0843 208 2267

The BBC is a broadcasting network in the UK. For assistance with a BBC programme or service, call the BBC Head Office on 0843 208 2267.

Other BBC Contact Numbers

Department Contact Number Opening Hours
Head Office 0843 208 2267 9am-5.30pm
News 0844 248 1587 9am-5.30pm
Sport 0844 248 1591 9am-5.30pm
Weather 0844 248 1592 9am-5.30pm
TV/iPlayer 0844 453 0231 9am-5.30pm
Bitesize 0844 248 1604 9am-5.30pm
Radio 0844 248 1605 9am-5.30pm

BBC – 0843 208 2267

The BBC was first founded in 1922 and is the oldest broadcasting organisation in the world. It has 35,000 employees in total. The BBC was established under a Royal Charter and is funded by the television licence – everyone who watches TV in the UK must pay a licence fee which is currently £145.50 (2016). You can contact the BBC head office to make a complaint about a BBC programme or employee, for advice on contacting your local BBC service such as local radio or for help with tickets to a tour or show. If you need more assistance with a BBC programme or a BBC service, you can also call the BBC head office on 0843 208 2267.

News – 0844 248 1587

BBC News is one of the most trustworthy sources of news. BBC News covers stories around the UK and the rest of the world. BBC News is divided into the following subsections: world, business, politics, technology, science, health, entertainment, education and arts. BBC News has a dedicated website, an app, several TV channels and programmes. The news is available in a picture, audio and video format. BBC Radio 5 live is the dedicated radio channel for BBC News, but shorter broadcasts occur on other BBC radio stations. To contact BBC news about a story or to make a complaint call 0844 248 1587.

Sport – 0844 248 1591

If you are a fan of a sport, BBC Sport is a useful resource to use. You will be able to see the scores and fixtures from a number of sports including football, Formula 1, rugby, cricket, athletics and boxing. You can add your favourite sports to a profile called My Sport, so you can easily see all the information that you need for the sports that you follow. You will also be able to see news from sport, such as football players moving teams or post-match analysis. Call 0844 248 1591 to speak to the sports team.

Weather – 0844 248 1592

It’s important to keep up to date with the weather forecast so you know what to wear or the conditions to expect when you are driving. You can see hourly forecasts or forecasts up to 10 days in advance for UK weather and weather around the world. You will also be able to read weather news from around the world. You can add locations to your BBC weather page so that you can see the forecasts that matter to you at a glance. You will also see UK cold/hot spots, where the weather will be coldest and warmest over the next 24 hours. Call 0844 248 1592 to speak to the weather team to inquire about forecasts or to complain about incorrect forecasts.

TV/iPlayer – 0844 453 0231

You can contact the BBC programming team on 0844 453 0231 for information about taking part in a programme, for information about the schedule or to make a complaint. BBC iPlayer is the BBC’s catch-up service. You can watch BBC iPlayer on your computer/laptop, on your phone/tablet, on your smart TV or via a streaming service such as the Amazon Fire stick, Roku, BT TV or Sky+. You will see content from all of the BBC channels including BBC One, BBC Two, BBC Three, BBC Four, CBBC and CBeebies, as well as content from the likes of Radio 1, BBC News and BBC Parliament. You can see the most popular programmes available, or view picks from the best programmes of the last week. Content is only available on iPlayer for a short time. You should also bear in mind that even if you don’t have a TV or watch live BBC content, you will need a TV Licence to watch the iPlayer catch-up service.

Bitesize – 0844 248 1604

BBC Bitesize is an interactive website used for education. Children from KS1 in primary school to children in secondary school studying for their GCSEs can use the service. Children studying in Scotland and Wales can also use the service. BBC Bitesize uses the curriculum to create interactive and informative learning experiences. A range of subjects is covered including English, Maths, Science, Modern Foreign Languages, Geography, History, Religious Education, Media Studies, Business Studies and Art and Design. BBC Bitesize is completely free to use and makes a useful revision tool during exam time. Primary school students can view fun animations to help them understand each topic and use interactive quizzes/games to check their knowledge. For more information about Bitesize or to correct incorrect information please call 0844 248 1604.

Radio – 0844 248 1605

BBC Radio 1 is the BBC’s flagship radio station. It is targeted towards a younger audience of people under the age of 35. BBC Radio 1 is the home of the Official Chart Show on Friday evenings. Radio 1 plays a mixture of current chart songs and upcoming artists that have risen through the local BBC radio ranks under the BBC Introducing scheme. BBC Radio 1 also covers a range of festivals including Glastonbury, Reading and Leeds and it’s own festival, Radio 1 Big Weekend which changes location each year. BBC Asian Network is a radio station which aims to celebrate the life and culture of British Asian people. It plays Asian music, reviews Bollywood films and has Asian DJs. There is also an Official Asian Music chart show. To find out more about the BBC’s Radio stations call 0844 248 1605.

BBC Head Office Address

Department Address
Head Office Broadcasting House
Egton Wing
Portland Place