How to Cancel Postcode Lottery Payments

How to Cancel Postcode Lottery Payments

0844 257 5901

If you no longer want to take part in the People’s Postcode Lottery you can find out below how to cancel your payments and stop participating in the lottery. You can cancel your payments via multiple methods, all of which are listed below for you in a helpful guide.

Call to Cancel Postcode Lottery Payments

If you would like to cancel your payments to the Postcode Lottery you can do so by calling the Postcode Lottery team on 0844 257 5901. Once on the phone to a member of the Postcode Lottery team you will need to provide some personal and account details to allow the team member to identify your account and your payments. They will then be able to cancel your payments for you as well as close your account if you wish to. They will inform you of whether you’re still eligible in the most recent lottery as you may have already paid for it.

Email to Cancel Postcode Lottery Payments

If you would prefer to cancel your Postcode Lottery payments via email you can do so by following these instructions. You first need to write out a letter including your personal (full name, address and contact information) and account information. You then need to write informing the Postcode Lottery team that you wish to cancel your payments to the Postcode lottery and stop your subscription into the lottery. You then need to send the email to the Postcode Lottery team at You should receive a reply within a week if you do not receive a reply you should contact the Postcode Lottery team by calling the number listed above.

How To Block a Number With Vodafone

how to block a number with vodafone

0843 557 4961

Whether you’re experiencing nuisance marketing or sales calls or you’re being harassed with calls from someone you know, follow the guide below to find out how you can block numbers with Vodafone.

Call Vodafone to Block a Number

You can call Vodafone to block a number by calling the Vodafone helpline on 0843 557 4961. Make sure you have the number you would like to block written down before you contact this number. You can call the number to speak to a member of the Vodafone team, you simply need to inform them that you wish to block a number from being able to call or text you. You will then be able to inform the team member of the number and they will be able to block the number from contacting you again.

Text to Block a Number

You can sign up for the TPS nuisance call block service for free with Vodafone. You simply need to text your email address to the number 85095 and you will be able to follow the instruction sent back to you to finish signing up for the number blocking service. This service will only help with marketing and sales nuisance calls, not harassing personal calls. TPS keeps a record of personal numbers who do not want to receive marketing and sales calls, this will minimise the chance of other numbers calling you regarding marketing or sales.

Report a Blocked Number

If you would also like to report a number for nuisance calls you can do so by following the below instructions. You just need to text CALL to the number 7726 to report a nuisance number to Vodafone. You will receive a reply from Vodafone and you will then need to send back the nuisance phone number to Vodafone. This will then help Vodafone identify numbers that are being used for nuisance marketing and sales calls to minimise the chance of you receiving another call from this number.

How Do I Use My Sparks Points?

how do i use my sparks points

0844 826 8015

Marks and Spencer have a loyalty card scheme called Sparks that allows you to collect points by shopping instore or online and then spend the points in the form of a voucher in Marks and Spencer or online with Marks and Spencer.

How To Get a Sparks Card

To get a Sparks card you can simply pick up a card in-store and register it online or register online and then pick up a card and register the card with your account. If you have picked up a Sparks card in-store you can simply go to the Marks and Spencer website, log in and activate your new card online. If you would prefer to make an online Sparks account first you just need to go to the Marks and Spencer website and sign up for a Sparks account. You will then be able to pick up a card in-store and activate the card with your account by logging into your Sparks account and activating your new card.

How To Use Your Sparks Points

You can go online to the Marks and Spencer website to check how many Sparks points you have earned. Once you have checked your balance you will be able to see what offers and vouchers are available for you to choose from to spend your Sparks points on. You can then select a voucher you would like and choose to print it off or use it in the online store. If you print the voucher off you can use it in-store. You can also use your points to take money off your bill in-store just ask the cashier about it once they scan your Sparks card.

Call Marks And Spencer About a Sparks Card

If you would like to call Marks and Spencer regarding an issue you’re experiencing with your Sparks card or account you can call the Sparks helpline on 0844 826 8015. You will need to provide some personal and account information to all the Marks and Spencer team to identify your card and to aid with helping any issues or inquiries you have regarding your account or card.

Where to Collect Nectar Points

where to collect nectar points

0843 557 3571

Nectar is an independent loyalty scheme that allows customers to earn points in various different stores as well as spend points in various different stores. The scheme was launched in 2002 by Loyalty Management Group. The scheme was purchased by UK Supermarket Sainsbury’s in 2018.

What Are Nectar Points?

Nectar points are the points you earn when you use your Nectar loyalty card. You earn a different amount of Nectar points per £1 spent in different stores that offer the loyalty scheme. The Nectar points can then be spent via vouchers in other stores or the same store you earned the points in.

Where to Collect Nectar Points

There is a variety of different stores and companies that allow you to earn Nectar points when you spend money with them. To make it easier for you to collect your Nectar points we have listed the stores you can collect points in below:

  • Argos
  • Caffe Nero
  • DHL
  • eBay
  • Esso
  • Virgin
  • Vue Cinema’s
  • SSE
  • Sainsbury’s
  • Pizza Hut
  • Oxfam Unwrapped
  • Daily Mail
  • American Express
  • Brakes
  • DFDS
  • Eurostar
  • Expedia
  • Viking Direct
  • Research Now
  • Restaurant Choice
  • NCH Charity
  • First Group
  • Hip Digital
  • ICI Dulux Decorator Centres
  • NCH Charity

How to Spend Nectar Points

If you’re looking to spend the Nectar Points you have collected you first need to go to the Nectar website and log into your account. Here you will be able to view how many points you have collected as well as a list of companies you can spend your Nectar points at. You will also be able to see a list of vouchers and offers your Nectar points can get you.  If you’re having issues redeeming your vouchers you can call the number below to speak with a member of the Nectar support team.

Get in Contact With Nectar

If you have some questions about where to collect Nectar points or you would like to know in more detail how you can spend your Nectar points you can call the Nectar team by dialling 08433 557 3571. You may need to provide some personal and card information to aid the team member in solving your issue.

Cancel Subscription Google Payments

cancel subscription google payments

0843 178 5902

If you’re looking to cancel a subscription Google payments you can find out all you need to do by reading the guide below, there are multiple ways you can cancel your subscription payment including via different devices.

Call to Cancel Subscription Google Payments

You can call Google to cancel your subscription payments no matter what device you make the payment from. You can simply call 0843 178 5902 to speak to the Google customer services department. You can then provide some personal and account information to allow the team member to identify your account and payment. You can then inform them of the payment you wish to cancel and the team will be able to cancel the subscription payment for you.

Cancel Subscription Google Payment on Android Phone

The first thing you need to do is make sure you’re logged into your Google account. You then need to go to the Google Play store and select the Menu button. You then need to go to the ‘Subscriptions’ option in the menu, you then need to find and select the subscription you would like to cancel. You should then be able to select a ‘cancel subscription’ button, once you have done this you need to follow the on-screen instructions to finish the cancellation process.

Cancel Subscription Google Payment on a Computer

You need to make sure you’re logged into your Google account on your computer, once you’re logged in you need to go to You will then see an option on the left-hand side of the screen which says ‘My Subscriptions’. Select the subscription you wish to cancel, you can then select the ‘manage’ button and then cancel your subscription.

Cancel Subscription Google Payment Apple iPhone & iPad

To cancel a subscription Google payment on an Apple iPhone or iPad you can go to on your device using Safari or Chrome. Make sure you’re logged into your Google account and you should see ‘my subscriptions’ on the left-hand side of the screen. Find the subscription you would like to cancel and select the ‘manage’ button. You then need to select the ‘cancel subscription’ button and follow the on-screen instructions to finish the cancellation of your subscription.

Cancel Payment Halifax – A Helpful Guide

cancel payment halifax

Halifax is a British Bank with locations all over the country. Halifax was founded in 1853 and is named after the town it was founded in, Halifax, Yorkshire. It was originally a building society but became a bank in 1997. If you would like to find out how to cancel a payment with your Halifax account you can read the handy guide below.

Cancel a Payment With Halifax on the Phone

You can call the Halifax customer services team on 0843 557 3774 to discuss any payments you wish to cancel. Once on the phone to the customer service team you will need to provide some personal and account information to help the Halifax team identify your account and the payment you need to be cancelled. You then need to explain who the payment is for, how much it is for and when it is supposed to be sent. They may be able to cancel the payment if there is enough time and the payment hasn’t already went through. If the payment has already went through they may be able to request a refund of the funds you have made. You can also call this number if you have any inquiries regarding payments.

Cancel a Payment With Halifax Online

You first need to log in to online banking and go to the direct debit or payment you wish to cancel. You should be able to see a button which says ‘cancel payment’, once you click on the button you will be asked to confirm you wish to cancel the payment. Your payment will then be cancelled for you. If you do not see the button when you click on the payment you need to call the number above to see if it is possible to cancel the payment or receive a refund for the payment if the payment has already went through.

How to Contact Deezer

Deezer is a French online service for streaming music. Launching as Deezer in 2007, the service was ahead of its later rival Spotify in introducing tiers for free and subscription music streaming services. After global expansion, Deezer now has offices in several countries. This is how to contact Deezer.

Get in touch with Deezer by phone

Deezer does not officially offer customer support over the phone. Users are often searching for a Deezer phone number to get help or complain. If you want to call Deezer in the UK, then call 0843 178 5884. If someone in the office is available, then they will speak to you or transfer you to someone who can assist you. The office opening hours are 9am – 5pm on weekdays.

Get in touch with Deezer by e-mail

You can try sending an e-mail to Deezer at However, they do not list this e-mail address publicly. In case you do not get a reply from that address, you can use the official web form instead. This allows you to submit a message to the Deezer support team by selecting the topic.

How to Contact Deezer

They will get back to you as soon as possible. If you need to speak with someone immediately, then look for the webchat in the support section.

Send Deezer a letter

The headquarters for the company is in France, where it began. There are lots of international offices for Deezer. In the UK, the Deezer head office is in London. You can write a letter to Deezer and post it to the address shown below. Contacting Deezer by post does not guarantee a response from them.

17 Berghem Mews
Blythe Road
Brook Green
W14 0HN

Speak to Deezer on social media

The easiest way to contact an online service is to reach out online. You can direct questions to the dedicated @DeezerHelp account if you’re on Twitter.

How to Contact DeezerAlternatively, you can visit the Deezer Help page on Facebook if you have an account. There is a button to send a message which launches a chat window.

How to Contact Deezer

You can also use the Deezer social media pages to interact with other users and leave comments with feedback for Deezer. Leaving a public complaint might help you to get a response from Deezer if they are not addressing it.

Deezer Support Community

Finally, the Deezer support centre is also a hub for the Deezer community. Other Deezer customers who experience issues can post about them and give advice to each other. There are also FAQs for finding quick answers.

How to Contact Deezer

Otherwise, you can search for specific topics and find relevant posts. There could already be a post with a resolution to a problem that you were going to post about yourself. You can also post to provide answers if you have them.

How to Contact Nike

Nike is an American sports brand, designing and retailing a range of items. They sell athletic clothing, footwear, equipment, and accessories. Nike has an iconic tick logo known as the swoosh and a famous “Just Do It” slogan. The company has been around since the 1960s and is now a major name in its industry around the world. Here are the ways that you can contact Nike.

Get in touch with Nike by phone

You can contact Nike by calling 0843 208 2434 to reach their head office. It provides a list of numbered options to go through to the relevant area for your enquiry. You can press 1 for consumer queries and online orders, press 3 for Nike Golf customer services, or press 4 for Nike reception. Only press 2 for the Payments & Finance team if you are an employee or business partner working with Nike. You can call a Nike store directly if you find the details.

Get in touch with Nike by e-mail

When you send an e-mail to Nike customer services, they aim to respond to you within 1 working day. Click here to e-mail Nike. There is an online form rather than a direct e-mail address for Nike. As you can see from the image below, you must enter your details and submit a query. You can upload an attachment like a photo of a product or a copy of previous correspondence.

How to Contact Nike

You can also select a category, such as returns and exchanges or product information. If you do not want to wait for a reply, then a Nike live chat is also available. You can speak with a person at Nike between 8am and 5pm on weekdays only. If you are a reporter or blogger trying to contact the Nike UK press office, then you can send an e-mail to

Send Nike a letter

Nike has had offices at Doxford in Sunderland for years, although it has moved buildings within the park during that time. There is also the head office in London, but you are more likely to get a response from writing to their customer services department first. This will take longer than if you were to contact Nike online. You can write a letter and post it to Nike here:

Nike UK
Camberwell Way
Doxford International Technology Park
Tyne And Wear

Speak to Nike on social media

Like most internationally famous brands, Nike has a social media presence with verified accounts. Some of these accounts are for news and marketing only, such as their Facebook page. However, it is more likely to get a reply if you try to contact Nike on Twitter. Follow @Nike and send a tweet to them.

How to Contact Nike

There is also a @TeamNike account on Twitter which is for Nike fans and customers. It is a good place to look for product advice and aftersales and aftercare information for anything Nike-related, no matter where you are.

How to Contact Nike

As you can see from their Twitter bio, Team Nike offers global support in 5 other languages besides English. They are based at the Nike headquarters in Oregon in the USA, which is the international head office and base for Nike.

Nike Online FAQs

If Nike customer services are busy, you might be able to find information by yourself. Search the “quick assists” section of the Nike website for answers to some FAQs. They are organized into helpful sections to make this easier.How to Contact Nike

You can find out more about online orders, delivery, and returns, or about product details and care instructions. You can also find out about NikePlus and Nike’s business operations. Contact Nike if you’re still in need of help.

Go to a Nike store

You can visit any Nike store near you to browse stock and find out more about Nike products by asking the staff. If you have a problem in a Nike store, then ask to speak to the senior staff in that store. Report issues to general customer services if they fail to resolve a problem in the store.

How to Contact Nike

You can find the address, opening times, and phone number for every Nike location by searching online here. It will also advertise local opportunities with Nike, such as in-store events, promotional offers, or Nike experiences.

How to Speak to 3 Customer Service

3 Mobile, or Three, is a mobile network provider in the UK. It is now a global brand after first launching in the UK in 2003. The network provides 3G and 4G coverage for customers and has a partnership with Superdrug Mobile. If you need to contact Three customer services, here are the best ways to do it.

Get in touch with 3 by phone

As a phone service provider, it is easiest to call 3 customer services on the phone. Call 0844 826 8076 and it will ask you to choose from numbered options. Press 1 for existing mobile and broadband accounts or press 2 to join 3 or get an additional phone. If you press 1 then you will have to enter your 3 phone number. Otherwise, if you wait, there will be more choices. You can press 1 for contract phones, 2 for pay as you go, or 3 for broadband tablets or dongles. If you initially pressed 2 for a second lot of options, you can press 1 for buying queries or press 2 for upgrades and top-ups to your existing account. You can find the phone number for a specific store here.

Get in touch with 3 by e-mail

Unfortunately, 3 does not seem to have a public customer services e-mail address. If you want to contact them online rather than speaking on the phone, you can go to the “Contact us” page on Three’s website. Choose a topic to speak with Three about from the drop-down list as shown below.

How to Speak to 3 Customer Service

Then click the “See contact options” button. It will show you some relevant articles which could give you the information that you are looking for. If you don’t find it there, then you can use the Live Chat. It is open all the time, but it depends on adviser availability. You may have to wait to talk to someone.

Send 3 a letter

It is much slower, but if you want to contact 3 in writing, then you could send them a letter. You would have to pay for the postage yourself. If it is a serious matter, then you might want to use a trackable postage service. It will cost more, but you will be able to check when they receive your letter. You can send enquiries and complaints to 3 at the PO Box address below.

3 Customer Services
Hutchison 3G UK Ltd
PO Box 333
G2 9AG

Speak to 3 on social media

Another way to contact 3 online is to go on social media. There is an official Facebook page, but there is no messaging function for it. The only way you can get assistance there is from fellow Three customers checking the page.

How to Speak to 3 Customer Service

Three also has an active Twitter account, and a separate dedicated customer support account as well. You can tweet @ThreeUKSupport during the times in their bio, seven days a week. Only share details like your phone number and e-mail address if you message them privately, never in public tweets.

How to Speak to 3 Customer Service

The social media team also offer a web chat, which you can access when you click on the link in their Twitter bio. It is available during the same hours as Twitter support. You will need your account details to hand before you start.

Check 3 Support FAQs

Before you contact 3, or while you wait for an adviser, you might want to try looking for the answer to your question yourself. There is a Support section on Three’s website with lots of helpful articles to answer customers’ FAQs.

How to Speak to 3 Customer Service

The Support section is divided into several different sections so that you can find information relating to a specific line of enquiry. This could be a device or SIM query, problems with your bill or contract, or questions about Three network coverage and international costs. You can find all sorts of guides or instructions. If you still need help, then you can contact 3 customer services.

I Need Help With Debt Consolidation – A Helpful Guide

i need need help with debt consolidation

If you’re struggling to deal with your debt and you’re thinking about Debt Consolidation, read this guide to find out how you can be given guidance and help with your decision.

Contact The Citizens Advice

If you would like to discuss your debt with someone who will be able to offer unbiased advice, you can call the Citizens Advice team on 0843 208 0982. The Citizens Advice team will be able to advise you on the best course of action regarding what you need to do to manage your debt, whether that is a debt consolidation loan, filing for bankruptcy or other actions that will help you manage and pay off your debt. The Citizens Advice team may be able to offer you specialised aid to help you pay off or relieve some of your debt that will allow you to afford to pay off the rest of your debt or manage you finances in a better manner.

Debt Consolidation Loan

If you’re thinking about taking out a Debt Consolidation Loan, you should contact the Citizens Advice team first using the number above for some guidence on whether this is a good action for you financially and whether you can afford it. A Debt Consolidation loan is a personal loan that can be used to pay off all or a lump sum of your outstanding debt in monthly payments. The loan can be used to pay off outstanding debt on your credit cards, store cards and personal loans. The Debt Consolidation loan merges your debt into monthly payments that are easier to manage and lower your monthly outgoings. When comparing Debt Consolidation loans it is important to make sure you can afford the loan as well as check it is lower than what you’re currently paying out monthly to pay back your debt.