The easiest and quickest ways to get in touch with Virgin Media

Virgin Media is a British company providing television, phone, and internet services in the UK. Customers can choose a single service out of broadband, TV, home phone, or mobile. Bundles are available to make multiple services cheaper together instead. This guide tells you how to contact Virgin Media.

Get in touch with Virgin Media on the phone

To contact Virgin Media by phone, call 0843 557 3761 and press 1 to connect to customer services. You then have the option to press 1 for TV, broadband, or home phone, or press 2 for Virgin Mobile customer services. There will be more options to choose from according to the service that you are calling up about. You may have to confirm your phone number so that they can locate your Virgin Media account. If you are not actually a Virgin Media customer yet, then it might be better for you to get in touch with them another way.

Get in touch with Virgin Media by e-mail

There is no public e-mail address for Virgin Media, probably because they would receive far too many e-mails to handle if there was. Instead, the only method they offer for contacting Virgin Media online is through a live chat. This is actually prominently displayed on the homepage of their website, so you can launch a live chat easily. Or you can follow this link and click the red button to start the chat. It will pop up in the bottom right corner of the page.

get in touch with virgin media

You will then have to enter your details, scroll down and press the submit button to connect to the next available Virgin Media agent. If you want to complain but aren’t getting anywhere, then try using Resolver to complain.

The easiest and quickest ways to get in touch with Virgin Media

As you can see, you can choose which service you want to complain about. It will then offer a list of topics so that you can select the one that is relevant to your complaint. You will be able to specify your problem and Resolver will send the message to Virgin Media on your behalf. You can keep checking for updates on your case until Virgin Media responds and offers you assistance.

Send Virgin Media a letter

Sometimes customers prefer to do things the old-fashioned way and write a formal letter of complaint to Virgin Media. Or you might have a query which hasn’t been answered through any other avenue. If you want to send a letter to the Virgin Media customer services department, then you can post it to:

Virgin Media
PO Box 333
Matrix Court

Alternatively, if you want to escalate a complaint or you have an enquiry for a different department, then you could write a letter to the Virgin Media UK head office address. This might be about advertising, press, or investments.

Virgin Media
Media House
Bartley Wood Business Park
RG27 9UP

Speak to Virgin Media through social media

Virgin Media operates an official Facebook page and Twitter account. They post news about their services on these channels and sometimes respond when customers send messages or leave comments. However, they do not allow customers to message them privately, meaning they will not discuss individual accounts. Customers should avoid posting their personal details online and only use social media for general enquiries. If you are having a problem with service, you can use Virgin Media’s online status checker tool.

Virgin Media Community Forum

There are a lot of resources online to help you if you are experiencing issues with a Virgin Media service. To save you some hassle, you may want to look at the help topics available in the Customer Support area of the website. You can read through guidance on specific devices or your Virgin Media account.

get in touch with Virgin Media

If you can’t find the answer on the website, then you might want to consult the Virgin Media Community website instead. Virgin Media customers will ask each other questions and post discussion topics so that other customers can provide advice from their own knowledge and experience as a customer.

get in touch with Virgin Media

Select the service that you are concerned about to view the posts about it on the forum. Or narrow the results down by entering a specific query into the search bar. This will make it easier for you to find out if anybody else found the answer to a similar problem and allow you to see if the issue is common.

Visit a Virgin Media store or office

If you need advice on using a Virgin Media product or service, you might find it easier to explain if you go through it in person. Use the online store locator to find your nearest Virgin Media branch and its opening hours. If you want to try out new Virgin Media products, then you can do this as well. If you want to speak to senior management at Virgin Media, then you might want to visit an office instead. There are several Virgin Media head offices in the UK, plus plenty of smaller offices across the UK. You can find the details of Virgin Media office locations here and use them to look up opening hours or phone numbers. It is likely that you will not be able to visit a Virgin Media office without making an official appointment first due to security reasons.

The easiest and quickest ways to get in touch with Social Services

Whether it is about yourself or a vulnerable child or adult, you might have concerns about their wellbeing. This could be due to neglect, abuse, or any condition which is not receiving the proper treatment. You might not know what to do in such a situation, or who to get in touch with. A good place to start is to contact Citizens Advice for impartial and confidential guidance.

Get in touch with Social Services on the phone

If a vulnerable person needs medical assistance or you think that they are in danger, you should call 999 for help from the emergency services. If it is not an emergency but a vulnerable person is suffering, then you should report it to your local council. They can put you in touch with local Social Services so that they can help. You can find the contact number for your local council on their website. If you have suspicions about abuse but you are not sure what to do or what will happen, then call Citizens Advice on 0843 178 3403 to talk to an adviser. You can also get advice if you want to contact Social Services for yourself or your family, but you are unsure of what they can do to help.

Get in touch with Social Services by e-mail

You might find it easier to contact Social Services by e-mail because it is easier to write things down than talk on the phone about them. However, there may not be a direct e-mail address or online contact form available. You can contact your local council to find out how to get in touch with the Social Services department that is relevant to your needs. Use this search engine to find your local council’s website by entering your postcode. Look for a “Contact Us” section to find their contact details. Or you can browse the website for information on Social Services that is tailored to where you live. If you would like more immediate assistance, then you can try using the Citizens Advice webchat by clicking the button if an adviser is available.


You can choose the reason you want to talk to Citizens Advice from the drop-down list. You may be able to leave a message and get a reply in the next 4 days by e-mail if an adviser is not available when you need to talk.

Send Social Services a letter

As above, you will have to contact your local council to find the address if you want to write a letter to Social Services. This is a slower method and may not be the best choice if you want a faster resolution for a sensitive issue. If you want to make a complaint to Social Services and that is why you’re writing to them, see the advice further down on the page. To get advice about Social Services without calling or e-mailing, you can find Citizens Advice locations near you. It would probably be better for you to visit one of the offices in person rather than writing a letter to them. You can find the address, opening times, phone number, e-mail address, and list of services there. You may have to book an appointment in advance.

Apply for a Social Services assessment

If you need support from Social Services, you will have to apply for a needs assessment. They can offer home care if you need help cleaning or getting shopping, home adaptations if you have a disability, day centres for breaks for carers or daycare for children, parenting classes, or care homes. They will provide services according to the results of your assessment. You can apply for a Social Services assessment online or by calling your local council for assistance. You will also get a financial assessment to work out if you’ll have to pay for social care and how much. You can also apply for equipment to adapt your home online if you have a disability. The types and extent of the Social Services support that are available will depend on your council.

Complain about Social Services

If anything goes wrong with social care, or you disagree with the outcome of your needs assessment, then you should contact your council about this. If the council provides and/or pays for at least some of your social care, then they are responsible for handling complaints. They have a legal duty toward the people that they provide such services for. If you discuss a problem with the staff providing your care or their management but they fail to resolve it, then you should follow the complaints procedure on your council’s website. If you are still unhappy with the response from the council, then you should try escalating your complaint to the Local Government Ombudsman service.

The Quickest and Easiest Ways to Get in Touch with Vodafone

There are a number of reasons you might need to get in touch with Vodafone, such as issues with your phone connection, questions about your bill, making changes to your tariff, and more. Below, you’ll find all of the quickest ways to get in touch with them, to get an answer regarding what you’re looking for.

Get in touch with Vodafone on the phone

The quickest way for you to get through to Vodafone is by calling their customer service line, on the phone the number 0843 557 4961.

When you phone this number you will be able to speak to a Vodafone Advisor who will be able to assist you with what you need.

Email Vodafone to speak to them

Vodafone doesn’t have a direct email for you to contact them on; instead, they have a Live Chat feature available on their website. You can use this as you would any other instant messaging service, sending them a message to hear back from a Vodafone customer advisor in due course. This shouldn’t take long, and is another speedily way of getting in touch with them.

Vodafone Chat Online

Use social media to get in touch with Vodafone

You can also contact Vodafone through social media, where their customer advisors should be able to answer your question. If they can’t they’re likely to direct you to one of these other options.

You can Tweet to them on Twitter with your concern, just remember not to include any of your personal information in an open Tweet that can be seen by other people.

Vodafone Twitter

Message them via Facebook with your concern, which can be done on the page below.

Vodafone Facebook

Get answers from Vodafone via their Community

Use the Vodafone Community to get answers to commonly asked questions. You can search for the type of thing you’re looking for, as it might be that someone else has been through this issue, and they could have given their advice and outcome on the forum.

Vodafone Community

Write a letter to Vodafone

You can also write a letter to Vodafone at the address below, but as you can probably imagine, this is the slowest option that we’ve listed here.

Vodafone House
The Connection
RG14 2FN

The easiest and quickest ways to get in touch with Groupon UK

Do you have a problem with a Groupon, whether it is redeeming a coupon from Groupon UK or with an order from a product through the Groupon UK website? Read this guide to find out how to get in touch with Groupon UK.

Get in touch with Groupon UK on the phone

Contact Groupon UK by calling 0843 208 5604. The phone line is open from 8am to 6pm on weekdays only. It is usually busier in the morning, so they recommend calling after 12pm instead. When you call, the automated menu offers a list of options. Press the number for the reason that you are calling:

1) A payment or credit-card-related question.
2) Help with a product or service that you have not received.
3) Help with a purchase that you have already redeemed.
4) General questions about your Groupon UK account.
8) All other enquiries.

Contact Groupon UK by e-mail

The Groupon UK e-mail address is However, you will actually get a faster response if you submit a contact form through the Groupon UK Help Wizard. Go through the steps and select the relevant topic for your enquiry. It will provide links to their FAQ guides which might help you to resolve the problem on your own. Otherwise, click on the button that says “No, I Still Need Help” and it will reveal your contact options. Click on the e-mail link to open the form as shown below. Alternatively, if you need assistance right away, then click to start a live chat with a Groupon adviser.

get in touch with Groupon UK

get in touch with Groupon UK

Send Groupon UK a letter

If Groupon has not been acknowledging your complaints or requests for assistance online, then it may be time to write a formal letter to Groupon. You can write to Groupon UK at their head office in England at this address:

Seal House
1 Swan Lane

Alternatively, if you are in Ireland, then you can send letters here instead:

Groupon International Limited
Lower Ground Floor
Connaught House
1 Burlington Road
Dublin 4
216410 Ireland

Speak to Groupon UK through social media

Groupon UK has active social media accounts on both Facebook and Twitter. If you contact Groupon on Twitter, they will ask you to send a DM with your order details. You can choose to send a private message on Facebook instead if you prefer. As you can see, Groupon typically replies instantly there. You could try the Facebook chat option if a Groupon adviser is not available to live chat through the website. You will need to tell them your name, order number, and delivery address so that they can look into the issue for you.

get in touch with Groupon UK

Check Groupon FAQs

There are a lot of questions that may have simple answers. You should look at Groupon’s FAQ page to see if there is a solution to your problem so that you don’t have to contact Groupon directly yet. The FAQs cover topics such as managing your account, purchasing coupons and using them, changing or returning an order, and tracking goods shipments. The FAQ answers will have helpful instructions and guidance on what to do.  If you can’t find the information that you need, then you should contact Groupon UK to get help.

get in touch with Groupon UK

The multiple ways you can get in touch with BBC News

Looking to speak to BBC News to make a complaint or offer up some information? You can find out all of the best ways you can get in touch with them below.

Get in touch with BBC News on the phone

If you want to get in touch with BBC News to give your views on their coverage of events, you can phone them on the number 0843 208 2267. This is probably the quickest way to get in touch and guarantee that they hear what you have to say.

Email BBC News

You can email BBC News with the information you’d like to give them, this is another quick option, but it’s likely you won’t know if they have received or read it.

The email address to contact them on is

Contact BBC News on social media

If you’d prefer to use your social media to get in touch with BBC News, you can do so via Twitter and Facebook.

Using Twitter you will have to @ them in a Tweet, unless they follow you back and you can then direct message them.

BBC NewsWatch Twitter

When you contact them on Facebook you can use the ‘Contact Us’ button, or message them privately.

BBC News Facebook

Write a letter to get in touch with BBC News

If you’d prefer to write a letter to BBC News, you can do so at the following address. Of course, this is probably the slowest option for getting them to hear your views and opinions.

W1 NBH 03D
BBC Broadcasting House
London W1A 1AA

The easiest and quickest ways to get in touch with DPD

Do you have a problem with a DPD delivery or collection? Is your DPD parcel missing, or is there an issue with the delivery address? There are many ways for DPD to cause problems, but how do you get in touch with DPD to resolve them? You can read this guide to find out how to contact DPD for assistance.

Get in touch with DPD on the phone

If you want to speak to a human at DPD about your delivery, then call 0843 557 3392. The automated service will instruct you to press 1 for customer services or press 2 for enquiries about DPD accounts. Alternatively, hold the line and you will still get through to somebody at DPD. You won’t have to enter your parcel number and go through endless automated services! You will still need to provide your details so that they can locate your delivery, however. If you want to track or amend a delivery with your phone, then you should download the DPD app. It has lots of features to help with deliveries.

get in touch with DPD

Contact DPD by e-mail

If you would like to send an e-mail to DPD, then the contact e-mail address for DPD is You also have the option to submit an online enquiry form, as shown below. You can use this as a guide for the information that you need to include if you e-mail DPD directly. They might take up to 24 hours to reply, however. If you need to sort out a delivery, then you have several ways of doing this online or through the mobile app. If you want to escalate a complaint to DPD, then you can send an e-mail to Sinead Croke, the Director of Customer Experience for DPD, at

get in touch with DPD

Send DPD a letter

Obviously, sending a letter to the mail delivery company is a much slower way of contacting DPD. If you are trying to resolve an issue quickly, then it isn’t the best way. However, if you are having ongoing problems with DPD, such as a parcel that is still missing or a previous complaint which they are not doing anything to resolve, then you can write a formal letter to get their attention and encourage them to send a reply to you. Include all the relevant details in a letter, as in the enquiry form above, and post it to their address:

PO BOX 6979
Roebuck Lane
West Midlands
B66 1BN

Speak to DPD through social media

Unfortunately, DPD no longer interacts with customers through their social media accounts. The Facebook page and Twitter account for DPD UK are still there, but nobody is posting from these accounts anymore. If you check the Twitter page, you will see the notice below that DPD stopped responding on Twitter on 22nd October 2018. Therefore, you are not likely to get a reply if you message DPD on social media. The Facebook page is equally quiet. They had a dedicated e-mail address,, but it is not likely that they monitor this anymore either. As it says in the image, you should send an e-mail instead if you are trying to get in touch with DPD online.

get in touch with DPD

Go to a DPD Depot

Sometimes your parcel may be held at your local depot if the delivery driver could not deliver it. You can arrange to pick it up from the depot or have the parcel sent to a DPD Local collection point if you prefer. You can check your local DPD depot opening times and find the address by entering your post-code here. If you have not previously arranged to collect your parcel from there, then they may not be able to give it to you. Some depots may not have a customer entrance or customer service area. You can phone DPD using the number on this page and ask them to transfer you to a specific DPD depot if you need to speak to a person at that DPD depot regarding your DPD parcel.

get in touch with DPD

The easiest and quickest ways to get in touch with Facebook

Do you have a problem with your Facebook account, or with the Facebook website itself? It can be difficult to get help from official sources for social media sites. Read this guide to find out how to get in touch with Facebook.

Get in touch with Facebook on the phone

Facebook has its UK head office in London, the contact number for which is 0844 257 3019. When you call this number, it will give you these options:

  • Press 1 for Customer Support
  • Press 2 for Law Enforcement
  • Press 3 for Press Office
  • Press 4 for Marketing
  • Press 5 for Business Development & Advertising
  • Press 6 for Accounts Payable & Accounts Receivable
  • Press 7 for other enquiries

Usually, when you call them they will simply direct you to resources that are relevant to your problem with Facebook. If you cannot find the resources to fix the issue that you are having, or you have a severe complaint, then keep calling Facebook until you can speak to a human who can address the issue.

Contact Facebook by e-mail

There are no customer services e-mail addresses for Facebook because they keep it all internal on the website. Visit the Facebook Help Centre and search for the relevant guidance for your particular problem. If you cannot resolve the problem yourself and you still need to get in touch with Facebook, there will be options for individual internal contact forms. These cover everything from accounts and access to content and privacy. You can submit a report to Facebook if there is something that is breaching the website’s terms of use.

get in touch with Facebook

get in touch with Facebook

Send Facebook a letter

Another way to contact Facebook in the UK is to write a letter. You can send letters to Facebook in the post by addressing them to the UK head office at:

1 Rathbone Square

Speak to Facebook through social media

As Facebook is a social media platform itself, it does not have accounts on rival social media websites. You cannot message Facebook on Twitter or Tumblr or any other website. This isn’t so much of a problem because you can easily get in touch with Facebook through Facebook itself. Use one of the forms as mentioned above, or try sending a message to Facebook’s UK head office through their official Facebook page. If you have a complaint that Facebook is not addressing, then you can try to raise awareness of the issue by posting about it on Facebook or on other social networks until they take notice of it. Facebook often has a negative representation in the news.

Facebook Forum

Instead of contacting Facebook itself, you can always contact other users. Asking Facebook users for advice on the Facebook Community Forum is a great way to find out whether you have a common issue with a quick fix or something more complicated. You can search for some keywords directly or browse through a particular section to look at recent and popular problems and the resolutions that your fellow Facebook users have been discussing.

get in touch with Facebook

The quickest and easiest ways to get in touch with eBay

Whilst it can be pretty easy to get in touch with a seller on eBay, getting in touch with eBay themselves is a whole other matter. Here we provide the quickest and easiest ways to get a reply from eBay regarding your questions.

Use the phone to get in touch with eBay

You can call eBay on the phone number 0843 557 3780. This way they’ll be able to give you a straight and direct answer to the problem you’re facing.

Speak to eBay  on chat

If you’d prefer not to speak to them on the phone, you can contact eBay through their chat function on the website. This instant messaging service will tell you how long you’ll have to typically wait to get a response from one of the customer advisors.

Ebay Chat

Use eBay Help for your queries

When you’re logged into your eBay account, if you have one, you can use their Help page to find answers to questions that are asked time and time again to eBay. This could save you waiting for a response that’s already been given.

Ebay help

Contact the eBay community for help

If you’d like to take to the eBay Community to get help, you can write your issue or question here and get help from frequent users of the website. This could be quicker than directing your question to eBay in some cases.

Ebay Community

Does the eBay Answer centre have what you’re looking for?

The eBay Answer centre is another resource that could help with queries and questions. They have lots of different groups and discussion boards that could help with what you’re looking for.

Ebay answer centre

The best ways to get in touch with Netflix quickly

If you’re looking to get in touch with Netflix to get a quick and clear answer, then use our quick guide on the best ways to do it to make sure you get a fast response from them.

Get in touch with Netflix via the telephone

You can call Netflix on the number 0843 557 3836 where they can help you with your problem straight away.

If you already have an account with Netflix, you can sign into your account to get a faster service code. This means that when you call the number above you can type in the code to get quicker service and response from Netflix because you’re a customer of theirs already.

Netflix Faster Service Code

Live chat with Netflix

Another quick and easy way to get an answer or clarification from Netflix is by using their live chat that is available on their website. This is where you can direct message them to get an answer pretty much instantly, and you avoid speaking to anyone on the phone if you’re not a fan of this.

Netflix Live Chat

Use social media to get in touch with Netflix

You can also try and get a quick answer from Netflix by contacting them on social media. You can Tweet to them on their Twitter page, or direct message them if they follow you back.

Netflix UK Twitter

You can also write on their Facebook page if you wish. The only thing is, their customer advisors might not be able to help with your specific query through that channel, and they may direct you to one of the other methods of getting in touch above.

Netflix Facebook

Netflix Help Centre to get an answer

The Netflix Help Centre is a place you can go to get instant answers regarding general queries regarding Netflix, they have typical questions that are asked frequently by customers.

Netflix Help Centre

The Quick and Easy Ways to Get in Touch with Now TV

If you’re looking for a quick answer or response from Now TV, these are the best ways to get in touch with them.

Get in touch with Now TV on the phone

Phoning Now TV is probably the easiest way to get a response from them and ensure your questions are properly answered. There isn’t a direct number for you to call them on, however, since they’re owned by Sky, you can call the Sky customer team on the number 0844 826 8012. Here they’ll be able to help you quickly.

Use the Now TV community to get in touch

The Now TV community is another quick way to gain a response from customers who have had a similar experience to you, or one of their advisors who might be able to answer your question.

The Now TV community might already have the answer you need, you can do a quick search on the site to see if they have what you need.

Now TV community

Look for answers on Now TV’s help centre

On the Now TV website, you’ll find the answers to plenty of frequently asked questions regarding Now TV, looking here could save you time in getting the reply you’re waiting for.

Now TV help centre

Use social media to get in touch with Now TV

You can also speak to Now TV and their advisors via social media, tweeting them on Twitter, or messaging them via Facebook.

Now TV Facebook

The trained customer advisors who look after the pages should be able to help you with your questions.

Now TV Twitter