3 Mobile

0844 826 8076

3 Mobile is a mobile network operating the UK. The company itself was founded in 2003 and has both 3G and 4G within its network. You can contact 3 Mobile head office helpline by calling 0844 826 8076.

3 Mobile Helpline Numbers:

Departments Phone Number Opening Hours
Head Office 0844 826 8076 8:30am-11:30pm,
7 days a week
Customer Services 0843 218 9631 8:30am-11:30pm,
7 days a week
 Deals 0843 596 4174 8:30am-11:30pm,
7 days a week
Abroad 0843 596 4175 8:30am-11:30pm,
7 days a week
Top-Up/Pay as you go 0843 596 4176 8:30am-11:30pm,
7 days a week
My account 0844 248 2639 8:30am-11:30pm,
7 days a week

3 Mobile – 0844 826 8076

3 Mobile was founded in 2003 and was one of the first networks to offer 3G and eventually 4G, 3 is one of the most popular networks in the UK today. However, in recent years the company have come under fire for their poor call centre operators and unwillingness to let contracts go. If you would like more information on 3 as a company, call the 3 Mobile head office helpline on 0844 826 8076.

Customer Service – 0843 218 9631

You can contact the 3 Mobile customer service helpline if you are unhappy with your 3 Mobile customer service experience and wish to complain to a member of staff on the 3 Mobile Helpline, you have inquiries into the status of your order, you have been charged for something you didn’t pay for with 3 Mobile and would like to register a concern with the company, to make changes to your current account with 3 Mobile, or cancel it entirely or to enquire about stock at a nearby store, or whether an item will be coming back into stock online. For any of these things, you can call the customer service helpline on 0843 218 9631. You can also upgrade your 3 Mobile phone by calling the 3 Mobile Head Office Helpline 0843 218 9631. Alternatively, you can upgrade both your SIM or handheld phone on the 3 Mobile website.

3 Mobile Deals – 0843 596 4174

3 Mobile updates their deals regularly. If you are after 3 Mobile Deals, the best way to find them is online with the 3 store. Alternatively, you can visit your local 3 stores and talk to a member of staff directly. To find your local 3 stores, use the 3 Mobile store locator service. You can also call the deals helpline to ask about their deals or if you have some questions about the deal you signed up for 0843 596 4174.

3 Mobile Abroad – 0843 596 4175

3 Mobile has scrapped all roaming charges throughout Europe and other countries all over the world. Therefore, you can use your 3 Mobile devices in the majority of countries around the world. To find out if you can use your mobile phone at your holiday destination, call the 3 Mobile helpline on 0843 596 4175, there we will put you through to a member of the team, who can let you know if you will experience any charges when using data roaming at your destination.

Topping up/Pay as you Go – 0843 596 4176

Calling 333 from your handheld device will allow you to check your balance and top up your mobile device. This can only be done if you have a Pay as you Go phone with the 3 Network. If you have a contract with 3, you will not need to check your balance. This is because you will be paying a set amount each month of the year for a set amount of texts and calls, as well as the internet. You can check how much data and texts you have left online with 3 Mobile. It is unlikely you will go over your capped plan, however, if you do you will no longer be allowed to send texts and calls until your next month starts.

You can view the full range of Pay as you Go phones with 3 Mobile in a number of ways. You can also call 0843 596 4176, and from there a member of staff from 3 Mobile will be able to find the best phone suited to you on pay as you go. You can also visit the 3 Mobile website dedicated to paying as you go phones. As well as this, you can also browse through compare websites such a Go Compare, in order to find the best deal for you, which could, in fact, be with another company such as o2 or Tesco mobile.

3 Mobile My Account – 0844 248 2639

You can login to your 3 Mobile accounts on the 3 Mobile Site. From here, you can check your account, your plan, see how long you have left on your contract, and check a number of other things regarding your account. If you cannot reach your account, call 3 Mobile on 0844 248 2639.


Head Office Address for 3 Mobile

Amazon UK Address
3 Mobile UK Head Office 3 Mobile, Star House
20 Grenfell Road
The United Kingdom