Asos Start Selling a Makeup Line for Men

man applying makeup

It’s 2017 and whether you like it or not men are wearing makeup. Asos are helping bring makeup into the men’s section by distributing their first line of men’s makeup products from the brand MMUK Men. Asos are helping bring makeup into the men’s section by distributing their first line of men’s makeup products from the brand MMUK Men.


MMUK Men is a Men’s cosmetic and grooming brand, made for men by men, they have the widest and best range of Men’s makeup in the UK and have a loyal client base in the tens of thousands.

MMUK Men launched in 2012 and aimed to break down the stigma behind men wearing makeup, through the years they have been thrown into the spotlight by famous male beauty bloggers raving about their products as well as praising MMUK’s help in the movement towards normalising makeup on men.

The social acceptance of men wearing makeup is on the rise and MMUK is really catering to its popularity growth of the recent years. MMUK want Men to still be able to feel masculine whilst wearing makeup as they feel as if there is a real gap in the market. They believe makeup isn’t just for women and it certainly isn’t just for ‘feminine’ men, they want everyone to feel comfortable enough to have the power to enhance their natural beauty, no matter their gender.

MMUK also run an online beauty blog for men on their website giving helpful tips, tricks and guides on how to apply makeup correctly, product reviews and skincare and grooming advice.


Asos is known for constantly challenging gender roles and pushing fashion to explore new and unique ways of self-expression. Asos understands that the youth of 2017 is all about creativity, they believe that fashion has no boundaries or barriers and gender certainly does not hold fashion back, Asos are all about those androgyny vibes.

To help normalise these beliefs, from the 10th of July 2017 Asos have started selling male makeup products. They are selling 10 products from MMUK’s collection including foundation, concealer, brow and beard filler, bronzer, mascara, eyeliner, setting powder and makeup brushes.

The products range from £14 to £37.50, the foundation and concealers coming in a range of shades from very light to very dark and 8 shades in between as well the bronzer, ‘manscara’, eyeliner and brow filler coming two shades. The brow filler is available in brown black and dark brunette, the bronzer comes in golden goddess and instant sexy and the eyeliner as well as the ‘Manscara’ is available in brown and black. The makeup brushes are made with soft, synthetic fibers and a smooth graphite base.

This is a huge step towards breaking down gender roles and this line of products has people raving, not only is it actively destroying boundaries it is also a range of amazing products specifically designed for the difficulties men face when wearing makeup targeted towards women.

The problems men are bump into when wearing makeup made for women is the texture and formula of the makeup as women’s skin is different to men’s skin and most women don’t have to deal with facial hair. women’s beauty products just don’t work as well on men’s skin.

MMUK have perfected the formula for their men’s foundation and concealer making makeup application easier for men and also making the overall makeup look more natural.

With all the praise there must be some criticism and for this movement, some people believe MMUK are actually widening the gap between male and female fashion/beauty even more by gendering makeup products more than they already are. Some believe that existing makeup brands and products aren’t gendered at all, such as MAC as their packaging does not market towards women, although this belief can be contradicted by the use of basically only women in their adverts and marketing as they are only now starting to dabble in the thought of men wearing makeup with the occasional man popping up in an ad or featured in an interview on their website.

Another brand pushing this amazing movement forward is Anastasia Beverly Hills an extremely popular makeup brand who decided to use male models for their Moonchild and Sweets glow kit promotions in 2016. A huge step forward was Covergirl’s first ever Coverboy, James Charles who is now one of the leading male beauty gurus taking the internet by storm.

Male makeup is finally starting to become normalised giving the positive message to today’s youth that they can be who they are without judgment.

Selfridges Opens Christmas Shop, With 147 Days to Go


The 31st of July. An unremarkable date, with nothing noteworthy about it. Until now. Selfridges has opened its Christmas shop, with just 147 days to go until the main event. Look away now if you’re a Christmas hater, or if the thought of even a jingle bell before December the 1st sends shivers down your spine.

The store has an enormous Christmas tree, and Father Christmas himself even took time out of his pre-season holiday to pose for photos as it was declared officially open. The store means that the most organised shoppers, and tourists, can buy all of their festive decorations and presents – just a casual five months before the big day.

A spokesperson for Selfridges said that the store is designed to cater for the high number of tourists expected to be in the city over summer, who are looking to take a piece of British Christmastime home with them.

From the 4th August, Selfridges will also be selling a small selection of festive food in their food hall, including Christmas cake. This is a special treat for summer tourists, as the festive fare is usually only available from October onwards.

The Selfridges Christmas Shop can be found within the halls of the Oxford Street flagship store, although there are also branches of Selfridges in Manchester and Birmingham. It’s expected that the Christmas shop in the other stores will launch at a considerably more normal time.

The Selfridges store on Oxford Street first opened its door in 1909. It was the brainchild of the eccentric Harry Gordon Selfridge. In the summer, the store is known for its rooftop, where it hosts pop up events such as restaurants, mini golf and even a boating lake. In the Second World War, the US Army took up residence in the basement, as it was safe from bombing and close to the US embassy. One of the things that Selfridges is most famous for its revolutionising the sale of makeup and perfume. Traditionally, these items were sold at the back of the store as it was seen to be negative to dress up. Harry Gordon Selfridge made the decision to push the items to the front of the store, and soon the other department stores followed suit. Today, the store is home to one of the world’s largest shoe departments, with over 4,000 pairs of shoes on sale at any one time. The department is known as the Shoe Galleries, with different salons, plush pink seats and boutiques. The Chanel boutique is modelled after Coco Chanel’s apartment, whilst Ugg Australia’s is like a ski chalet, and Louboutin has a red carpet perfect for VIP shoppers.

If Christmas in the summer sounds great to you, head down to Selfridges Oxford Street and get yourself in the festive spirit. ‘Tis the season!

The Lowdown on Lush’s Bath Bombs


Retailer Lush is well known for their collection of bath bombs, that can add a touch of luxury to an everyday bath. The geniuses in the product development team have just announced their range of Harry Potter bath bombs, and it has inspired us to take a look back at Lush’s collection of bath bombs – the good, the bad and the downright ridiculous.

Dark Arts Bath Bomb

If you’ve ever felt like a layer of jelly is missing from your bath, the Dark Arts bath bomb is for you. The dark layer of jelly gives way to pink, and the smell of cinnamon will help you relax. It has Brazilian orange to make you feel refreshed, and almond oil to soothe your skin. The product has been rated an average of three stars, with some people saying the jelly stung their broken skin.

Dragon’s Egg

If you’re more Game of Thrones than Harry Potter, the Dragon’s Egg bath bomb is the one for you. The bomb fizzes and crackles to reveal a golden colour, with a scent of lemon sherbet.

Rocket Science

Several of Lush’s bath bombs have an out-of-space theme. Rocket Science is shaped like, you guessed it – a rocket, with an uplifting lemon and bergamot scent, leaving your bath a vibrant blue colour.


Another deep space themed bomb, Intergalactic is wildly popular. It has a mixture of peppermint oil, grapefruit oil, cedarwood oil and vetivert oil. Many Lush bath bomb veterans rank it as their favourite, and it’s not hard to see why as it looks gorgeous in the bath!

Sex Bomb

Sex Bomb is designed to get you feeling relaxed and in the mood for love. It has a blend of jasmine ( a known aphrodisiac), sage to clear the mind and ylang ylang to ease worries. Reviewers say it made their skin feel smooth.

Cyanide Pill

Cyanide Pill is shaped like a pill, but it has more to offer than its quirky form. It’s packed with glitter and popping candy, to leave you gleaming like a disco ball, whilst the lemon scent will pick you up.

Avo Bath

Avocados are the darlings of Instagram, and the Avo Bath bomb is a prominent feature of the Lush line up. It’s filled with lemongrass and bergamot, whilst the avocado and 0live oil is designed to tackle dry skin head on.

The Experimenter

The Experimenter is one of Lush’s most colourful bathtime offerings. It has five vibrant bright colours, a sweet vanilla scent and a surprising hint of popping candy.

Guardian of the Forest

If you’re all about getting back to nature, the Guardian of the Forest bath bomb is for you. It has rosewood oil, lime oil and cypress oil to give off a gorgeous green colour and the popular scent of freshly cut grass.

Everything You Need to Know About the H&M x Erdem Collaboration

H&M is a brand that is well-known, and well-respected, for its designer collaborations. In the past, we’ve had Versace, Isabel Marant, Kenzo, Roberto Cavalli and Balmain. Balmain is perhaps the most memorable campaign, featuring millennial Instagram superstars such as Kendall Jenner. The first designer collaboration was with Karl Lagerfeld in 2004, and shoppers everywhere went wild for the statement t-shirts with his face emblazoned on them. In 2016, the Kenzo collaboration sold out almost instantly, prompting some snakey shoppers to put their items on eBay for a vastly inflated price. This year, it has been announced that H&M will collaborate with the dreamy London-based label, Erdem. If you’re not a regular reader of Vogue, the chances are that you might not have heard of Erdem, so here’s everything that you need to know ahead of the collaboration.

Who is Erdem?

Erdem Moralioglu is a Canadian-born, London-based designer. He launched his label, Erdem, in 2005 after graduating from the Royal College of Art in London. Throughout his career, Moralioglu has won various awards such as the 2008 British Fashion Council’s Fashion Forward award and in 2014, he was named the British Fashion Council’s Womenswear Designer of the Year. Moralioglu uses inspiration from his Turkish and Canadian heritage in his designs, aiming to create clothes that ‘work on lots of different bodies’ so that people can actually wear the garments.

Signature Style

If you take a look at Erdem’s designs, one of the key things that will stand out is the romantic, perfect prints. Whilst other designers might make such patterns look too fussy and busy, Erdem strikes the balance well, using well cut necklines and shapes to avoid the Mrs.Doubtfire aesthetic. His designs are luxurious and other worldly, whilst also being incredibly wearable.

Celebrity Fans

Erdem’s designs have the royal seal of approval, as they are regularly worn by the Duchess of Cambridge. Other celebrity fans include Michelle Obama, Samantha Cameron and Alexa Chung. One stand out look from the latter was the violet floral satin gown that she wore to the Met Gala 2015, accompanied on the red carpet by Erdem himself.

What can we expect from the collection?

The H&M x Erdem collaboration will be released on the 2nd of November, and it’s sure to sell out. A teaser trailer announced the collaboration earlier in July, which was shot by the acclaimed director Baz Luhrmann who is making the campaign film. Within the trailer, we got glimpses of the famous romantic prints and a fluffy-looking leopard print coat. Excitingly, the video revealed that Erdem would be using the collaboration to launch his first ever menswear collection, showing pyjama style suits. Baz Luhrmann was chosen to shoot a film around the campaign because Erdem views him as one of the ‘most important storytellers of our time’. Erdem gave an overview of the collection, stating that the collection is inspired by his work over the last decade, as well as the TV shows and 90s nostalgia of his youth. When creating the collection, he imagined a group of friends and family heading off to the English countryside for the weekend, with the overall style resulting in a mixture of dressing up and effortless glam.

The true cost of being a wedding guest

Weddings are expensive, we know that, but when you’re the one who is not actually throwing the wedding it’s surprising just how much they can still cost you.

Wedding season sets the average adult back almost £800, according to a new study. Quite amazing considering you’re only a guest at the wedding.

The research revealed the typical adult will attend three ceremonies this year, spending a total of £266 each time on accommodation, gifts, drinks and travel.

Wedding guest bills

And, as it turns out the more involved you are in the wedding the more it’s going to cost.

Grandparents end up with the biggest bill, at around £430, while the best man will end up with a £313 dent in his bank balance.

Not surprising, the study found that four in ten have gone over budget at a wedding.

However, the value of seeing loved ones walk down the aisle far outweighs the cost for many, with two-thirds saying they feel it’s a real honour to be asked to attend a wedding.

Paul Stokes of M&S Bank, who commissioned the study of 2,000 adults, said: “We know the privilege of attending a wedding far outweighs the cost for many of us, but with wedding season totalling nearly £800 on average, we wanted to look at the costs and see where guests could make some savings.”

The most expensive part of attending a wedding

Buying gifts were one of the most expensive elements of attending a wedding, costing guests an average of £79 a time, with people most likely to spend more on their best friends than siblings.

However, the average minimum people expect to spend on a wedding gift is less than you might think, coming in at £25.52, meaning you perhaps don’t need to spend quite as much as you might have thought.

A quarter of Brits said they think it’s rude when a couple asks for money instead of a wedding gift.

And in fact, one in five having attended a marriage ceremony and leaving nothing at all.

Wedding guest outfits

Guests will spend nearly £80 each on a new dress or suit and nearly £40 on shoes.

Proud mothers of the happy couple will spend £307 on a new outfit, including more than £100 on a new dress, £51 on shoes, £30 on jewellery and £59 on hats and fascinators, as well as other accessories.

Extra expenses at weddings

A third of Brits have spent more than they expected to at a wedding, with additional expenses like hotels and travel costs. On average, wedding guests spend £50 on their hotels and £34 at the bar.

Friday weddings are now three times as popular as they were a decade ago, which can save guests money on accommodation, compared to weekend weddings.

Cash-savvy bride and grooms have saved thousands by avoiding the weekend for their nuptials; wedding ceremony costs have been nearly halved by thrifty couples from £20,000 in 2007 to £11,400 today.

Paul Stokes added: “Despite the cost, being part of a loved one’s special day is hugely important to most of us, so we wanted to show how guests can make the experience a little more affordable.”

“A new outfit is one of the biggest considerations for any wedding guest when making plans to see their nearest and dearest on the happiest day of their lives.”

Festival essentials everyone needs to pack

Festival season is here, and while the big one, Glastonbury, might be out the way, there’s no doubt that there are still plenty more to come. So, here is our helpful guide on what to pack when it comes to your festival this summer.

Whether you’re travelling abroad or staying here in the UK, these essential items will ensure that your festival goes without a glitch – we can’t make promises on the weather though – so make sure you check it before you go and pack the appropriate clothing.


You won’t be going anywhere without your travel and festival tickets.


It can be hard to navigate your way back to your tent after potentially drinking one too many or just from tiredness. Make it easier on yourself by packing a torch – and preserving your phone’s battery. It’s ideal for in the tent too, when it’s too dark to see where you’ve left everything.

Reusuable water bottle

Some festivals are quite strict on what you can bring in from the outside, but if possible, try to pack your own reusable water bottle. Not only can lines be long but things such like water can be quite expensive. There’s nothing more important than staying hydrated at a festival – and we don’t mean just with alcohol.

Cash and card

Festivals are expensive places and queues for cash points are often long so make sure you’ve got enough cash to last you and carry a card for emergencies.

Skin soothing gel

With all the dancing around and the majority of the time spent outside, it can really start to take a toll on your skin, so pack something to bring the moisture back to your skin. A soothing skin gel is ideal for when you’ve had too much sun or windburn. Plus it can help soothe itchy skin like rashes and insect bites, plus it provides moisture to dry skin to protect after exposure to the elements.

Hand sanitiser

As fun as festivals can be, you are more exposed to picking up germs, so it’s important to try and prevent yourself from picking up or spreading anything unpleasant. Pack some hand sanitisers with you as it isn’t always easy to access soap and water.

Toilet paper

They’re going to run out, they always do, so make sure that you have some of your own to use when you’re a day in. Plus, take packets of tissues to carry around with you, you’ll be surprised at how handy they come in.

Portable charger

You’re likely to be taking your phone, and if you’re anything like us, you’ll be lucky to see it last the full day. Investing in a portable charger is a must to make sure you have battery whilst you’re there. You’re not only going to want to remember the weekend with pictures and videos but just in case you need it in an emergency too.

Plastic bags

Pack a few of these in your backpack, you’ll be surprised at how handy they come. They’re perfect for tidying around your campsite, as well as putting in your dirty washing, and can help keep things dry too if it’s particularly wet.


You can’t rely on the weather, but of course, you know that. So ensure you’ve packed a waterproof jacket and either wellies or some form of waterproof walking boots to ensure that your feet stay dry whilst you’re at your festival.


Dry shampoo, wet wipes, toothbrush and toothpaste – you, of course, need to remember to pack all the essential toiletries to ensure you’re as clean as possible. We love the Wash Wizard, it’s a complete body wash sponge, simply add a splash of water from your bottle to activate the aloe vera foam and get washing. There’s no need to rinse or grab a towel, the natural ingredients mean you can just air dry to get squeaky clean – it’s like magic.

Wash Wizard is hypoallergenic and fragrance-free, and completely green, once used simply recycle, including the packaging.  RRP £7.99 for five sponges, with a percentage of the profits going to charities for the homeless.  Available from


Not only great if it’s really sunny during the day but perfect for the morning after when you’re feeling slightly hungover and extremely tired.


You’re going to be outside all day, so whether it’s sunny or not you’re going to need to protect your skin with SPF.

Blow up mattress

Trust us, you’ll thank us. You want to ensure that you’re the most comfortable you can be with as little sleep as you’ll probably be getting.

Working families risk health by preferring sofa to time outdoors

With the sun shining there’s never been a better time to get outside for some quality time with the family. But new research shows that working families are risking their health by choosing the sofa to spend their spare time.

Diabetes UK, the BHF and Tesco are challenging families to get active outside after new statistics show they’re more likely to be found in front of the TV.

A survey commissioned by the National Charity Partnership, a collaboration between Diabetes UK, the British Heart Foundation (BHF) and Tesco, found that just over three in ten working parents say they hardly ever walk, cycle, run or play games as a family outside. Instead, nearly three in four would rather stay indoors watching TV and films.

The National Charity Partnership is concerned that such sedentary lifestyles could be contributing to rising cases of Type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

With physical activity known to reduce people’s risk of these conditions, the National Charity Partnership is urging families to get active outdoors this summer and make the most of their local green spaces. It has also developed a free, online eight-week challenge to help families improve their lifestyle and long-term health by moving more and eating healthily.

Alex Davis, Head of Prevention for the National Charity Partnership between Diabetes UK, the BHF and Tesco, said: “When you’re trying to juggle work with a busy family, it’s easy to forego a walk in the park and instead kick off your shoes and settle in on the sofa, but encouraging children to be couch potatoes is a potential health time bomb.

“It’s behaviours like this which are linked to a number of health conditions, including Type 2 diabetes and heart and circulatory disease. Both conditions are serious and affect millions of people in the UK, but are largely preventable through lifestyle changes.

“We know that being physically active can reduce the likelihood of people developing these conditions and even a ten-minute stroll around the park with your children can help to make a big difference to your health and to the health of your family.”

The study, which surveyed more than 1,000 parents about their work-life balance, found that on the days that they work, one in five spends less than one hour a day with their children.

Despite around three in four respondents (77 percent) reporting they would like to spend more time with their children, less than two in five (38 per cent) working parents say they go to the park or visit an outdoor play area as a family.

Natalie Walker, 30, from Devon took part in a recent ‘Big Bike Ride’ event at her local velopark along with her husband and children.

“I love it when we’re all out together spending time as a family,” said Natalie. “It is a time when we’re not checking our mobile phones, but instead we talk to each other- and we’re getting exercise.

“It’s a kind of play time that we all get to join and enjoy together. We’ve built a lot of dens together and the kids love to explore, climb trees or whiz around on their bikes.”

The partnership is also funding a range of free activities across the UK. Activities currently underway include small steps to 5k, cycling training and clubs in Castlederg and Derry. A six-week Walk, Jog and Run Club in Thanet and the Beat the Street game is currently running in Nottingham until 26 July.

For more information about Let’s Do This and to sign up for physical activity programmes in your area, please visit

The changing depictions of dads on Father’s Day cards

Father’s Day is just around the corner, this Sunday if you needed reminding, and analysis of Father’s Day cards has shown the extent to which dads’ roles have changed over the years.

Depictions of dads as aloof, pipe-smoking, newspaper-reading, besuited men ‘enthroned’ by the fireplace have disappeared from all cards, with the exception of parody cards, and have been replaced by casually-dressed, soft-in-the-middle, sofa-dwelling figures, often likened to Darth Vader and far more likely to be comically inept.

Clintons looked at thousands of depictions of dads on Father’s Day cards since the 1950s.

Modern-day dads

  • Dads appear to have put on 10-15 kilos in body weight
  • Dads have dressed down
  • Dads’ leisure time preferences have shifted from reading the paper in slippers on an armchair to barbequing or watching the football on the sofa with a drink
  • Dads have a much stronger emotional connection with their kids are often the subject of affectionate jokes

A typical poem from the inside of a card 50 years ago would read:

“You can sit in your shirt sleeves

Today if you choose

Get by without shaving

And leave off your shoes;

Get first whack at the paper

And have your own way:

Eat, drink, and be merry

Today’s YOUR big day!”

Today, a typical greeting would read:

For my No.1 Dad

Thanks to you, I learned at an early age how to Save My Money…

…I used YOURS instead!

Have a Great Father’s Day

In 50 years, dads have put on around 15 kilos, and are far less likely to be depicted behind the wheel of speed boats or sports cars or scoring the winning goal. They are, though, more likely to have a strong emotional connection with their children.

Common phrases in Father’s Day Cards

According to Clintons’ analysis, there have been five phases of Father’s Day cards in the last 50 years:

  1. The formal phase [mid to late-1960s]: the slightly austere dad, sitting in an armchair in a three-piece suit and tie, smoking a pipe and reading the paper whilst family attend to his every need.
  2. The undo-the-tie phase [late 1960s to early 1970s]: characterised by cards that invite dads to abandon the razor and the tie for a day of ‘indulgence’.
  3. The Walter Mitty phase [early 1970s to 1980]: Dads as sporting icons or adventure sports enthusiasts, jumping from planes, piloting speed boats, driving racing cars or scoring the winning goal.
  4. The cute bear phase [early to late 1980s]: softer dads, more approachable and emotional.
  5. The anything goes phase [late 1980s to today]: today’s dads – ready to the subject of jokes, more likely to be comically inept, occasionally likened to Darth Vader, ribbed for their fondness for beer or fast food.  More likely to lying on the sofa and catching forty winks than loosening their tie. Frequently the source of loans, a 1% chance of being Darth Vader, depicted, variously, as dogs, pineapples, gorillas, leopards, teddy bears, tortoises, lions, bears, elephants, crocodiles, donkeys, parrots and frogs; a 2% chance of being seen as a superhero; a 1% chance of displaying ‘builders’ cleavage’.

Tim Fairs, a director at Clintons, said: “Dads have always been treated affectionately in cards, but in the last decade we’ve seen reverence replaced with anything goes humour.  Some traditionalists might bristle at this, but the reality is that the humour shows how accessible and important dads are to their kids and that’s a cause for celebration.”

A brief history of Father’s Day

Father’s Day originated in the Middle Ages.  It was then observed on 19 March, as the feast day of Saint Joseph, who is referred to as the fatherly Nutritor Domini (“Nourisher of the Lord”) in Catholicism and “the putative father of Jesus” in southern European tradition.

The modern version of Father’s Day emerged in the US in the early 1900s. Harry C. Meek, a member of Lions Clubs International, claimed to have first come up with the modern idea for Father’s Day in 1915. Meek rather immodestly chose the third Sunday in June because it was his birthday.

On June 19, 1910, a Father’s Day celebration was held at the YMCA in Spokane, Washington by Sonora Smart Dodd. Her father, the civil war veteran William Jackson Smart, was a single parent who raised his six children there. Although she initially suggested June 5, her father’s birthday, the pastors at her church did not have enough time to prepare their sermons, and the celebration was deferred to the third Sunday in June. Several local clergy accepted the idea, and on June 19, 1910, the first Father’s Day sermons honouring fathers were given.

In the 1930s, Dodd started promoting the celebration again, raising awareness at a national level. She had the not altogether altruistic help of those trade groups that would benefit most from the holiday, including tie and tobacco pipe manufacturers. By 1938, she had the help of the Father’s Day Council, founded by the New York Associated Men’s Wear Retailers.

In 1966, US President Lyndon B. Johnson issued the first presidential proclamation honouring fathers, designating the third Sunday in June as Father’s Day.  Six years later, the day was finally made a permanent national holiday in the US when President Richard Nixon signed it into law in 1972.

Whether you’re shopping in Harrods or Poundland for your dad this Father’s Day, don’t forget the card which is the perfect way to show him how you really see him.

Starbucks launch new summer salad and snack pot range

Your trip to Starbucks is undoubtedly going to get a whole lot longer next week when their new summer salad and snack pot range launches.

The amazing fresh salads will leave you spoilt for choice and have trouble deciding on which one to buy for your lunch.

The crunchy and deliciously fresh salads have been inspired by the raw ‘poke salads’ – which means ‘to cut into pieces’ in Hawaiian.

The four new salads are packed with goodness, perfect for summer days. As well as that there’s a selection of new snack pots to try too, perfect for when you’re on the go or want something a little smaller.

The new range marks Starbucks’ next step of innovation in its food menu with veggie, vegan and dairy free options.

Available in stores from 15th June, the salads are priced from £4.99.

Starbucks Summer Salads

Salmon & Prawn Salad, £4.99 take away, £5.99 eat in

Starbucks' salmon and prawn salad

A fish salad mixed with prawns, quinoa, sugar snaps, cucumber, shredded mooli and radish, salmon, combining a variety of lettuces, and a buttermilk and lime dressing. Full of green goodness, this salad is one of your five a day and contains less than 300 calories, so it is ideal for those looking for a lighter option.

Chicken & Mango Salad, £4.99 take away, £5.99 eat in

Starbucks Chicken and Mango salad

A feast for the eyes and the taste buds – this new fresh salad is a mix of shredded carrots, rice, edamame beans, chopped mango, buttermilk chicken, sliced red peppers and a chipotle dressing. It’s an exotic and spicy bowl of goodness.

Veggie BBQ Salad, £4.99 take away, £5.99 eat in

Starbuck Veggie BBQ salad

A vegan salad with a chimichurri dressing, complete with shredded carrots, pea shoots, sugar snaps, chargrilled broccoli, corn, chargrilled red peppers, roasted pumpkin seeds and wild rice. A delicious and colourful salad, which contains less than 250 calories – suitable for vegans but even meat-eaters will love this.

Beetroot & Goats Cheese Salad, £4.99 take away, £5.99 eat in

Beetroot and goats cheese salad

A delicious salad served on a flat bread, with a mix of beetroot hummus, shredded beetroot, mixed grains, and topped with goats cheese and a sprinkle of pea shoots. Enjoy as a salad or roll it up as a wrap for a something a little more filling.

Starbucks Snack pots

Perfectly sized snack pot portions including protein-rich and low-carb fresh ingredients, these are ideal post-workout snacks or a delicious light lunch.

Peas & Carrots Snack Pot, £2.49 take away, £2.69 eat in

Peas and Carrots snack pot

Crunchy carrot sticks and sugar snaps are served with a pot of smooth pea hummus – a delicious dipping snack that’s perfect for a picnic or to tuck into at your desk throughout the day.

Chipotle Egg Snack, £2.49 take away, £2.69 eat in [available in London stores only]

Chipotle Egg Snack

We’re definitely disappointed that these are only available in London stores, they sound delicious. Two eggs rolled in chipotle seasoning with a crème fraiche sauce and finished with pea shoots. This quick snack is perfect pre or post-workout for the ultimate protein fix and comes in at less than 100 calories per serving.

Blackened Chicken Snack Pot, £2.49 take away, £2.69 eat in

Blackened chicken snack pot

A blackened chicken snack pot with quinoa and fresh peppers topped off with fresh rocket and an optional creamy lime dressing. Another lighter way to snack.


IT Cosmetics Finally Arrives in the UK Thanks to Selfridges


American beauty products are sometimes quite elusive to us poor souls who live in the UK. We either have to pay extortionate shipping costs from US websites or just pray that a UK stockist will pick them up. And in some respects, we’ve been quite lucky, as the likes of Beauty Bay and Cult Beauty carry some popular US brands and Debenhams recently got hold of Kat Von D and Too Faced. However, one brand that UK beauty lovers have been struggling to get their talons on is IT Cosmetics. Until now that is, as the brand is finally taking a well-deserved place in the Selfridges beauty hall. Here’s everything you need to know about this cult brand.

IT Cosmetics was founded by news anchor and journalist Jamie Kern Lima in 2010. Jamie was inspired to create the brand after she struggled to find makeup that would cover her rosacea, a skin condition which left her with excess redness. She recalled an incident where she accidentally wiped off her eyebrow on a live broadcast and was horrified to see that her redness was showing through her supposedly full-coverage foundation. This incident prompted her to realise that finding good makeup is easy when you have great skin, but much more difficult when you have problem skin. She began selling her products on the TV shopping channel QVC, focusing on the niche of colour correcting, under the name IT Cosmetics (with IT standing for Innovative Technology). Since then, the brand has been mentioned in over eight million YouTube videos and has been shared or commented on Facebook over 3,000 times a day. Kern Lima credits social word of mouth for how fast the brand grew, saying that ‘when women find something that works, they tell somebody’. Loyal customers are known as IT Girls.

It wasn’t long before IT Cosmetics caught the eye of beauty giant Loréal, and according to Forbes, they paid over $1 billion for the brand in the summer of 2016. It was the biggest acquisition that Loréal has made in the last eight years, and Kern Lima was rumoured to have earned $410 million from the sale. She also stayed on to be CEO, making her the first female CEO of a brand owned by Loréal.

So, just why is IT Cosmetics so popular? Kern Lima thinks it is because the products work. The brand works alongside dermatologists and plastic surgeons to look at their products – creating a niche of colour-infused skincare rather than makeup. It’s this belief of great makeup creating great skincare that drew Selfridges to the brand. David Legrand, the director of beauty at Selfridges said that their customers look for a brand that combines effective products with a ‘philosophy they can trust’ which is ‘the very reason why IT Cosmetics stood out to us’. He continued to say that customers are looking for quick fixes, and products that combine skincare and makeup are ideal.

Standout products from the IT Cosmetics range are the CC Cream with SPF 50 which corrects redness and provides full coverage, and the Bye Bye Under Eye concealer which is ideal for masking dark circles. The products come in the shades fair, light, medium, rich and tan. You can buy IT Cosmetics from the Selfridges website.