How to Check Your Topshop Gift Card Balance

Not sure what remains on your Topshop Gift Card? You can check the balance to it in two simple ways.

Check Gift balance on the phone

Call the number 0844 826 8444 to check the remaining balance on your Topshop gift card. When you phone this number you will need to give them the card number so they can access the details of the card. You can also ask them how long the balance is valid for to ensure that it doesn’t expire soon.

Check Topshop Gift Card balance online

You can also check your Topshop gift card balance online, simply enter in the details that are requested below and they’ll show you your remaining balance on the card.

Topshop Check Gift Card Balance

Gift card balances can’t be transferred to another card, and the money can’t be refunded to you. So it’s important you remember to spend it before it runs out.

The most convenient and fastest way to get in touch with iTunes

Do you have some questions about the iTunes services, are paying a subscription for something you don’t use or you’re having issues with your payment options? You can follow the guide below to find out how to get in touch with iTunes.

Get in touch with iTunes via phone call

Calling iTunes is the fastest way to get in touch with their team. You just need to dial 0843 557 3397. You can call the iTunes Support team phone number regarding any issues you’re experiencing with your iTunes app, any issues regarding payments, any issues about the content on the iTunes store, issues regarding Apple music, any questions regarding their services or products.

Contact iTunes via their website

get in touch with itunes website

You can get in touch with iTunes via the Apple website. You just need to go to the iTunes support area and then select ‘contact support’  via the menu on the left-hand side of the page. You will be able to get in touch with the iTunes support team regarding either the iTunes store or the iTunes player.

Send iTunes a letter

Sending a letter to iTunes is the slowest way to contact their teams. If you would still like to contact iTunes in this way, you need to include information about your Apple ID and about the issue or inquiry you have regarding their services. You can also include any other information that you think would be helpful regarding your issue. You can send your letter to:

Apple Distribution International
Internet Software & Services
Hollyhill Industrial Estate
Hollyhill, Cork
Republic of Ireland

iTunes Forums

You can get in touch with iTunes via their online forums. You just need to go to the iTunes website, go to the help section and select the iTunes support communities option. This part of the website allows you to start a discussion and ask a question about an issue or inquiry you have. You can also view what other people have discussed. You will not only receive replies from Apple employees but also other customers who may have experienced a similar thing.

get in touch with itunes community

How to advertise on Gumtree

How to advertise on Gumtree

Gumtree is a community website for classified advertisements. These ads are generally free and most commonly for secondhand goods. Adverts can be for anything from job or property listings to cars or pets for sale. People usually use Gumtree to sell unwanted appliances and clothes. If you are new to Gumtree, then you might not be sure about what to do. Read this guide to find out how to advertise on Gumtree if you want to put things up for sale.

Step 1: Click to Post an Ad

The obvious first step is to visit the website, In the top right corner, you will see a button to post an ad. Click on this to start advertising.

How to advertise on Gumtree

Step 2: Create an Account or Sign In

When you are a new Gumtree user, you will have to create an account. You can sign up for a new account and enter your details manually. Or you can link it to your Google account and sign in quickly by transferring your info.

How to advertise on Gumtree

Step 3: Select Specific Categories

Now you can make a start on creating your ad. An important part of listing items for sale is to make sure that you categorize them properly. The more specific your listing is, the more likely people are to find it in their results when they are searching on Gumtree. There is a huge variety of categories.

How to advertise on Gumtree

When you choose a category, there will be further subcategories to choose from until it becomes as specific as possible. In this example, we are selling a pair of shoes. We can categorize them as footwear, women’s shoes, and flats rather than just listing them as shoes under “clothes and accessories”.

Step 4: Choose Your Listing Location

When you click “continue” to move on, it will ask for your postcode. If you would prefer to advertise to a wider area, you don’t know your postcode, or you don’t want to share that information, then you do not have to enter it.

How to advertise on Gumtree

Instead, click to select your location. You can choose your country, then the county, then a more specific local area within that county to advertise from.

How to advertise on Gumtree

Step 5: Name Your Ad and Upload Images

The title of your ad is crucial. Include easily searchable terms that describe the item that you are selling accurately and simply. Avoid being it being too long, vague, or misrepresenting what it is. You should be clear and concise.

How to advertise on Gumtree

Equally important is creating a visual for your ad. Nobody is going to want to buy something if they can’t see what it looks like. A good quality, well-lit photograph can make all the difference. Include photographs from different angles. It is best to use a plain background and avoid cluttering the image if there are irrelevant items in the picture. Avoid editing images too heavily.

Step 6: Describe the Details and Price

The description should also be clear but provide a bit more detail about the item. For example, how old the item is, how much it has been used, and if there is any wear-and-tear. It is important to be honest about any damage.

How to advertise on Gumtree

You can explain why you are selling the item if you want to, but this is not necessary. It might persuade a viewer to buy the item if you write a friendly description. However, it might also put people off if you are overly informal.

How to advertise on Gumtree

Obviously, you will need to add a price tag for your item. If you are open to negotiation, you can add this to the description. Make sure that the price is reflective of the actual value of the item, otherwise, it probably will not sell.

Step 7: Pay for Promotion (Optional)

Millions of people use Gumtree to buy and sell, so it can be hard for your ad to stand out amongst all the other listings for similar items. However, you have the option of promoting yourself and your ad so that it is more visible.

How to advertise on Gumtree

You can pay up to £9.99 to include a link to your website when you post it.

How to advertise on Gumtree

There are several options to make sure that your ad gets seen. You can pay to feature it at the top of the category, or even spotlight your ad by paying to put it on the homepage. There is also the “Urgent” option if you need to sell something quickly. This can influence someone’s decision to buy your item.

Step 8: Post and Manage Your Ad

Finally, you need to make sure that your contact details are correct so that Gumtree can notify you when someone is interested in buying your items.

How to advertise on Gumtree

When you are ready, click to post your ad. If you selected any of the options to promote your ad, you will have to pay for them on the next page. You can do this by Visa, Mastercard, or PayPal. If you did not, then your ad remains free. Once you have completed the steps up to this point, your ad will go live.

How to advertise on Gumtree

You can then view and manage it in the “Mange My Ads” section of your My Gumtree account. Ads will remain live for at least 30 days. You can suspend them by editing them, and then updating the edited ad to resume. One thing that you cannot edit after posting is the location. You can delete the ad and then restore it from the “Inactive Ads” section at any time. Once you sell an item, you must remove the listing permanently so that nobody else can try to buy it. It is then your responsibility to provide the item to the seller. You can meet in person to do this, as long as you do it safely. Or you can send it in the post, as long as you rely on a trackable shipping method with proof.

How to speak to someone at Viagogo

Viagogo is an infamous online platform for secondary ticket sellers. People use the site to list tickets for events that they will not be attending or to buy tickets to events that are otherwise sold-out from official channels. If there is a problem with a Viagogo order, then these are the ways you can get help.

Get in touch with Viagogo by phone

To contact Viagogo on the phone, you can call 0843 178 3778. They will only offer support over the phone to customers in time-sensitive situations. You have to press 1 if you are a buyer and enter the Order ID from your e-mail. It will only connect you to Viagogo if your event is within 72 hours. Otherwise, it will just direct you to check their website. If you are a seller, then you have to press 2 and enter either the listing ID or the order number from the sale. It will only put you through if it is less than 5 days away from the shipping deadline or it has already passed. Again, if this is not the case for you, then it will just tell you to check their online support centre. It will then hang up.

Get in touch with Viagogo by e-mail

Viagogo instructs customers to log into their Viagogo account and click on the “Customer Support” link next to the order that they are worried about.

speak to someone at Viagogo

There will be questions with answers that are specific to your order. If you do not see the answer to your query, then click the “Contact Us” link below an answer to submit a message. A Viagogo adviser will reply as soon as they can. Viagogo aims to respond to e-mails within 24 hours. They say that they will reply to messages faster if you send them through your account. There is also the general e-mail address If you send an e-mail, you should include your Order ID and details. You may want to try e-mailing another address, You might even want to try e-mailing Viagogo’s CEO,

Send Viagogo a letter

Snail mail is obviously slower, and not ideal in an urgent situation. If you are finding it difficult to get support from Viagogo, then you might want to write a letter of complaint. This is unfortunately difficult, as Viagogo has a registered office in Geneva. You can try posting a letter to them there with this address: Viagogo AG, Rue du Commerce 4, 1204, Genève, Switzerland. You would have to pay for international postage. To complicate things, Viagogo does have offices in the UK, but under a different company name – probably so that customers can’t bombard them with complaints there. Their secret office addresses have been in London, with the most recent one below. The company does not interact with the public, media, or even the government much, so there is no guarantee that sending a letter here will get a response.

VGL Services Limited
Cannon Place
78 Cannon Street

Speak to Viagogo through social media

Viagogo does have a Facebook page, but they do not respond to comments on their posts. Nor do they respond to messages if you try to send a private Facebook message. As you can see, it is an automated chat that they do not monitor. This is a poor way to contact them as they are not likely to reply.

speak to someone at Viagogo

However, Viagogo customer services do monitor their Twitter account. You can send them a Direct Message with your e-mail address, name, order ID, and query, then they will look into the issue and get back to you as soon as possible. This may be the fastest way to get some kind of acknowledgement.

speak to someone at Viagogo

Whether you are a buyer or a seller using Viagogo, it can be difficult to get in touch with them when something goes wrong. If your event is still far away, then you can use e-mail or send a message and wait longer for a response. If it is closer, then you may be able to get through to an adviser on the phone.

Check Viagogo FAQs

If you are not able to speak to someone at Viagogo, you should check the FAQ section of their website. There is a separate section for buyers and for sellers containing all the important questions and answers. This might ease your frustration or resolve a query without even having to talk to someone.

speak to someone at Viagogo

If you still have concerns about your Viagogo order, or you want to report a seller or a buyer, then keep trying to get a response with the methods above.

How to speak to someone at Hermes

Hermes is a European delivery company which operates in the UK as well as many other countries. They have a collection and return ParcelShop service as well as courier home delivery. You can easily track Hermes parcels online if you have a reference number from the sender. It also allows you to amend your delivery preferences without contacting Hermes. However, if there is a problem, this guide shows you how to get in touch with someone at Hermes.

Get in touch with Hermes by phone

To speak to Hermes on the phone, call 0843 816 6824. There will be a few pre-recorded messages but then it will connect you to customer support. When somebody answers your call, you can get assistance with your own delivery. Another helpline is 0843 208 2273, but this one requires you to enter a 16-digit parcel reference number or 8-digit calling card number. You will need these numbers to track your parcel, although they might be able to find it on their system using your name, address, or contact details.

Get in touch with Hermes by e-mail

The MyHermes website has a contact form which you can fill in to submit an e-mail. You can attach photographic evidence if you are complaining about a delivery. You should provide the tracking number for the parcel.

speak to someone at Hermes

Alternatively, you can try using the Hermes live chat service. You can start a live chat by clicking on the blue circle in the bottom right corner of the page.

speak to someone at Hermes

Alternatively, you can send an e-mail directly to Hermes customer services at Include reference numbers if you have them, and the names of any Hermes employees that you spoke to.

Send Hermes a letter

Hermes may be a delivery company, but their speciality is parcels rather than letters. If you want to write a letter to Hermes, such as a complaints letter, then you should address it to the following Hermes UK head office:

Hermes Parcelnet Ltd
Capitol House
1 Capitol Close
LS27 0WH

Speak to Hermes through social media

Hermes has a Twitter account which offers customer support in addition to news from the company. If you tweet them about a problem, they will invite you to send a DM with the details. They will investigate and get back to you.

speak to someone at Hermes

Alternatively, you can leave comments or posts on their Facebook page. You can’t send a private message to them on there, but you can send an e-mail.

speak to someone at Hermes

When you click the button, it should open an e-mail in a new window. Or you can enter in the Hermes social media e-mail address yourself, which is You can try this address as well as the other e-mail and online contact options discussed in this guide.

Check Hermes FAQs

If you have a question about Hermes, then you might be able to find the answer without having to contact them at all. You can check out the FAQs within the Help & Support area to see if the information you need is there.

speak to someone at Hermes

You can easily find out what Hermes delivery procedures are and what you need to do about your delivery. In some cases, you are more likely to need to contact the sender of the parcel rather than Hermes regarding your delivery.

How to speak to someone at Yodel

Yodel is a courier company in the UK, originally the Home Delivery Network until 2010. They have a historical reputation for bad service but it has been improving over recent years. These are the ways that you can contact Yodel.

Get in touch with Yodel on the phone

To contact Yodel on the phone, you can call 0844 556 4733. They have a very frustrating answering system which does not connect your call without you providing a card ID number or parcel reference number. However, there is a way to get around this. When it asks if you have an 8-digit card number, say yes. Then enter 0000 0000 when it prompts you to enter the number. It will tell you that it does not recognize the number and ask you to enter a number that is valid. Simply enter 0000 0000 one more time. It will connect the call to their call centre so that you can finally speak to a person. Of course, if you do have a card number or a 12-19 digit parcel reference number, then enter this if you like, but it may keep putting you through the automated system.

Get in touch with Yodel by e-mail

Yodel does not list an e-mail address on its website, advertising a webchat instead. Although it says that webchat is available, when you click to launch it, it usually isn’t. You simply enter your name and e-mail address and wait for somebody at Yodel to contact you back. It does not feel very legitimate.

speak to someone at Yodel

If you would prefer to send an actual e-mail to Yodel, then there are plenty of e-mail addresses posted around the internet that you could use. To begin with, you can e-mail customer services at If they do not respond satisfactorily, try contacting Yodel’s Head of Customer Relations at You can also try to escalate an issue to If you want to take your case to the very top, then send an e-mail to Yodel’s CEO at

Send Yodel a letter

If there is a problem with a delivery that you are waiting for, then the post is not the most efficient way to contact Yodel. When the problem is an issue that is still ongoing or Yodel is failing to resolve, then you might decide to write a complaints letter. You can send this to the Yodel head office address:

Yodel Delivery Network Limited
Second Floor
Atlantic Pavilion
Albert Dock
L3 4AE

Speak to Yodel through social media

Yodel does not have many social media accounts. It does have an active Twitter account, though. It is open outside of the phone lines, so you can complain or make enquiries about deliveries during longer hours this way.

speak to someone at Yodel

Only share details such as your address and parcel reference number when messaging privately. You can also e-mail

Check Yodel FAQs

If you need some guidance on what to do about your Yodel delivery, you can browse the FAQ help section on the Yodel website. There are several topics.

speak to someone at Yodel

Once you are familiar with Yodel’s policies and procedures, you will have a better idea of what to say when you do actually speak to someone at Yodel.

The Fastest and Most Convenient Way to Get in Touch With Uber

If you have had a bad ride, you have some questions about starting as a driver or you’re having issues with your account or payment you can find out the quickest and most convenient way to get in touch with Uber.

Get in touch with Uber via phone call

The most convenient and fastest way to get in touch with Uber is by calling their team on 0844 257 0987.  You can call Uber to discuss any issues you have experienced or if you have some questions for the Uber team regarding their services. When on a call with the Uber team you may need to provide some recent ride and account information to help them with your inquiry

Contact Uber via their website

Uber has a separate website for customer support, it is Once you are on the site you can receive more personalised help by logging into your account. You will be able to report any issues and receive any help for any questions you have regarding their services. You can also look through the FAQ’s to see if your question has already been answered without having to contact the Uber team yourself.

get in touch uber website

Send Uber a letter

You can send a letter to Uber but this is the slowest way to get in touch with their teams. You just need to include your personal and account details as well as information about your last ride if it is relevant including your driver’s registration number and then write about the issue or question you have. You can send your letter to:

Uber Head Office
1 Aldgate Tower,
2 Leman Street,
E1 8FA

Speak to Uber support via social media

You can get in touch with Uber Support via their social media accounts, you can contact Uber through their Twitter and Facebook accounts.

If you would like to contact Uber Support via Twitter you first need to go to the Twitter website and log into your account. You then need to search for @uber_support, once you are on the official Uber support account you should see two options, one to ‘tweet to’ the Uber Twitter account or ‘message’ the Uber Twitter account. If you are tweeting the Uber Twitter account you need to make sure you do not include any personal or account information, if you are messaging the Twitter account you can include your personal information.

get in touch with uber twitter

You can get in touch with Uber via Facebook by going to the Facebook website and logging into your account. You then need to search for Uber and select the first official page that comes up. Once on the page, you should see a blue button that says ‘send message’. You will be able to write a detailed description of your question or issue including your personal, account and ride information.

get in touch with uber facebook

Get in touch with Uber via the app

If you would like to get in touch with Uber using the Uber app, you first need to open the app on your phone and make sure you’re logged in. Click the menu option at the top of the screen (three lines), you will see a ‘help’ option. You should be able to see the last trip you made and report any issues using the button below it. You will also be able to contact Uber using the buttons below the last trip section.

get in touch uber app

How to Contact ATOL

How to Contact ATOL

ATOL stands for “Air Travel Organisers’ Licence” which is a requirement for travel agencies booking flights on behalf of customers. This protects customers who pay for package holidays through a travel business. Should an ATOL-holder fail, then you can expect financial support to reimburse or cover the replacement costs of the travel that you booked with them. They should provide you with an ATOL certificate when you book, as proof of this legal financial protection. The Civil Aviation Authority operates the ATOL scheme, so you need to get in touch with them if you want to contact ATOL.

Contact ATOL by Phone

Call the Civil Aviation Authority on 0844 257 5780 if you need to contact ATOL on the phone. Press 2 for the ATOL helpline, and then you will have three options. You can press 1 if an ATOL-holder has stopped trading, press 2 if you are a travel operator in need of advice about ATOL, or press 3 if you are a consumer with a general enquiry. If you are in a situation where you have had to press 1, then you will have this list of options to choose from:

  • Press 1 if you are currently overseas and experiencing difficulties due to an ATOL-holder ceasing to trade
  • Press 2 if you are not overseas but you have a booking with a failed ATOL-holder
  • Press 3 if you have already submitted an ATOL claim
  • Press 4 if you are a travel agent and have bookings with a failed ATOL-holder
  • Press 5 for non-ATOL failure enquiries
  • Press 6 for all other enquiries

You can work your way through until you find the section that applies to your reason for calling. You will then get through to a person on the ATOL team at the Civil Aviation Authority. They can provide guidance on your ATOL certificate and what it covers. If you need help with making a claim, then they can assist you with this. However, they do not regulate services from ATOL-holders, so they cannot resolve complaints about them for you.

Contact ATOL Online

If you just want to check whether a business has a legitimate certificate for ATOL protection, you can do this online. Some websites will display the logo and claim to have ATOL when they do not, so customers are not protected even though they might believe that they are. It is important to check their license number, which is 4-5 digits and sometimes begins with the letter T.

Should you need to make a claim, then you must check the ATOL certificate you were given. It will tell you what is covered with regards to your booking and who you need to contact. You should be able to get a claims form from them, which you can fill out and submit. The CAA will acknowledge claims within 5 days, but it can take 28 working days for them to process a claim.

To contact ATOL online, you can send a general enquiry to the CAA if you do not need to make a claim. If you need help with a claim or obtaining a claims form, then you can send an e-mail to the CAA at You can include the claims reference number as the subject if you are chasing up an existing ATOL claim. If you need updates or general advice, you can browse the CAA’s website or contact them on Twitter. You can tweet to @UK_CAA.

Contact ATOL by Post

If you would like to write to the CAA regarding ATOL, then you can do so at the address below. Please note that this may not be the address for sending completed claims forms – the form should tell you where you need to send it. As this will take longer, it is not the best option for more urgent queries. You might want to contact ATOL by post with general enquiries, complaints about the CAA itself, or to follow up on a previously submitted ATOL claim.

Consumer Protection Group
Civil Aviation Authority
CAA House, K3
45-59 Kingsway

How to Join Sky Guide

How to Join Sky

Sky is one of the most popular pay-TV broadcasters in the UK. You can also purchase broadband and landline phone or mobile phone services from Sky. There are often discounts available for customers with multiple services. If you have heard about the exclusive benefits of Sky, such as the Sky Atlantic and Sky Cinema channels, then you might want to join Sky. This guide will tell you how you can join Sky and get the most out of being a Sky customer.

How to Join Sky by Phone

To discuss joining Sky with a representative of the company, you can call Sky on 0844 249 2655. It will tell you the current waiting time. Depending on how busy they are, you might have to stay on hold. It will also ask you to enter the telephone number associated with your Sky account – as a joining customer, this obviously does not apply. After this, it will ask you to say the reason for your call in a few words. You can just say “join Sky” to continue.

Alternatively, if you wait for the automated menu, then you can press 2 as you are not a Sky customer yet. Then press 1 to confirm that you want to join Sky. Next, press 2 to become a new Sky TV customer, or press 3 for Sky Mobile. You should only press 1 if you have previously been a Sky customer within the last 12 months and you want to rejoin. You can ask to discuss the special offers available for new Sky customers and find the best deal for you.

How to Join Sky Online

If you would like to do the research yourself and join Sky by signing up as a new customer online, then you can visit the Sky shop. Browse through the products to decide which ones you want to sign up for. There are exclusive special offers for the customers who join online, so you might want to take advantage of one of these. Once you join Sky, you can create an account on the website. You can log in and view your Sky products and bills at any time.

How to Join My Sky

If you are joining Sky and would like to manage your account conveniently from your phone, then download the My Sky app. You can find solutions to any problems you experience with Sky services using the diagnostic tool. It allows you to track orders, view and pay bills, update your details, activate recording remotely, and get updates from Sky. All you need is an internet connection and your new Sky ID to join My Sky and use all these features.

How to Join Sky Go

You can also join Sky Go once you are a Sky customer so that you can watch programmes on the go. It is free to download and sign in using your account details. You can use Sky Go on mobiles, tablets, laptops, desktop computers, and even games consoles. The app is compatible with most devices. Some of the features, such as downloading programmes to watch offline, are only on offer for customers with certain services. You can use the basic features for free, or pay £5 a month to subscribe to Sky Go Extra and access all of them.

How to Join Sky VIP

Another benefit for new Sky customers is the ability to join Sky VIP. This is their loyalty programme which offers rewards to customers. You can access it through the My Sky app and immediately get a welcome gift when you do. There will be new rewards available to claim every week. You might even be able to get Sky Go Extra for free when you join Sky VIP. The rewards depend on your membership tier, which starts at Silver for customers of 0-3 years. The top level is Diamond, for loyal customers of more than 15 years. If you leave Sky and then rejoin later, your membership level will return to Silver.

The Quickest and Easiest Way to Get in Touch With O2

Are you looking to get in touch with O2 regarding your contract, your mobile phone or signal? You can find out the quickest and easiest way to get in touch with O2 with the guide below.

Get in touch with O2 via phone call

One of the fastest and most convenient ways to get in touch with O2 is by calling their team. You can get in touch with the O2 team by calling 0843 557 3690. You will need to provide some of your personal and account details before you can receive some help with your inquiry or issue. Once you have provided the appropriate information you can then ask about any of their services or any other inquiries or issues you have with the company.

Contact O2 via the website

You can speak to a member of the O2 team by going to the O2 website and selecting the live chat option. You can find the live chat option in the help and support section of the website. Once you click on the live chat menu option you will get a pop up that asks you to input your name, your O2 phone number and what type of O2 account you have. You will then be able to get immediate support from a member of the O2 team.


Send O2 a letter

Sending a letter to O2 is the slowest way you can get in touch with their teams but can be very effective if you’re making a complaint. You just need to include any personal and account information that is relevant to your complaint, inquiry or issue. You then need to explain in full what your enquiry or issue is. Once you have finished writing your letter you need to send it to:

O2 Head Office
260 Bath Road,
SL1 4DX,
United Kingdom

Speak to O2 via social media

You can also speak to O2 by contacting them through their social media accounts. You can contact the O2 team by going to their Twitter or Facebook account. If you would like to speak to O2 via their Twitter account you just need to go to the Twitter website and make sure you’re logged in. Go to @O2 and you should see two options to tweet to O2 or to message them. If you would like to tweet to the O2 team you can just click the ‘tweet to’ button and write some information about your question, make sure you do not include any account or personal information. If you would prefer to message the O2 team you can click on the ‘message’ button and include any personal and account information that is necessary.

get in touch with o2 twitter

If you would prefer to contact O2 via Facebook you first need to go to the Facebook website and make sure you’re logged in. You then need to search for the official O2 UK page. You then need to select ‘send message’ and write any necessary information regarding your issue or inquiry as well as account or personal information you think is important.

get in touch with o2 facebook

O2 Community Forums

You can also get in touch with O2 through the community forums. You can search for you question or issue or you can create a question by logging in to your account or registering for an account. Your question will be open to being answered by not only O2 employees but also other customers who may have had a similar issue previously.

get in touch o2 community