Amazon Go Customers Can “Just Walk Out” of New Seattle Store

Amazon Go Customers Can "Just Walk Out" of New Seattle Store

Last week saw the public unveiling of Amazon’s latest venture into retail technology: Amazon Go. The 1800 square foot store at the base of Amazon’s skyscraper in Seattle has been in development since 2016. After 14 months of trialling the store with Amazon employees, it is finally open to Amazon customers. Ironically, on opening day there was a massive queue to get into the store, which was conceived to prevent customers waiting in lines.

Now that the buzz has settled down a bit, the store seems to be serving its purpose. Amazon customers can dash in to grab some food and leave just as quickly. They waste no time standing around in checkout queues or even paying. So, how does this work? Let’s take a written tour of Amazon Go.

Inside Amazon Go

First of all, to shop at Amazon Go, you must be an existing Amazon customer. You also need to have a smartphone with the Amazon Go app downloaded on it. The app will give you a unique QR code, which is how the store will recognize you. Six turnstiles guard the entrance, much like ticket barriers at train stations. You have to scan your code in the app to pass through to the store. Once inside, all you have to do is shop.

The store itself is basically a mini-market, with limited stock. It seems like a typical convenience store in terms of product range. Mostly groceries, ready-to-eat meals, and some toiletries. The store mostly provides snacks, salads, and sandwiches for lunches. As you browse, sensors will know if you pick something up then put it back. Without checkouts, you don’t need a basket. You can put your items directly into a bag, or even your pockets.

How Does It Work?

If you looked up, you would see a ceiling covered in rectangular black blocks. These are the cameras which combine with analytical technological systems to track what everyone is buying. When you walk out of the store, it registers you leaving and notes everything you took. Within ten minutes, a digital receipt will arrive, and Amazon will charge your shopping to the card registered on your Amazon account. Shoplifting would be difficult to pull off with this advanced technology.

That said, with the Amazon Go app, customers have the ability to remove items from their receipts. If Amazon charges you for something you didn’t take, you can swipe to get a refund. Since this requires no proof and there is no returns system, what’s to stop people claiming a refund for things they actually did buy? Obviously, it will be easy to catch repeat offenders. But the new “Just Walk Out” technology clearly isn’t flaw-free.

What About Human Employees?

The introduction of Amazon Go has sparked debates about the automation of the retail industry. Self-checkouts have been around for a while now, and the use of robots in warehouses is developing. It’s understandable that cashiers and other store staff would worry about keeping their jobs. It seems impossible to consider a store without human staff to assist the customers, though. Even Amazon Go has human employees checking IDs in the alcohol section, handing out bags, or answering questions for shoppers.

The minimisation of human labour doesn’t always equal saving money. The technology needed to run a store like Amazon Go costs millions. To open multiple branches of these stores would be beyond the means of most chain retailers. This means it’s not very likely that we will see them popping up everywhere in the near future. In the UK at least, Amazon is still investing in a human workforce. A new distribution centre in the Midlands will create 400 jobs with benefits packages. As well as warehouse staff, the new site will require engineers and specialists in HR and IT.

ASOS have made Hello Kitty clothing for adults and it’s all incredible

ASOS has been following in the footsteps of rival brands like Topshop and Pretty Little Thing in revealing a big collaboration this month. And, with Topshop collaborating with popular Netflix show Stranger Things, ASOS are also reaching into pop culture to create their newest launch of clothes with Hello Kitty.

The adorable cat is featured on everything, including jumpers, dresses, heels and pyjamas, and with the collection featuring 40 items, you’ve got so much to choose from.

The collection seems to put an emphasis on comfort, with multiple oversized jumpers featuring the cartoon cat, as well as silky pyjamas and cost hats and socks. However, the style element is still obvious through their accessories, that have all been designed to be a cute addition to any outfit that you put together.

Not all of the items that they have advertised have been released for sale yet, so you can wait anxiously to find your newest wardrobe items as the company slowly brings us all of the Hello Kitty-styled joy that we’ve been loving since we were kids.

Pop-culture themed clothing is having a real moment right now, with the Stranger Things x Topshop collab creating male and female items, with a whole range of t-shirts and jumpers that are covered in Stranger Things and Hawkins town inspired designs that give off the best 80’s vibe and look like you’ve just stepped out of the show yourself. You’ll find plenty of items adorned with the youthful faces of main cast members Millie Bobby Brown and Finn Wolfhead, as well as Gaten Matarazzo and Caleb McLaughlin, and even one whole top dedicated to paying our respects to Barb, the long-suffering character who we all know deserved better!!

So, if you’re looking to satiate your need for clothing that expresses your love for cartoon cats or monsters and little girls with superpowers, then you don’t have far to search.

Everything you need to know about the iPhone X

With the newest instalment of the iPhone being announced this week, we thought we’d dive a little deeper and find out everything there is to know about the new model, face recognition ID and all other aspects of the iPhone X.

The emphasis on this device is its display. Boasting a 5.8-inch display, Apple has gone all out with trying to dazzle its customers with its ultra HD interface and vibrant colours. The first ever OLED screen to be installed on an iPhone device, the screen shows off true blacks, amazingly vivid colours and a contrast unparalleled by any other phone that has come before it.

When it comes to technology, the iPhone X is jam packed with amazing features, and when paired with its curved frame, looks and feels the part.

If you’re one of those people who smash their iPhone within days of ordering a new one, then you’ll be happy to learn that the iPhone X has some of the sturdiest glass found in Apple phones since their inception. The housing is made from surgical steel and is water resistant. Great huh? With this model, customers are fully emersed in the wireless charging experience, along with wireless listening much like older iPhone models. If you’re into your minimalism you’ll love this feature of the iPhone X. If you’re into your wires and charging ports, then this might be annoying for you in the long run.

When it comes to navigation, users will find the new interface easier to use thanks to the intuitive gestures modification. With one swipe, users will be taken to the home screen. So whether you’re talking to Siri, surfing the internet or taking selfies with Instagram, you can easily find your way to the default screen.

iPhone XFace ID

Face ID is one of the latest upgrades from Apple to hit our shelves. Instead of a pin code, fingerprint or swipe pattern, your face is now your way to unlock your phone. One look will unlock your phone and enable you to access your device.

This is possible due to the new TrueDepth Camera, which analyzes your features, expressions, imperfections and more to create a perfect map of your face. If you’re wondering what would happen over time as your appearance changes, the new camera adapts to aging and drastic changes in features. This is down to the new A11 bionic chip which learns to recognize changes in your face and appearance. So whether you wear glasses, hats, or you fancy growing a beard, you’re sorted! For the security conscious, the new system will only open your phone when you are looking directly at the phone itself with your eyes open. This way, any awkward glances won’t be recognised, and your mates can’t sneak their way onto your phone.

To set up Face ID, users will need to follow instructions on the screen. There will be a round circle which appears, and users will need to move their face and expression in order for the infrared dots to understand how their face works and log it accordingly.

Face ID and Apple Pay will also be combining forces with this newer model. To open your Apple wallet, simply press the unlock button on the side of phone twice in order to see your funds. It’s unsure how Face ID will pay for items with Apple Pay, however, we’re excited to see just how this is done once the phone has its official release in the UK.

More from the iPhone X

With the new camera, comes a new array of ways to take a selfie. With the iPhone X, you can blur backgrounds, lighten foregrounds and even use new filters to put your own mark on your picture. The newer wider angle lens can also work with zooming (up to 10x) and enable landscape photography to really pop.

Animoji is another way to explore your new phone. Thanks to the TrueDepth camera, you can now become your favourite emoji and express yourself on camera. You can also play amazing AR games thanks to system upgrades on the new device.

Much like past incarnations of the Apple iPhone, users will be able to log into their device with their Apple ID and continue to use the phone as normal, utilizing their apps and the Apple Cloud.

What are you first thoughts on the Apple iPhone X? Are you a fan? Let us know below.


The Attack of the Delivery Robots

Robots have begun their entrance into our streets. Just Eat and Starship Technologies have officially marked their successful partnership of delivering fast food to local Londoners, by delivering over 1,000 meals with their first 10 robots.

The robot couriers are six-wheeled automated trolleys that are capable of travelling up to 4mph for nearly 10 miles. They use GPS signals as well as nine cameras to navigate their way around the busy pathways of the city and avoid obstacles – like people. So far they have mainly been used within busy periods when delivery drivers are few and far between, making sure that restaurants can deliver nearby orders while drivers aim to make the further deliveries. And this can be useful, as using the robot couriers is cheaper than getting a human to deliver – they cost about £1 for 3 mile-radius deliveries, while human drivers can cost between £3-£6.

You might think that with robots wandering around the streets, there could be cause for mischief – but there has been surprisingly little reaction to the introduction of the robots. Many people have reacted nonchalantly to a small basket rolling past them on the street, with some only expressing interest when they notice that the person semi-controlling the robot can speak through the robot to ensure that people aren’t in the robots way. And, although there haven’t been any attempts to steal the robots – or their contents – any real ventures would prove unsuccessful. Each robot is designed with multiple cameras that are connected to a person who can monitor any interaction with the robot and will be able to inform the police if any attempts are made on the robot. As well as this, there is an alert installed into the robot if it is picked up, and the only way that the robot can be unlocked is with a special code that will be sent to the Just Eat app on the phone of the person who the robot will be delivering to.

However, Just Eat aren’t the only UK brand who have started using these robots for their deliveries. The robots were designed to be able to hold up to 10 kilograms of items – or three shopping bags – and have began to be rolled out as a part of Tesco’s 20 products or less in an hour scheme. Tesco began testing the system earlier this year, and managed to deliver a basket of goods within an hour from their Central London store, which was a successful start to the programme that they intend to use to fight against other supermarkets and product-delivery icons. The robots are able to deliver to addresses within a 3-mile radius of the store or delivery shelter, and the giant supermarket brand are listening to the feedback from that broader trial of deliveries from the Tesco Now app in Central London to make sure the service is exactly as it should be.

With this new addition to their workforce, Tesco are looking to outdo their rival Sainsbury’s Chop Chop app, which promises deliveries of 20 items or less in under an hour by using bikers. And we have to admit, if we had to choose between accepting our groceries from a sweaty guy on a bike or from a cool little robot, we know which one we’d choose. As well as aiming to bring down rival supermarkets, Tesco are clearly aiming higher as they are posing a threat to online superstar, Amazon, and their same-day delivery service that has already been rolled out in several places within the UK. Amazon also made their first drone-delivery last year, which they claim made the delivery within 13 minutes, showing that Tesco have a lot of work to do if they want to be on the top.

However, the intrusion of robots onto our streets hasn’t been as openly accepted everywhere in the world, as one San Francisco Supervisor, Norman Yee, is trying to ban the use of delivery robots of all types after the introduction of Marble robots on to San Francisco streets. Yee believes that, although nothing has happened of note to any people or animals because of a robot – although one robot nearly ran a dog over after struggling to navigate through a crowd of people – he would like to make sure that nothing has the chance to happen. Although Marble robots typically have humans walking along with them to ensure that when they get stuck they can have assistance to ensure they don’t damage themselves or anyone nearby, the Supervisor still believes that they could be dangerous as they use the pavements alongside humans. But, seeing as there have been no issues so far, we think he should leave the robots to co-exist with their human counterparts, as long as they continue delivering us delicious food in a timely manner.

Amazon Teams Up with Microsoft


Amazon’s Echo devices have been undeniably popular. They allow you to control various activities using only your voice – for instance, playing music, finding out the weather or even ordering the latest video game release. You do this by chatting to the virtual assistant, Alexa. Alexa is so clever that she can even tell you a joke. Out of the various assistants on the market, the Echo is the most common.

Microsoft also has its own voice assistant, known as Cortana. Cortana is shipped with Windows 10 as standard, making it a popular feature to be used at work. Cortana can help you schedule meetings, remind you to pick the kids up and offer personal recommendations about events in your area.

Now, there has been an interesting new development in the war of the voice assistants, as it has been announced that Alexa and Cortana can now talk to each other. The new feature is designed with business users in mind. It means you can tell the Echo ‘Alexa, open Cortana’ or tell Cortana to open Alexa, and you will be able to access a wide range of services. Alexa users can access Cortana’s productivity services such as booking meetings, accessing work calendars, reading emails or stating reminders, whilst Cortana users can access Alexa’s services such as turning the heating on, shopping on Amazon, or making music play in the home.

A representative of Microsoft said that the partnership had come about because of the company’s desire to make Cortana available in any location and on every device. Meanwhile, the founder of Amazon said that he envisions the future to be full of multiple ‘intelligent agents’ like Cortana and Alexa, and added that it is great for them all to be able to work together.

If you’re interested in the Echo device, you can order it from the Amazon website – it’s currently on sale for £99.

Do’s and Don’ts from ASOS in August 2017

A lot can happen in a month, as ASOS have successfully shown us in this past month. With a wide variety of products that are proving either major hits or misses, we thought we’d take a look at the fashion do’s and don’ts that ASOS have provided us with throughout August 2017.


Search by photo

We’re gonna start off with the greatest feature that has ever been added to a clothing website. Since the dawn of online fashion, people everywhere have searched frantically to find an outfit that looks exactly like that one you saw your fave celeb wearing last week, only to become lost in a tidal wave of cute clothes that distract you from the task at hand. We can’t tell you how many hours and pounds (£) we’ve lost browsing through clothes that aren’t what we’re looking for. And ASOS knows, and ASOS are there for us, and ASOS want us to find the outfit of our dreams by letting us upload a picture of an outfit and having something so similar turn up so that we can buy it immediately. Bless you.

Makeup for men

It’s about damn time, we’ll say that much. The idea that real men can’t wear makeup is getting old fast, especially as we see more and more men openly spending time on grooming and taking care of their appearance, so ASOS introducing makeup ranges for men is a blessing. With Maybelline making Manny Gutierrez their first male ambassador and other firms following suit in their acceptance that men like makeup too. And why shouldn’t they? It’s 2017, gender norms are being slowly torn down and the idea that a man can sharpen up his appearance with a bit of concealer and a touch of bronzer to bring them back to life isn’t completely ridiculous. We’re all for this move, and we hope that we’ll start to see a lot more makeup brands following this route.

No more photoshop

Fashion brands have long plagued us with pictures of beautiful, flawless women wearing their products and making even the worst of outfits look questionably good. While we have to admit that most of this is just unfortunately down to the incredible good looks of the models that they hire, there has also been a long-lasting problem with their models being photoshopped to erase any perceived flaw in their appearance. And honestly, it’s tiring looking at women in bikinis and lingerie and comparing their impeccable bodies to our own, especially when it’s very likely that most of them are more closely resembling us in real life. This is why it was a breath of fresh air when we got to see that ASOS had stopped photoshopping their models – most importantly their bikini models. Summer brought in a new range of bikinis featuring models proudly showing off their stretch marks, freckles, hints of acne and everything else that you would find on your average human being. There is nothing more refreshing than seeing a woman who looks real, without her “flaws” – I mean they’re not really flaws are they – being edited out for viewer discretion. Well done ASOS.


Denim chaps

To be honest we started with these because they offended us the most. Why is this a thing? Why would anyone want to wear this? Who decided that in 2017 it was finally time to reintroduce the horror that is chaps to the world?
We’re not cowboys. We’re not Christina Aguilera circa her Dirrty music video (although we have to admit she did make them work for her). We don’t want these in our lives, in our wardrobes, in our eye-sight even. We’d honestly just prefer if the whole idea of wearing chaps stopped existing immediately, because we can’t imagine anyone seriously entertaining the idea without just wanting to wind other people up.

To sum up, we’re absolutely not here for the denim chaps that ASOS have added to their range – and we hope that you can agree with us on that.

Above-butt cut-out jeans

“High-waisted straight-leg jeans with open back”. We might just be projecting here, but we can’t imagine that anything about that sentence sounds appealing to anyone. Now you might be asking “how does one achieve an open back on high-waisted jeans?”. And the answer you’re looking for is that they simply cut out a half moon shape underneath the belt hook space of your jeans, so that you’re left with permanent access to your butt crack from above. You’re effectively choosing to go out of your way to look like a plumber, and honestly, we just can’t approve of anyone making that kind of executive decision. There are some things the world doesn’t want to see, and 99% of the time, butt crack is one of them – no matter how nice your butt is.

Jeans skirt

You might read that heading and think “there’s nothing wrong with jeans skirts”, and you’d be right, if we just meant a skirt that is designed to look as though it was made from jeans. But that is not what we mean, not at all. We mean something much worse than that, something so devastating to look at that we’re horrified it was ever created. ASOS have delivered to us the antichrist of fashion throwbacks, taking us back to the early noughties when young women naively believed it looked cool to wear skirts/dresses over jeans. And while that was one whole thing in itself, what we’re tackling here instead is ASOS’s decision to hold an item that consists of a pair of midwash blue denim jeans with rips in the thigh and knee areas, topped with a similarly coloured denim skirt. Yep, a midwash blue denim skirt with frayed edges and pearl details on top of a pair of jeans, because God has deserted us and fashion isn’t real anymore.

Poo emoji bag

We all hate this recent trend of turning emojis into accessories. And nothing has amplified this hatred than the introduction of the disgrace to the film industry that is the Emoji Movie. So we were equally disturbed to find that ASOS are selling a faux fur bag that has been designed to look like the creepily smirking, bow-tie wearing poo emoji from the film itself. We’re unhappy about it, and we’re not going to pretend otherwise. ASOS please stop this.

Asos Start Selling a Makeup Line for Men

man applying makeup

It’s 2017 and whether you like it or not men are wearing makeup. Asos are helping bring makeup into the men’s section by distributing their first line of men’s makeup products from the brand MMUK Men.


MMUK Men is a Men’s cosmetic and grooming brand, made for men by men, they have the widest and best range of Men’s makeup in the UK and have a loyal client base in the tens of thousands.

MMUK Men launched in 2012 and aimed to break down the stigma behind men wearing makeup, through the years they have been thrown into the spotlight by famous male beauty bloggers raving about their products as well as praising MMUK’s help in the movement towards normalising makeup on men.

The social acceptance of men wearing makeup is on the rise and MMUK is really catering to its popularity growth of the recent years. MMUK want Men to still be able to feel masculine whilst wearing makeup as they feel as if there is a real gap in the market. They believe makeup isn’t just for women and it certainly isn’t just for ‘feminine’ men, they want everyone to feel comfortable enough to have the power to enhance their natural beauty, no matter their gender.

MMUK also run an online beauty blog for men on their website giving helpful tips, tricks and guides on how to apply makeup correctly, product reviews and skincare and grooming advice.


Asos is known for constantly challenging gender roles and pushing fashion to explore new and unique ways of self-expression. Asos understands that the youth of 2017 is all about creativity, they believe that fashion has no boundaries or barriers and gender certainly does not hold fashion back, Asos are all about those androgyny vibes.

To help normalise these beliefs, from the 10th of July 2017 Asos have started selling male makeup products. They are selling 10 products from MMUK’s collection including foundation, concealer, brow and beard filler, bronzer, mascara, eyeliner, setting powder and makeup brushes.

The products range from £14 to £37.50, the foundation and concealers coming in a range of shades from very light to very dark and 8 shades in between as well the bronzer, ‘manscara’, eyeliner and brow filler coming two shades. The brow filler is available in brown black and dark brunette, the bronzer comes in golden goddess and instant sexy and the eyeliner as well as the ‘Manscara’ is available in brown and black. The makeup brushes are made with soft, synthetic fibers and a smooth graphite base.

This is a huge step towards breaking down gender roles and this line of products has people raving, not only is it actively destroying boundaries it is also a range of amazing products specifically designed for the difficulties men face when wearing makeup targeted towards women.

The problems men are bump into when wearing makeup made for women is the texture and formula of the makeup as women’s skin is different to men’s skin and most women don’t have to deal with facial hair. women’s beauty products just don’t work as well on men’s skin.

MMUK have perfected the formula for their men’s foundation and concealer making makeup application easier for men and also making the overall makeup look more natural.

With all the praise there must be some criticism and for this movement, some people believe MMUK are actually widening the gap between male and female fashion/beauty even more by gendering makeup products more than they already are. Some believe that existing makeup brands and products aren’t gendered at all, such as MAC as their packaging does not market towards women, although this belief can be contradicted by the use of basically only women in their adverts and marketing as they are only now starting to dabble in the thought of men wearing makeup with the occasional man popping up in an ad or featured in an interview on their website.

Another brand pushing this amazing movement forward is Anastasia Beverly Hills an extremely popular makeup brand who decided to use male models for their Moonchild and Sweets glow kit promotions in 2016. A huge step forward was Covergirl’s first ever Coverboy, James Charles who is now one of the leading male beauty gurus taking the internet by storm.

Male makeup is finally starting to become normalised giving the positive message to today’s youth that they can be who they are without judgment.

Selfridges Opens Christmas Shop, With 147 Days to Go


The 31st of July. An unremarkable date, with nothing noteworthy about it. Until now. Selfridges has opened its Christmas shop, with just 147 days to go until the main event. Look away now if you’re a Christmas hater, or if the thought of even a jingle bell before December the 1st sends shivers down your spine.

The store has an enormous Christmas tree, and Father Christmas himself even took time out of his pre-season holiday to pose for photos as it was declared officially open. The store means that the most organised shoppers, and tourists, can buy all of their festive decorations and presents – just a casual five months before the big day.

A spokesperson for Selfridges said that the store is designed to cater for the high number of tourists expected to be in the city over summer, who are looking to take a piece of British Christmastime home with them.

From the 4th August, Selfridges will also be selling a small selection of festive food in their food hall, including Christmas cake. This is a special treat for summer tourists, as the festive fare is usually only available from October onwards.

The Selfridges Christmas Shop can be found within the halls of the Oxford Street flagship store, although there are also branches of Selfridges in Manchester and Birmingham. It’s expected that the Christmas shop in the other stores will launch at a considerably more normal time.

The Selfridges store on Oxford Street first opened its door in 1909. It was the brainchild of the eccentric Harry Gordon Selfridge. In the summer, the store is known for its rooftop, where it hosts pop up events such as restaurants, mini golf and even a boating lake. In the Second World War, the US Army took up residence in the basement, as it was safe from bombing and close to the US embassy. One of the things that Selfridges is most famous for its revolutionising the sale of makeup and perfume. Traditionally, these items were sold at the back of the store as it was seen to be negative to dress up. Harry Gordon Selfridge made the decision to push the items to the front of the store, and soon the other department stores followed suit. Today, the store is home to one of the world’s largest shoe departments, with over 4,000 pairs of shoes on sale at any one time. The department is known as the Shoe Galleries, with different salons, plush pink seats and boutiques. The Chanel boutique is modelled after Coco Chanel’s apartment, whilst Ugg Australia’s is like a ski chalet, and Louboutin has a red carpet perfect for VIP shoppers.

If Christmas in the summer sounds great to you, head down to Selfridges Oxford Street and get yourself in the festive spirit. ‘Tis the season!

The Lowdown on Lush’s Bath Bombs


Retailer Lush is well known for their collection of bath bombs, that can add a touch of luxury to an everyday bath. The geniuses in the product development team have just announced their range of Harry Potter bath bombs, and it has inspired us to take a look back at Lush’s collection of bath bombs – the good, the bad and the downright ridiculous.

Dark Arts Bath Bomb

If you’ve ever felt like a layer of jelly is missing from your bath, the Dark Arts bath bomb is for you. The dark layer of jelly gives way to pink, and the smell of cinnamon will help you relax. It has Brazilian orange to make you feel refreshed, and almond oil to soothe your skin. The product has been rated an average of three stars, with some people saying the jelly stung their broken skin.

Dragon’s Egg

If you’re more Game of Thrones than Harry Potter, the Dragon’s Egg bath bomb is the one for you. The bomb fizzes and crackles to reveal a golden colour, with a scent of lemon sherbet.

Rocket Science

Several of Lush’s bath bombs have an out-of-space theme. Rocket Science is shaped like, you guessed it – a rocket, with an uplifting lemon and bergamot scent, leaving your bath a vibrant blue colour.


Another deep space themed bomb, Intergalactic is wildly popular. It has a mixture of peppermint oil, grapefruit oil, cedarwood oil and vetivert oil. Many Lush bath bomb veterans rank it as their favourite, and it’s not hard to see why as it looks gorgeous in the bath!

Sex Bomb

Sex Bomb is designed to get you feeling relaxed and in the mood for love. It has a blend of jasmine ( a known aphrodisiac), sage to clear the mind and ylang ylang to ease worries. Reviewers say it made their skin feel smooth.

Cyanide Pill

Cyanide Pill is shaped like a pill, but it has more to offer than its quirky form. It’s packed with glitter and popping candy, to leave you gleaming like a disco ball, whilst the lemon scent will pick you up.

Avo Bath

Avocados are the darlings of Instagram, and the Avo Bath bomb is a prominent feature of the Lush line up. It’s filled with lemongrass and bergamot, whilst the avocado and 0live oil is designed to tackle dry skin head on.

The Experimenter

The Experimenter is one of Lush’s most colourful bathtime offerings. It has five vibrant bright colours, a sweet vanilla scent and a surprising hint of popping candy.

Guardian of the Forest

If you’re all about getting back to nature, the Guardian of the Forest bath bomb is for you. It has rosewood oil, lime oil and cypress oil to give off a gorgeous green colour and the popular scent of freshly cut grass.

Everything You Need to Know About the H&M x Erdem Collaboration

H&M is a brand that is well-known, and well-respected, for its designer collaborations. In the past, we’ve had Versace, Isabel Marant, Kenzo, Roberto Cavalli and Balmain. Balmain is perhaps the most memorable campaign, featuring millennial Instagram superstars such as Kendall Jenner. The first designer collaboration was with Karl Lagerfeld in 2004, and shoppers everywhere went wild for the statement t-shirts with his face emblazoned on them. In 2016, the Kenzo collaboration sold out almost instantly, prompting some snakey shoppers to put their items on eBay for a vastly inflated price. This year, it has been announced that H&M will collaborate with the dreamy London-based label, Erdem. If you’re not a regular reader of Vogue, the chances are that you might not have heard of Erdem, so here’s everything that you need to know ahead of the collaboration.

Who is Erdem?

Erdem Moralioglu is a Canadian-born, London-based designer. He launched his label, Erdem, in 2005 after graduating from the Royal College of Art in London. Throughout his career, Moralioglu has won various awards such as the 2008 British Fashion Council’s Fashion Forward award and in 2014, he was named the British Fashion Council’s Womenswear Designer of the Year. Moralioglu uses inspiration from his Turkish and Canadian heritage in his designs, aiming to create clothes that ‘work on lots of different bodies’ so that people can actually wear the garments.

Signature Style

If you take a look at Erdem’s designs, one of the key things that will stand out is the romantic, perfect prints. Whilst other designers might make such patterns look too fussy and busy, Erdem strikes the balance well, using well cut necklines and shapes to avoid the Mrs.Doubtfire aesthetic. His designs are luxurious and other worldly, whilst also being incredibly wearable.

Celebrity Fans

Erdem’s designs have the royal seal of approval, as they are regularly worn by the Duchess of Cambridge. Other celebrity fans include Michelle Obama, Samantha Cameron and Alexa Chung. One stand out look from the latter was the violet floral satin gown that she wore to the Met Gala 2015, accompanied on the red carpet by Erdem himself.

What can we expect from the collection?

The H&M x Erdem collaboration will be released on the 2nd of November, and it’s sure to sell out. A teaser trailer announced the collaboration earlier in July, which was shot by the acclaimed director Baz Luhrmann who is making the campaign film. Within the trailer, we got glimpses of the famous romantic prints and a fluffy-looking leopard print coat. Excitingly, the video revealed that Erdem would be using the collaboration to launch his first ever menswear collection, showing pyjama style suits. Baz Luhrmann was chosen to shoot a film around the campaign because Erdem views him as one of the ‘most important storytellers of our time’. Erdem gave an overview of the collection, stating that the collection is inspired by his work over the last decade, as well as the TV shows and 90s nostalgia of his youth. When creating the collection, he imagined a group of friends and family heading off to the English countryside for the weekend, with the overall style resulting in a mixture of dressing up and effortless glam.