British Airways

 0843 208 2389

British Airways is one of the leading British airlines. To contact British Airways Head Office helpline call 0843 208 2389

British Airways Contact Numbers

British Airways Phone Number Opening Hours
Customer services 0844 249 2411 Monday to Friday
BA Lost Luggage 0843 208 2389 Monday to Friday
Flights/Holidays 0844 249 2413 Monday to Friday
Check-In 0844 249 2414 Monday to Friday
Executive Club 0844 249 2415 Monday to Friday
Flight Tracker 0844 453 0235 Monday to Friday

Customer Services

You can contact British Airways customer services to cancel your British Airways flight, to book a new British Airways flight, to change the name on your British Airways booking, to know what places British Airways travel to, to make a complaint about British Airways services, if you have made a mistake when booking with British Airways, to reserve a seat(s) with your booking, to upgrade your booking to a higher class, to book into the airport lounge before you travel, if you are having trouble tracking a British Airways flight, your flight is delayed, if you want to know what time check-in opens/closes, you want more information about your baggage allowance, you would like to enquire about renting a car, you have forgotten your flight number and/or login ID or you would like to apply for a job at British Airways. For any of these issues and questions please call 0844 249 2411 to be directed to a member of the British Airways customer helpline team. To apply to become a part of the British Airways team, visit the British Airways website and browse any vacancies that may be available at the moment. Be sure to check back if you don’t find any at this moment in time, as they are constantly updating their vacancies. Call 0844 249 2411 if you would like any further information or help with your application.

BA Lost Luggage

Get in touch with the BA Lost Luggage helpline on the number 0843 208 2389. When you phone this number they will be able to help you locate any lost luggage that has been misplaced on an inbound or outbound flight. You will need to provide details of the luggage, as well as information on your flight to create a report and get them to search for your lost items. They’ll then give you an estimate on how long you can expect to have to wait for your luggage to be returned to you.

If you’re phoning this number to get an update on luggage you have already reported as missing, you will need to give the details of your report, such as a number or code you were given when you first reported it. They can then access your details quickly and give you an accurate update of where your situation is currently at.


Booking a flight with British Airways is a quick and easy process and can be done by ringing the helpline or booking online. If you visit the British Airways website you will be able to search for flights on your preferred date, for your preferred number of passengers and to your preferred location. You will then be given an option of prices and times from numerous different airports. You can choose which airport you would like to fly from at your own convenience. You will also be given the choice as to whether you want to book just flights on their own, flights and a car or a whole holiday (flights and hotel). Once you have selected which flight you would like to book, you will be asked to create an account, including giving a username and password. Your username is better known as your Login ID. Once your flights and/or holiday has been booked, you will be able to log into your account at any time to ‘manage your booking’. Managing your booking could involve changing the date or time of a flight, changing the name on a booking or cancelling your holiday altogether. Before you choose to do any of these things, it is worth checking what the British Airways cancellation policies are as you may be charged to change or cancel a flight, once the booking has been completed. If you require any further information or feel you have been charged unnecessarily, please call the British Airways flight helpline on 0844 249 2413. Changing the information on a booking is fairly straightforward and will require you logging into your BA account. You will have a 24 hour cooling off period once the flight has been booked which will allow you to make any booking amendments free of charge. However, after this, charges will apply and in some cases, flights are non-transferrable and the original booking will have to be cancelled, and a new booking made.

Not only can you book flights on the British Airways website, you can also book great value package holidays. Choose from a range of city breaks, all-inclusive holidays and beach holidays. Great deals can be found on the homepage of the website, including ‘winter sun’ breaks ‘ski holidays’ and adventures out of Europe. Whether you want a romantic getaway for two or a family friendly sunshine fix, you are guaranteed to find it with British Airways. For more information or for help booking a holiday please call 0844 249 2413.


Checking in online is a quick and hassle-free way of checking in before your travel day and avoiding airport queues when you arrive. Regular online check in for British Airways passengers opens 24 hours before you are due to fly and you can check in by logging into your account and following the instructions. You will need your flight number which you can find on the confirmation email you received when you booked your flight. Once you have checked in for all of the passengers on your booking, you will be presented with your boarding passes. These will need to be printed and shown when boarding the plane. If you have luggage that needs to enter the hold when you travel, you will still need to queue up to check your bags in. If you have just hand luggage, you will be able to proceed straight through to security. Please call the British Airways check-in Helpline on 0844 249 2414 if you are having any trouble logging into your account or checking in online.

British Airways Executive Club

You can join the British Airways Executive club for free and reap the benefits of a number of member-only offers on things like flights and accommodation. You will collect two different types of points as a member of the club; Avios and Tier points. Avios points are for spending on rewards and when tier points are rewarded you can move through the tiers of the club. Avios points can be spent on things like flight upgrades and will expire if a balance becomes inactive after more than three years. Tier points cannot be spent, but you will automatically move up through the club when you earn enough. Benefits of earning points in the British Airways Executive Club include taking advantage of exclusive travel deals, having your details save to guarantee a smooth booking process every time, upgrading flights and cabins using your points and linking accounts with your friends and family to share and earn points faster. For more information or if you would like to sign up for the executive club please call 0844 249 2415. 

Flight Tracker

Check the status of both your flight or someone else’s using the British Airways flight status feature, which can be especially useful if your flight is delayed. The flight tracker is available either on your computer via the BA website or in the form of an app on your phone. All you need to do is type the departing destination and where it is due to arrive to see whereabouts it is. Call 0844 453 0235 if you are having any issues using the flight tracker.

British Airways Head Office Address

Department Head Office
Head Office British Airways Plc.
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