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Three Mobile Contact Numbers

Three Mobile Phone Number
Head Office 0844 826 8076
Customer Service 0844 826 8076
Complaints 0844 826 8076

Three Mobile Helpline Opening Hours

Department Opening Hours
Head Office 8am – 8pm Monday to Friday

Three Mobile Head Office Address

Department Address
Head Office Hutchison 3G UK Ltd
PO Box 333
G2 9AG

Reasons to Call the Three Mobile Helpline

  • I want to make a complaint to 3 Mobile
  • I am having issues with my network coverage
  • I would like to take out a contract with 3 Mobile
  • I have spotted a mistake on the 3 Mobile website
  • I would like to locate my nearest 3 Mobile store
  • I work for 3 Mobile and need to get in touch with HR
  • I would like to apply for a job at 3 Mobile
  • I have forgotten my log in details for my 3 Mobile account
  • I want to buy out of my 3 Mobile contract

Three Mobile UK

Three Mobile offer a range of great contracts and deals on their network service and you can see all that they have to offer, including available tariffs, on their website. If you prefer, you can go into a Three store. To locate your nearest Three store, please call the helpline. If you want to view the phone’s on the Three website, simply click ‘see phones’ and you will be given a list of what are available from Three at the minute and from what brands. You can use the website to compare the best mobile phone deals and you are guaranteed to find a phone that will suit both your needs and budget. All of the phones operate on different contracts and many are also available as a pay as you go option. If you would like to know if there is a specific phone available at your local Three store, the helpline can help you with this. At the moment, Three Mobile are offering a choice of 41 pay monthly phones. If you already have a handset, Three mobile dealsthen you can just buy a sim, which are also available to browse on the website. All of the Three sim-only plans include all you can eat texts and unlimited 4G at no extra cost and some even have their Feel at Home Feature which allows you to use your phone abroad for no additional charge. When looking for a sim-only plan on the Three website you can filter your search by selecting how long you want your contract for (12 months or 1 month), whether you want the Three Advanced Plan or the Three Essential Plan, what you would like your data allowance to be and how many minutes you will need (All You Can Eat, 600 or 200). Once your search has been filtered, Three will bring up the sim-only plans that are suited to your requirements.  If you have bought a phone from Three and are having trouble with your contract or payment plan, please call the contact number. If you are on Three Mobile, you will have an account that you will need to log into to view things like bill payments and data usage. If you have forgotten your log in details to your account, please call the helpline where someone will assist you in gaining access.

Three Mobile Deals

You can find all of the deals that Three Mobile are offering on their mobile phones and contracts by visiting the website. Current deals include the first three months free on 12-month sim plans and the first 3 months free on the Kids Amazon Fire Tablet. For other deals that may be available to you and your current contract, please call the Three Mobile Helpline.

Three Mobile Broadband

Three offers mobile broadband, a quick and easy way to get online effectively when on the move, There are a few kind of mobile broadband options, all of which are listed on the Three Mobile website. Choices of mobile broadband include Dongle, Tablet Sim, and Mifi. Mifi is a wireless device sold by Three that allows you to provide internet access to up to 5 devices at a time (or 10 devices if you opt for the latest upgrade). Also available in the Three Mobile Mifi range is the Road-Fi, a mobile broadband device that you can plug into your car and provide a wireless network for all of your passengers. If you want something small and discreet but equally as powerful, you can go for one of the Dongles that are available at Three. If you have a tablet that you can currently only use online when connected to a wireless network, you can purchase a sim from Three that allows you to use your tablet’s internet when on the go. To view a full range of these sim cards, either call the helpline or visit the ‘mobile broadband’ section of the website. Similarly, you can call the helpline if you are having any issues with a mobile broadband sim that you have already bought from Three.


Why is Three Mobile so cheap?

Three Mobile aim to provide a range of affordable tariffs for all of their customers with friendly, hassle-free payment plans to ensure that your favourite phone is within your budget. They can also arrange for you to be able to use your mobile phone abroad at no extra cost.

What does my Three Mobile Insurance Cover?

Depending on what type of Three Rescue insurance you have, it will protect you against phone damages and lost/stolen phones. There are two different types of insurance that you can take out when you purchase a device from Three; Three Rescue Damage Cover or Three Rescue Full Cover. Damage cover will protect against the risk of damage such as cracked screens or liquid damage and the full cover will do all of this, plus replacing your phone as soon as the next day if it is lost or stolen. Prices depend on the type of device you have purchased and its manufacturer. Please call the helpline if you have any questions or issues with your insurance.

When can I upgrade my Three Mobile phone?

You Mobile Phone will be due an upgrade when your contract ends. This depends on how long you agreed to keep your phone for in the contract, which can be up to 44 months. If you want to leave a contract early, you will be charged. You can log into your Three account at any time if you would like to look at when your contract ends.

How do I cancel my Three Mobile Broadband?

There are a number of steps you will need to follow if you are considering leaving Three, which are all listed on the website.

About 3 Mobile

Three is both a telecommunications and internet provider based in the UK – it is a subsidiary of Hutchinson Whampoa and provides both 3G and 4G services. The network was launched on 3rd March 2003 which is equivalent to 03-03-03, hence the name behind the brand. The company operates both online and through its retail stores (3-stores) – the first store being in Kensington, London. In 2014, Three thought of a solution for customers that complained they were unable to get signal in certain areas, by launching the Three inTouch app which meant customers could make calls and send text messages to other Three users over wifi. Three began to roll out their 4G services in 2013 across London, Birmingham, Reading and Manchester.