berry berry Christmas shower gel
Lush Cosmetics


golden pear soap
Lush Cosmetics

The golden pear soap is the greatest twelfth-day mix of murumuru butter, cardamom oil, agave syrup, orange oil, cocoa butter, sandalwood oil and almond oil – perfect present if you ask me.

golden pear soap
Lush Cosmetics

If you’re feeling a little saucy the Saucy Snowcake soap is made for you – rose absolute, cranberries, cashews and fair trade organic clove infusion will make this soap the perfect exfoliating wash.

saucy snowflake soap
Lush Cosmetics

Other Christmassy Goodness

Twilight Sparkle massage bar
Lush Cosmetics

The star light star bright bath melt turns your bath into the brightest dreamy sky with soft murumuru butter you will be left feeling silky soft and moisturised, not to mention the fresh smell you’ll be left with.

star light star bright bath melt
Lush Cosmetics

The snow angel bath melt turns your bath into a fluffy blanket of snow for you to make angels and relax in. You’ll leave your fluffy heaven shimmering gold and your skin will be as soft as an angel’s kiss, say goodbye to dry winter skin!

snow angel bath melt
Lush Cosmetics

In the shape of a very perfect looking Christmas tree, the Tree-D bath oil turns your bath into a refreshing grapefruit and tangerine-scented forest whilst smoothing your skin and hair.

Tree-d bath oil
Lush Cosmetics