20 Ways to Live Sustainably in 2020


Extreme weather in recent years has brought more awareness to the climate crisis, and now millions of people are doing their best to make a difference. There are lots of small changes that you can make in your daily life that add up over time if your New Year’s resolution is to be more sustainable in 2020. Here are 20 tips on how to lead a more eco-friendly life in 2020 and beyond.

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Greggs Vegan Steak Bake + 5 Other Fast Food Options for Veganuary

Vegans, vegetarians, and flexitarians rejoice – the meat-free fast food industry is expanding even further with multiple new menu offerings for Veganuary 2020!


Greggs Vegan Steak Bake – £1.55

The Greggs vegan sausage roll was a national sensation following its release last Veganuary. This year, Greggs is adding a vegan version of their classic Steak Bake to their menu. It features 96 layers of pastry, made without an egg glaze or butter, and contains chunks of Quorn and diced onions with a meat-free gravy. The Vegan Steak Bake is available in selected stores from 2nd January, with Greggs rolling it out to all locations in the next 2 weeks.

KFC Vegan Burger – £3.99

Considering their primary product is chicken, it might be surprising that KFC is entering the vegan market with a Zero Chicken Burger. The vegan burger is made up of a Quorn fillet, lettuce, and vegan mayonnaise in a soft bun. KFC is boasting that they are using the same 11 herbs and spices for flavouring the vegan burger as it does for its actual chicken, so customers can experience the signature KFC finger-lickin’ taste without eating meat.

Pizza Hut Vegan Pepperoni Pizza – £11.69

Like Greggs, Pizza Hut was already a big player in the UK vegan market after launching a Jack N Ch**se vegan pizza last year. If a plain margherita pizza with Violife vegan cheese doesn’t cut it, then for Veganuary you can try the new vegan pepperoni pizza. The cleverly-named Pepperphoni is actually made of pea protein, which is a first for a pizza topping at Pizza Hut. This option is only available for a limited time, but it could become permanent.

Costa Vegan Cheese Toastie – £2.65

Costa Coffee has been making strides with their own vegan menu in recent years, and this Veganuary they will be adding another new item to the vegan menu. The meat-free Vegan Smoky Ham & CheeZe Toastie contains Quorn and vegan cheese on toasted dairy-free bread. It will be available from 2nd January in all Costa stores. Costa also claims that they will be adding even more vegan options to their menu very soon, expanding this to 25 choices.

Subway Meatless Marinara Sub – £3.59

Not be outdone by a coffee shop, the sandwich chain Subway is introducing their own vegan sandwich this Veganuary. Subway has tweaked the recipe for their classic Meatball Marinara Sub, substituting meat-free meatballs and vegan cheese. You can also customise the Meatless Marinara Sub if you would prefer another sauce, such as vegan chilli, aioli, or sweet onion. The hash browns at Subway are also vegan, and they already offer a vegan sub.

McDonald’s Veggie Dippers – £3.29

McDonald’s is another fast-food chain announcing a vegan menu shake-up for Veganuary, but it’s actually not that exciting. If you remember, last year McDonald’s replaced the old popular veggie burger with pepper and pesto goujons, which could also be bought as part of a Happy Meal or in a wrap. In Veganuary, they will begin selling vegan Veggie Dippers in Happy Meals, as part of a regular meal deal with fries and a drink, or as a separate pack of 4.

Best UK Christmas Cakes Delivery 2019


Many people love the comfort of home baking at Christmas time, but lots of us don’t have the time to actually bake our own Christmas cakes. It cans till be a special season with handmade decorated Christmas cakes if you order from a bakery for home delivery. It does cost more than the Christmas range at your local supermarket, but it’s worth paying for artisan Christmas cakes.

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Post Office Christmas & New Year Opening Hours 2019

Post Office Christmas & New Year Opening Hours 2019

Christmas is one of the busiest times for the postal service, but even the Post Office has to close over Christmas. One thing we know for sure is that there will be no deliveries or collections on Christmas Day or Boxing Day. Otherwise, the Post Office Christmas and New Year opening times can vary.

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Jobcentre Christmas Opening Times 2019

Jobcentre Christmas Opening Times 2019

Just as benefit payment dates are affected by the bank holidays at Christmas and New Year, so are Jobcentre opening hours. Over the Christmas holidays, Jobcentre Plus offices will either be closed or have restricted operations on certain days. Check below to find out when Jobcentres will be open or closed.

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Do Seasonal/Christmas Workers Pay Tax?

Do Seasonal/Christmas Workers Pay Tax?

Seasonal workers do not work all year round, but rather have a cycle of work in a particular season. For example, picking fruit and vegetables in summer or autumn is a popular seasonal job. Christmas is a busy time of year for lots of industries, so this is also a popular time for seasonal workers to find jobs. However, tax liability can be confusing when you are working a temporary job. Read this guide to find out whether Christmas workers have to pay tax.

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Complete Costa Christmas Menu for 2019


Christmas came early for Costa customers when the nation’s biggest coffee shop chain introduced their 2019 festive menu on 1st November. The iconic Christmas cup designs are back, along with limited-edition premium drinks and showstopping seasonal snacks. Check out the full range of products and their prices below to find your new favourite festive treats for winter 2019.

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The Best Reusable Coffee Cups for Winter 2019

best reusable cups

Less than 1% of the 3 billion disposable coffee cups used every year in the UK are recycled. The single-use cups are difficult to recycle due to a lining of polyethylene, so these throw-away paper coffee cups are contributing to the high levels of waste that have a harmful effect on the environment. To cut down on waste without cutting out your daily caffeine dose, swap to a reusable coffee cup. This guide will help you to find the best reusable cup.

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What to Put On Your Christmas Wishlist 2019

what to ask for for christmas 2019

One of the most fun (and equally the most stressful) parts of Christmas is shopping for presents. However, people are often so busy figuring out what to buy for everyone else that they forget to think about what they actually want. Wishlists might seem presumptuous, old-fashioned, or even childish, but creating a wishlist is a great way to help people out if they’re struggling to find a gift for you. Even if people don’t get you the exact items on your list, it will give them an idea of the kind of things you’d like. This will help to avoid unpleasant surprises or the awkwardness of asking for a receipt.

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